Dr. Group’s Water Fast Journey - Day 16

Author: Global Healing Center

Day 16. Yay! Of my 18 day water-only fast. I keep getting a lot of questions. Are you taking vitamins? Are you putting salt in your water? Are you using apple cider vinegar? I am not doing anything. Nothing. Nothing.

Nothing. Nothing, but good old pure clean water. Which has become my best friend and is with me all the time. Because it's amazing when you go through these swings, you know, you go through these it's a roller coaster ride and you know sometimes you're just very fatigued and sometimes you're energetic. I mean, I woke up this morning I have no more chest congestion. No more sinus congestion. Feeling pretty good.

Energy levels still low though. I have to admit. I have to admit that. Walked around a little bit this morning and kind of felt like I needed to rest a little bit and came to do my morning update. I did have somebody asking me if my eyesight is improved and the strange thing is, no my I'm still not able to read a label.

I still have to have my reading glasses on. I was really hoping that would change but it hasn't my but when I was driving yesterday my long-range vision, I mean it was like a hawk. So I could definitely say that my long-range vision or just my my perception I guess of of the environment was very vivid and very precise but my you know anything that's very close to my eyes I still have and I still have to wear my reading glasses. So anyway, all is good. I'm excited in two days I'm going to be able to start my re-feeding program and I'll be documenting that as well. I did have a couple more questions I want to answer. One of them is, is it possible to fast as a chef? That would probably be the hardest fast and mental challenge but anybody, I mean anybody can fast, I mean that's the thing, well you know, definitely not children and pregnant women and breastfeeding and elderly and it's in it and you have to, you have to use caution if you have diabetes or if you're on a lot of medications or even gout. Sometimes fasting can flare up a if if you've had previous gout symptoms.

Dr. Group’s Water Fast Journey - Day 16

I've also had questions regarding the digestive tract. Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, hyper acidity in the stomach, h pylori, diverticulitis.... Fasting is the one of the best things for any digestive system issues.

All of the research that goes back with Shelton and Carrington and all those guys show that water only fasting - the gut heals itself very very rapidly - but everybody's different. I mean you know with water fasting it's your body taking control and your body deciding what it's going to focus on next, what it wants to heal and it prioritizes everything in that order. So digestive system issues I mean, you know, those are all caused by the food and all the toxic stuff that you're putting in the system to begin with. And the body never has a chance to heal it because you just keep putting more toxic stuff in and that's your first exposure point to the root cause of all disease, all disease starts in the intestinal lining, because how are toxins going to get in the body anyway and that unless they enter the through the intestinal lining. Leaky gut syndrome clears up. Now, what I would be interested in and finding out is the effects of water fasting on something like fibromyalgia or Lyme disease. I haven't been able to find any research on that.

So, but I would think that water fasting would be beneficial for any disease or any negative condition because, because as you're using the most powerful medicine in the world, which is your own body and it's your own body taking control of determining what it's going to focus on next. One of the next, one of the other questions I had was does fasting get rid of liver and gall stones? Fasting, like I said, the body will pick the area that needs to work on the most. Water fasting will get rid of practically every single condition known to man. At least in all the research that I've done and everything that's been brought up and in all of the studies that all those guys have done in the 1800's, in the early 1900s, it's astonishing to see how fast water fasting can give the body the power and the tools to regenerate itself and eliminate all that abnormal tissue. Can you imagine, I mean, you know you have all these cysts and normal tissues and growths and tumors and all this stuff that just swell and swell and all this inflammation constantly in the body these days and all this mucus production and the doctors just give you medications and just cover it up.

Let's just put a band-aid over it. No one ever addresses the root cause of the problem and detoxifies and cleanses your body. And that's what we've been doing for 20 years. I mean it's just, it's a 100% successful it works every single time. And it costs you what? $1.99 for a gallon of distilled water a day? Just think, people are paying a $120,000 and getting stem-cell treatments in different countries right now.

