Dr. Group’s Water Fast Journey - Day 13

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Day 13 of my water only fast. Coming out. Had a great night. Slept great. Beautiful view. Sunrise. Feeling pretty good today. Woke up this morning, feeling pretty good, no complaints.

Actually feel, I think I feel better today this morning, than I did yesterday. So that's a good thing. A little bit of congestion in my chest but that seems to be going away. My sinus congestion is pretty much gone. I was a little anxious this morning. It was a little harder for me to meditate this morning for some reason. I don't know why.

I just I don't know my mind was going a million miles an hour just thinking about all the things that I wanted to do or that I had to do. Things like that so I really kind of had to just take some deep breaths and calm myself down. So energy levels are good. Weight is good.

I'm in a good mood today. In a good mood. I'm gonna head out to the farm today and I'm gonna take some shots out there and just kind of walk around and connect out there. Ground myself. You know be around lots of positive energy. So I'll be sure to film some stuff for you there. I did have some questions coming through and please everybody just ask as many questions as you can because I like answering questions and it kind of fills the time as well.

Dr. Group’s Water Fast Journey - Day 13

One of the questions is - am I brushing my teeth? I am brushing my teeth about every 2 or 3 days. There's - I'm not eating anything so there's really nothing to brush but I usually brush my teeth with ozonated olive oil and then I also use an organic toothpaste. The organic toothpaste is like a peppermint lemon flavor and I've noticed that when I do brush my teeth, I mean the flavors are just enhanced. I mea n, I can almost feel the peppermint and the lemon throughout my whole body. And I make sure that I don't swallow any because I don't want anything touching my stomach, so I rinse my mouth out really good and then spit it out. But I have noticed that when I do brush my teeth even because I get that scent that peppermint that lemon scent that I do get hungry afterwards so you know it is actually activating kind of my senses for digestion but nothing is actually activating the enzymes and everything that I need to produce to digest food. Am I showering any different? No I'm not showering any different I usually take a shower in the morning just to kind of wake myself up.

Purified water. And, you know, I use organic soap, organic shampoo, and organic conditioners. So, I'm not showing any different.

Do you have any cravings? The last couple days I've actually been thinking about food. Any, you know, I tell you, it's you know driving around and seeing food and stuff like that. It's, it is tempting and it comes through your mind but are you just you know it's a mental game. Fasting is a mental game. I mean it's not physical I mean you don't really go through pain and stuff physically - well let me take that back - some - a lot of people do actually and you do have physical changes but most of it is mental. Are you using lotion on your skin. I never use lotion on my skin.

Never. I use parfait visage which is the organic facial cream every now and then but I believe that your skin is not necessarily - you know - meant to have stuff lathered over it. It's supposed to breathe. It's supposed to be able to produce the natural oils that it needs to produce. How do you deal with your family eating dinner while you continue this water fast? Yeah that's pretty tough actually especially when I have to actually cook the dinner but again it's like a mental, it's like a mental game, that you know - I was in the military and I went through some severe hardcore mental training in the military.

So you know, yeah, you get hungry. You smell the food, you cut the garlic, you cut the onions, and you know it's not easy. It's definitely not easy. I mean so if you have the ability to not look at food or not be around food when you're fasting that's gonna be even better. There's one story I wanted to share with everybody today and this is about an opera singer, a very famous opera singer.

In his book "Fasting Can Save Your Life", which is a good book it's by Herbert Shelton and I recommend that you get that book. It's called "Fasting Can Save Your Life". Herbert Shelton was one of the, probably one of the world's biggest experts on water fasting and this was back in the early 1900s up until I think 1960 or so. He treated more than 40,000 patients with water fasting and he described the case of a famous metropolitan opera singer. The young soprano developed a serious asthmatic condition and could no longer sing. Her physician told her there was no cure.

As a result the singer gave up singing and retired to her farm in New Jersey. Then she heard about fasting and the concept of letting your body heal itself. She went on a supervised water only fast. Within weeks, her asthma cleared and within months, she was back at the Metropolitan Opera. Her career was saved. And by the way, fasting - water fasting - works incredibly well for asthma and allergies. I mean you can pretty much in a 14-day water-only fast, you can pretty much wipe out allergies and asthma symptoms.

Of course you don't want to start eating dairy again afterwards and eating crappy foods afterwards. Because it literally will heal your gut. It'll heal the leaky gut. It'll heal all the problems in your gut as well. So that's my morning update have a great day! I'm feeling good today. Day 13! It's a beautiful day. You can see our greenhouse in the back.

I can't forget to drink my water all the time Ketones and glucose. And we have Got some avocado trees down here and coming up on our little banana orchard here. You can see the banana trees that we have right here. Looking forward to trying one of those bananas. Especially right now! As you can see I'm out at the farm today. What a beautiful day it is. This is our little river that comes through our farm. So I'm enjoying a nice relaxing day.

