Dr. Group’s Water Fast Journey - Day 12

Author: Global Healing Center

Today is day 12 of my water only fasting journey. I woke up this morning still with a little bit of congestion in my chest. Coughing up stuff still not nearly as bad as the last two days though and also a little bit of sinus congestion but not much. It's you know in the mornings or I feel a little bit fatigued but as the day goes on I usually get more energy and more energy and I'm just now the sun's coming up I'm at this little lake retreat, you can see the water behind me. So I'm very relaxed and so far my energy levels are pretty good. I actually did some push-ups last night just to kind of keep my muscles active and so far so good today. No complaints.

I wanted to also kind of share some interesting things with you which will also be in my book. Did you know that humans are the only species that eat food during times of illness. I've always wondered that.

Why are they feeding all these cancer patients all this garbage food and glucose and the hospitals which just feeds the cancer cells and why, you know, if you look at children, children naturally do not want to eat when they're sick but we feed them. It's like we're conditioned to just say eat when you're sick - oh you have to eat some crackers - you know or whatever but really we're not supposed to eat when we're sick. One of Sweden's top biochemists Dr.

Ragnar Berg, who's a Nobel Prize winner, and an authority on nutrition, says "One can fast a long time. We know of fasts of over a hundred days duration so we have no need of fearing that we will die of hunger." We have so much fear instilled in us these days about everything. And many people just live in a state of fear and that's not who we are.

Dr. Group’s Water Fast Journey - Day 12

We're not beings that should be walking around in a state of fear all day long. We should be happy. We should be loving. We should be giving. You know and not have to harbor all those negative emotions that the psychiatry industry is you know making trillions of dollars off of all these you know made up emotions and all these made up conditions that they're able to sell prescription drugs for. AJ Carlson who's a professor of physiology at the University of Chicago states that "a healthy well nourished man can live from 50 to 75 days without food provided he is not exposed to severe cold, avoids physical work, and maintains emotional calm" - is what I've been saying with the stresses that I've had to go through you know this past week.

It's very important to maintain emotional calm. Keep yourself calm. That's why I had to just get away from the rat race in the city and just come out and relax and take care of myself and focus mentally on the healing process. Fasting is a mental challenge. It's like Navy SEAL training. You know you're putting your effort and your focus into your body for the regenerative process and your body knows that and it's good to just relax and meditate and tell your body heal itself, heal itself. The mind is so powerful you can do so much with your mind and you need to be in that calm emotional state.

So there's many benefits also to water fasting. All degenerative diseases and abnormal tissue are healed. Hormonal and menstrual cycles are restored after only two to three weeks of fasting.

Many sterile marriages have been able to conceive following a water fast and impotence is also corrected in males. Think about how many fertility clinics there are these days. When I was growing up as a kid there was no such thing as fertility clinics, but you have all the endocrine disrupting chemicals and you have all the high estrogen levels everywhere that are causing sterility mostly in males and you have high estrogen in females which are causing ovarian cysts, polycystic ovaries, fibrocystic breast disease. You know, yes, iodine deficiency is a major cause of that but mostly is caused by the glyphosate, the pesticide residue, and all the phalates that we're exposed to every single day in the standard diet. So think about that. I mean all of the money that's being spent and all the people that cannot get pregnant and fasting can reset all that. Reset all the hormones, detoxify cleanse everything out. And man can become sterile again and you can actually conceive so that's my update for this morning.

I'll check back in with you this afternoon. Thanks for your support. Okay, taking my glucose and ketone reading for the day. Start with ketones.

Okay see if I can get some more blood coming out there. Alright. Feeling good today. Ketones 7.3 Glucose 54 So far day 12 is going pretty good.

I can't say that there's really been that much of a change since this morning. Took a nap for about an hour. Actually went for a bike ride. Probably rode about a half a mile or so. Energy levels still the same I can't say that my energy levels have improved but I have noticed kind of swings in energy levels like I'll go through a period of time where I just feel like I can go to the gym and exercise and then other times I just feel like laying down and taking a nap. I'm trying to calculate about how much water I'm drinking a day and I think it's gonna be somewhere roughly between two and a half maybe three gallons a day. So I am drinking a lot of water, you know, my mouth gets dry so I want to make sure that I keep myself hydrated and it helps, it really helps with the energy levels and I haven't really had any hunger as well though.