You get the same stem cell treatment for a $1.99 a day. So, you know, yes it will probably get rid of your liver and gall stones, if that's the number one priority now your body focuses on. So that's my morning update. Everybody have a great day and I will check back in with you later. Can't say there's been too many changes.

I've just been kind of taking it easy. Really, up until day like 12 or so I had a lot more swings and I still do experience a little bit of a roller coaster ride with energy and fatigue. Especially if I get out and move a lot, move around, but it's pretty much the same for day 12, 13, 14, 15, and today is day 16. So all in all, it almost feels like my body's kind of balancing itself out a little bit. Haven't really had any cravings although I was dreaming less and I about food and it wasn't good food either it was junk food. I don't know where that came from but anyway, I've been around food you know, now that I'm back in the city and I've been at my house where I'm staying and you know there's cooking going on all the time and I've actually been cooking myself for my family.

So it is kind of challenging but you know, if you've gone this long, you know, I think that the most challenging part is in the beginning like they probably up to day six or seven with food but you always do have those cravings and you know every now and then and but they go away I mean you just drink a little water and they go away. My skin feels good, my mind feels good, I mean I do have to say I have it's weird I have mental clarity but there's also kind of a fogginess at the same time, it's hard to explain. It's like, you know, if I have a lot to do or something like that I kind of it kind of gets combobulated in my mind and but as far as my muscle mass, I mean, I have not lost any muscle mass and as a matter of fact that's a question that comes up you know in a big myth that people think that if you if you stop eating or if you do water only fasting that you're going to waste away and you're going to lose all your muscle mass and let me see I have a, I actually write about that in my research.

So let me read you a little bit about, because that was one of the questions I wanted to answer, will fasting caused me to lose muscle mass. When you eat normally your energy comes from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. When you start fasting, your body burns sugar in the form of your glycogen deposits in the liver. After about two or three days of no food you're gonna enter what's called ketosis. When you're in ketosis your body starts burning fat for energy instead of sugar.

Ketosis is your natural protection mechanism against muscle loss and your body does not break down your muscles it breaks down fat deposits and unwanted tissues so when you fast you can actually stimulate muscle growth and at a certain point your body starts increasing the secretion of human growth hormone and that actually increases lean body mass. So Dr. Jason Fung actually states that when your body fat falls below four percent then and only then is the body forced to use protein in order to feed itself.

If your body fat is too low your body must burn functional tissue to survive - that is when you is not beneficial and that's when you could enter into you know if you want to call it starvation mode or whatever. So I have another couple questions here... What about high quality green juice fasting? Do you think juice fast would also trigger body repairs? So, that's a good question and it comes up a lot like The Master Cleanse, those are all great I mean, you know, if that's what you want to do, if that's, it we'll definitely be beneficial for you but it will not shut down the digestive tract because even in green juice you're gonna have nutrients and the digestive system is gonna have to work. What I'm doing is more or less hard core stem cell regenerative and repair water only fasting. Okay. That means your body goes into a rapid regeneration phase, a rapid repair phase, and starts - because your digestive system is completely shut down - and starts ultimately attacking all of the abnormal tissue and a 100% of your well, you know, depending on if you're doing any activity, I mean let's say over 90% of your body's energy levels are focused on the regenerative process.

I mean i've told, I've talked about people that just did a ten day or a 14 day water fast that are 40 years old and when they evaluate their organs afterwards, their organs are half their age. So, you know all of those other cleanses are beneficial. Any cleanses are... Any type of cleanse is beneficial for you, but the hard core water only fasting is the most beneficial and the most therapeutic thing that i've found in over 20 years of research that ultimately can repair and regenerate your body in such a short period of time. That's the key word, a short period of time. No nutritional supplements.

No other type of care out there, is even able to come close. You know juice fasting maybe take I mean, I don't even know if you would still, I don't even think you would still be able to produce stem cells and regenerate. You would have a slow detoxification and a slow cleansing and you would you know ultimately start feeling better over a period of time if you change your diet and your environment and you breathe clean air and you drink clean water and eat clean food and then you reduce the amount of food. And don't get me wrong, I was on intermittent fasting for the past year and a half as well, I mean, I was eating only from noon to 6:00 p.m.

