Dr. Nick Delgado talks Nutrition in Newport Feb 2010 Part 8

Author: Dr. Nick Delgado

Nick: -- nitrogenous, energy-based RNA and DNA structure to it and personally it's my favorite product that I like to take before I work out or just take one capsule a day if I've had a long day and the stress is coming in and I want to be a little sharp and clear. I'll use this far before I would use any caffeine suppressants and so forth, so this was reported in Appetite 2007. So back to that core diet, the apes, the Delgado Diet was tested in King's College Hospital.

They gave them whole vegetables and fruits and so forth, and humans lowered cholesterol 23% just like I printed years before in my study. Hypertension reduced to normal; average fat loss body weight, nine pounds; HDL dropped initially then stabilized and improved. So estradiol, 40 metabolites, this is a very important concept, Estroblock, that I created and I printed this back in winter of 2003 in the Anti-Aging Medical News that the profound problem with estrogen dominance in women, not just causing profound hormonal disturbances or breast cancer, but obesity, overt obesity. Now, some women don�t have enough estrogen and their substrate is too low either genetically or other factors, so there are certain things that anti-aging doctors will do through a series of some simple tests that we encourage through urine and most of the tests including a fingerstick test, but we can measure the metabolites best in 24-hour urine tests. Most doctors are not using this test yet, but when you do, you'll be shocked to find how these metabolites encourage the rate of obesity. This Estroblock we've tested now for going on seven years and doctors, after they've used it compared to other crystalline DIM -- DIM has to have an absorption. DIM is the crystalline structure of cruciferous vegetables, so when you chew up raw vegetables, it's the only way to get DIM in whole food. If you cook them, the moment you cook broccoli, the DIM's gone.

It's basically gone. So you're not getting any of the benefit unless you do what I do, which is blend up raw fruits and vegetables, and then you take this, which is equal to two pounds of raw foods and vegetables a day, dramatic for helping women with breast cancer, for fibroid tumors, for acne. We were shocked to find that unmetabolized estrogen was highly associated with acne, and some of the young people, they eat chocolate and they say diet has nothing to do with acne. It sure does, but let's forget that part of it. Unmetabolized estrogens, there's an association. Some of the people will take four to eight capsules a day to clear up their acne instead of these external anti-microbial, which they're destroying all the skin, the healthy bacteria in their skin and drying up their skin and doing weird things with it, but this may be a real interesting solution especially for men with prostate cancer, prostate benign enlargement or balding, all associated with high estrogen dominance. Yes? Male: Can you take Estroblock in pregnancy? Nick: You can take Estroblock in pregnancy, and the word "block" is probably not a fair term.

It doesn�t really block. It ushers the bad estrogens out the pathways and restores the good estrogen, so we actually see a change of the two to the 16-hydroxy and that's a very important -- Male: [0:03:14] [Indiscernible] Nick: The xenoestrogens from chemicals and toxins and pesticides, it reduces any plastics that have xenoestrogens. It reduces -- and by the way, the highest source of estrogen dominance comes from of all things, as you'd expect, a high fat diet. The fat, when it hits the intestines -- this was reported in a journal on men who are losing their hair. In China, they eat a low-fat diet and the incidence of balding is rare and almost nonexistent.

Dr. Nick Delgado talks Nutrition in Newport Feb 2010 Part 8

They monitor the same genetic Chinese race coming to America eating a high fat diet and guess what? The pattern of baldness set in and the men have high estrogen levels eating our kind of a diet and sure enough, it relates directly. So fat converts in the intestines rapidly into estrogen. It's the number one cause of high estrogen levels even if you don�t take estrogens as creams or other byproducts. Now, a lot of the anti-aging doctors know to use bioidentical [0:04:11] [Indiscernible], estriol and estradiol and so forth, and that's an appropriate therapy especially if you use it with Estroblock, it's appropriate, or if women are using birth control pills, they really need Estroblock because they're going to have with birth control pills a high level of estrones, a very dangerous form of estrogen that most doctors never measure the urine, which is where you'd actually find how much 16alpha-hydroxyestrone.