I do have more energy. I have to say today. Everything's been going great. As soon as I get back, I'll give you guys another update.

We're cultivating black turmeric and you can see here - this row. We get a shot right there that's better. Black turmeric - which is very rare. Certified organic black turmeric. Really excited about that because it's a very rare plant like I said and the quality is extremely high as far as the therapeutic benefits go. Can you tell I'm enjoying myself at the farm today? I'm very relaxed, having a great time. It's, I mean, this to me is like heaven.

Being out, looking at plants, touching plants, being on the farm, driving around, walking around, I mean it's just really, really, really, healing for me. And I tell you what, it just energizes me as well. I mean I've had more energy today I think. I think the last day I had this much energy was on probably like day six or seven.

So I'm really, you know, like I say, it's a roller coaster ride you never know. One hour you might be feeling energized, the next hour, you might be wanting to take a nap. But today, all day pretty much. All day pretty much, I've been feeling energized and I actually took an hour here out at the farm and sat down and meditated and because I had some anxiety - well I mean I wouldn't say anxiety but I was a little anxious. My mind was going a million miles an hour this morning. So I wanted to make up for that here when I'm at the farm today. I as far as you know, anything else how I'm going with my fast, just still drinking water and there's no negative signs or anything like that, that I can report on today. But I wanted to read to you a clinically published report regarding high blood pressure.

And this is from Dr. Goldhamer. He gave 179 hypertensive patients a chance to go through a water only fast to normalize their blood pressure. All of the patients had high blood pressure. The treatment consisted of a two to three day pre fast - just eating healthy foods and just drinking a lot of water - and then patients were transferred to a medically supervised water-only fast for ten to eleven days. Ten to 11 days. Nearly 90% of the patients were able to lower their blood pressure below the 140 over 90 level. Amazingly, the results seemed to be permanent.

All of the test subjects that had been on blood pressure medication before the water fast, were able to discontinue their meds. So, basically you had 90 percent able to lower their blood pressure below 140 over 90 but you had a 100 percent were able to be in normal ranges and get off all their blood pressure medication in ten or 11 days. Why is that not being used. Do you realize how much money the pharmaceutical companies would lose if everybody that had high blood pressure went on a 10-day water-only fast.

I mean that is miraculous. Miraculous results. Anyway, I'm always looking for the new, greatest thing, I mean water fastings been around for thousands of years so, I mean it's just been incredible for me to, to break into this research and to realize how effective and how transformative water only fasting can be in a wide range of things. Whether it's spiritual progression. Whether it's fat loss, obesity, whether it's high blood pressure. It doesn't even matter.

Allergies, asthma, cancer, it doesn't matter. It's just, why do we have to always look for so many answers outside when the answers are usually in simplicity. I've had a really productive day. It's my evening update. So far, so good. I have had a little bit of hunger once or twice throughout the day.

But than that I've been doing really good and water just seems to just wipe that out right away even though I've traveled, went to the farm, did a lot of activity. My energy levels are still amazingly the same. I might actually do some push-ups and some jumping jacks or something later on this evening. So, nothing abnormal to report.

All is good with me. I'm looking forward to day 14 tomorrow and I want to share some more research with you guys. People ask about anxiety, you know, mental disorders.

Parkinson's. Alzheimer's. So I pulled up a study that was done or a case study by Herbert Shelton on Parkinson's and the reason why I chose Parkinson's is because it is technically incurable right and we all know somebody at least most people know somebody that's suffering from Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. Herbert Shelton treated Parkinson's patients with water only fasting and produce some astonishing results. He tells a story about a woman who was diagnosed with Parkinson's at age 34. Age 34, I think that's the same time that Michael J Fox was. For six years, medical doctors tried everything but failed to help her.

Her condition became worse. At this point she was taken to a water fasting center. She started fasting and stayed on pure water fast for 30 days. During the fast, she regained full control of her limbs and the tremors and shaking were completely gone. 30 days. Parkinson's. Okay.

Tremors were completely gone. 30-day water fast. After she started eating again, though, the tremors came back but they were not as bad as before the fast.

She underwent two more water fasts. I don't know how long those two were. When she started eating again, her Parkinson's disease was gone. The complete healing process took nine months. Now, how powerful is water fasting if you can eliminate the so-called impossible with Parkinson's disease.

So if any of you out there know anybody suffering from Parkinson's disease, I would not just tell them to go on a 30-day water fast, I would definitely do a medically supervised water fasts probably the TrueNorth clinic or Center in California where they do medically supervised water only fasting. And you know, but, hope there's always hope, for anything and there's always a solution to every situation.

Dr. Group’s Water Fast Journey - Day 13

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