Every single day. And I will go back on intermittent fasting. And for those of you that don't know what intermittent fasting is, it's just basically fasting on a daily basis. So instead of eating three meals a day, you just pick a time that you can allow your body to heal itself. So for me, the 18-6 method works really good. So 18 hours out of every 24 hour day, I'm fasting on water, for six hours I'm eating and during that six hours obviously I'm eating a very healthy organic diet. So that's my afternoon update I will see everybody this evening! Going pretty good but I have been listening to my body been resting whenever I have the opportunity. So, no complaints.

Getting closer and closer. Only two days to go. So I will finish my water fast at 6 p.m. That's what I'm going to break my fast 2 days from now.

And I will be filming the refeeding my first meal which will be watermelon. So, I did have some comments about a white tongue and I forgot to mention this. Everybody who does a water fast will get a white tongue. It's not Candida. It's just the natural process when your body starts regenerating, then your body starts eliminating all those toxins. Your tongue turns white and in you know a lot of people say it's because the excess keratin that your body's producing.

So it's a completely normal symptom to have. Other common symptoms to have when your water fasting is your blood pressure will go down, you'll have low blood pressure. Obviously low glucose levels. White tongue. You might feel dizzy from time to time. Nausea. Skin rashes, many host of symptoms just depending on how toxic you really are. I've been getting a lot of people that have been worried about what the standard medical system says about glucose.

You know, if your glucose levels fall you're going to go into a coma or you're gonna have hypoglycemia or you gonna you know die. In normal cases, if your blood glucose does go to extreme levels low levels you can. You can have seizures, you can have loss of consciousness, and you can even die. When you're on a water fast you're not eating anything though. Okay.

So what happens is your body starts breaking down the glycogen and releases glucose for maybe you know 24-36 hours something like that. Then all of your glycogen stores are exhausted. Then your liver starts making new glucose from amino acids. That's the process called gluconeogenesis. Then your blood glucose levels start falling. So people without diabetes they shouldn't have anything to worry about and you will start noticing a decrease in your blood sugar levels and then your ketones obviously raised to a certain level and that's when your body transitions into that fat-burning mode and then after about three or four days, five days something like that then your body really starts getting into the regenerative mode because then your digestive system has been completely shut down for that long so now it kind of triggers your body to start attacking any abnormal tissue or any diseased tissue or abnormalities or anything like that. And people have asked, you know, well what about all it parasites and fungus and all that stuff? If you have nothing for those organisms to live off of, then they will die right? Because some of those organisms actually could stay dormant though.

I mean organisms do have a resistance against fasting so I'm not saying that all of them will be eliminated but you'll, your body will attack them and depending on how long you water fast hopefully eliminate them. I mean, remember your body is in control. Your body's in control. People ask me about, well how is the liver detoxing and how are you releasing bile and how is, why are you, what's happening in your body since you're not eating any antioxidants? This is how smart and intelligent our bodies really are.

Our bodies just know. They can recycle nutrients. They can produce proteins. They can produce the substances we need to survive during a water only fast. And all that's been proven many many many many many many times especially dating back to the ancient days.

When that's all they had was water. I had a good question I wanted to talk about.. Would it be beneficial to take enzymes? Serrapeptase while water fasting to assist the body and breaking down scar tissues and proteins.

I had to kind of ponder over that question because first of all I you would not be able to take anything in a capsule because that would trigger the digestive system. Honestly I would wait and not do that or take anything just because we don't have research that can that shows that that would be okay to do. But enzymes are really really really beneficial in breaking down abnormal tissue. So that would be interesting but I will be taking enzymes before my first meal.

I will be taking enzymes and probiotics but I will not be taking them in a capsule. I'll be mixing them in a glass of water, drinking the water, and then having my first meal when I break my fast. So thanks to everybody for tuning in. Thanks for watching.

It is day 16 - water only fast ... My water fasting journey.

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