And the laboratories were so biased against measuring good and bad estrogens in men, they thought only women had the problem. And I was the first to report along with Dr. Michael Zelig and that evidence has been confirmed time and again. It's usually the hidden factor in men and why they have problems in men. Male: So there's contraindication with the Estroblock in making birth control pills ineffective? Nick: It doesn�t make them ineffective. It only ushers out the harmful metabolites so there's been no evidence whatsoever that it's a contraindication or prevention of actual birth control. [0:05:07] Male: Is Indole-3-carbinol? Nick: Indole-3-carbinol, we only use 15 mg. There's probably a dose that's inappropriate and we avoided the 400 mg levels and up, so there could be some evidence.

There are some neurological issues with too much Indole-3-carbinol as well. I think the only situation with Estroblock, the [0:05:27] [Indiscernible] woman who has a genetically low estrogen level, they're already on a low fat diet, they have no hips or breast tissue and they're not on bioidentical hormones, they're past the age of 40 then Estroblock then, even though it's removing the bad estrogens, those bad estrogens contribute to some estrogen in the system. So in those people, it would either be appropriate to give them the bias, the appropriate intervention of the anti-aging cream then with Estroblock because if you enter with Estroblock first, some of them might have hot flashes. That could happen.

I'd get an occasional report of that and I tell them when we measure their estrogen substrates are so low, both the good and bad estrogens, there's almost no estrogen in their body, and they've got to have estrogen. Men have to have estrogen in certain levels. Cellugone [0:06:09] [Phonetic] is a product that we created and I have the study in the other room, but there was an actual clinical study like [0:06:16] [Indiscernible] therapy which is penetrating certain liposome delivery technology that penetrates the skin with certain ingredients that actually is a designer-releaser of fat and targeted areas. I know people will dispute that you can actually firm up and tighten up the skin, but I have a number of women who like this product and it does work.

Here's that dramatic study that I've mentioned about Dr. Kempner, people losing 146 pounds within a year on a Delgado type of encouraged diet, rice, fruits, less than 5%, 85% complex carbohydrate, over 146 pounds lost in one year with no starvation, no weakness, no clinical symptoms of disease, only improvements. In fact, many of these people who were diabetic got off of insulin. Within two months, they were fully prepared, given them a high carbohydrate starch diet, but they were going to have to get insulin injections at higher dosages and they were shot. And when they found out and reviewed the literature, Kelly Anne West [0:07:08] [Phonetic] and other researchers proved later that fat in the diet was the principal culprit in diabetic conditions. I have a doctor that sent me a note that it was fructose versus white sugar. It's not about sugar and I'm not saying fructose is good for you or some of the artificial sugars. I'm not saying that.

What I'm saying is you must look at the literature of anything above 30 grams. Twenty to thirty grams of fat a day will cause a diabetic condition, so when they took off the fat in the diet, they could tolerate sugars in their diet. In fact, because they were kidney dialysis patients, they had to add white sugar in their diet to make up for the calorie difference because white sugar has no protein and no fat and these individuals prevented kidney loss in that study. You have a question? Female: About the good fats and the bad fats. Nick: I'm a big believer that we get the essential fatty acids in whole fruits and vegetables and greens and beans and peas, and if you look at the nutritional food recommendations, the omega 3 and the omega 6 and these other nutrients in low dose like a single capsule or two is more than enough. In fact, Dr.

Press [0:08:16] [Phonetic] proved this. He took people and put them on IV, which was just a glucose IV, so there was no fat whatsoever in their diet. And at the end of -- I think it was a month, they found that because there was no fat intake, no good, no bad fat, no fat at all, at the end of the month, some of them started forming a little skin condition with some symptoms that arguably could've been related to a fat deficiency. Sometimes people get dandruff. Dandruff is also an allergy and things, but sometimes it's a fat deficiency.

He then took 1.01% fat, rubbed it into the skin, didn�t even feed it to them, and the fat absorbed to the skin was enough to relieve any fat deficiency, so your requirement for fat is ridiculously low. One capsule will give you one little plant base or fish-oil base or whatever you're taking in. Hopefully, it's a mercury-free type thing, but --.

Dr. Nick Delgado talks Nutrition in Newport Feb 2010 Part 8

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