So, so far so good on day 12. Still working on my book editing and wanted to read some more things for you guys. So Dr. Carson and Dr.

Kunde of the Department of Physiology at the University of Chicago placed a 40 year old man on a 14 day water fast. At the end of the fast his tissues were in the same physiological condition as those of a 17-year old youth. I tell you, I've been studying natural medicine and healing technologies for over 20 years now and there is nothing that I've found... Stem cell therapy, juicing, nutritional supplements, miracle pills, anything that can reduce your tissues from age 40 to age 17 in 14 days. That is miraculous.

Scientists recently at the University of Southern California completed a study proving that fasting for as little as 72 hours flips a regenerative switch which promotes stem cells to create brand-new white blood cells essentially regenerating the entire immune system even in the elderly. You know it's always hard to repair tissue the older that you get but this actually showed that even the elderly were able to regenerate their immune system in 72 hours. So that's my afternoon update for you.

Oh! I did have a question someone was asking about my wife fasting. My wife is super healthy she works out all the time. She does usually three-day water fasts. So she'll do a three-day water fasts and then she'll take a break for a while and then she'll do a three-day water fast and that seems to work really good for her. Of course she's healthy too so it's it's great to do any water fast even if you're doing one day a week water fast.

So anyway, that's my afternoon update. I can't say there's been too many changes from earlier today. I did notice somebody was asking me about my skin you know what's happening with my skin and over the last week or so I have noticed - I don't want to say acne or pimples but I've noticed some red spots almost like a little rash on my chest they don't itch, they don't hurt or anything like that but all in all I haven't really noticed too many changes with my skin although my beard is growing still and my nails look very healthy so that seems to be coming along well. I haven't really been sweating though - I don't really want to sweat and lose a lot of electrolytes especially during the second week of fasting. My energy levels come and go.

It's kind of like a roller coaster ride. You know my best friend here - my jug of water. This is what keeps me going.

Nice, pure, clean water. No exciting things to report but I did want to talk to you about a couple more things. Not sure if you know but on May 18, 1933 when Gandhi was in his tenth day of fasting he was examined by his physicians. One of the physicians stated that despite his age of 64 years, from a physiological point of view, the Indian leader was as healthy as a man of 40. So that's - even though he was 64 - he was as healthy as a man as 40 and that was only ten days of fasting. Gandhi used to fast one day every week. Following his assassination at the age of 79, the doctors at his autopsy described how Gandhi's inner organs looked like those of someone 39.

That is absolutely amazing. There's thousands of these documented cases and each one of them is so inspiring and it just gives you energy and it gives you confidence that it's really not as hard as you think. I mean, these guys are fasting for long periods of time and it just goes to show you that the benefits of even a 10 day fast or 14 day fast are incredible, incredible. Dr. Alan Goldhamer tells a story about a girl that came into his office with lymphoma and she fasted for 21 days at his clinic. And in 21 days the lymphoma was completely gone. We're just taught you know to fear disease from an early age and we're taught that we don't have the internal power to heal ourselves but we do. And everything is in simplicity.

It's all in simplicity can you imagine that you could heal practically every disease known to man with just water. But, you have to go through that process and it's a mental challenge and you have to want to do it and you have to support your body and you have to tell your body you can do it. I mean this has been a challenge for me. I'm not gonna say it hasn't and I'm pretty clean. Although I think and I do recommend that anybody who wants to go through a water fast or an extended water fast or a long-term water only fast, does take the necessary precautions and does do an intestinal cleanse and a couple liver and gallbladder cleanses and maybe a harmful organism cleanse and a chemical and heavy metal cleanse. You can never go wrong with cleansing the body. No matter what.

I mean we because we live in a toxic environment. Dr. Thomas Seyfried who's still alive right now, he's a leading expert doing research on fasting, he stated that if you did water only fasting once a year for seven to ten days, you would cut your risk of getting cancer by 99%. Do you know that one out of two or one out of three people right now are projected to get cancer. Just think if you did a one nine-day water only fast once a year you would cut your cancer risk by 99%. That is just unbelievable. He is actually a biochemical geneticist and he's the professor of biology at Boston College.

I mean so this is not just coming from anybody and you know you can you can watch his lectures on YouTube actually. As a matter of fact I suggest you do. According to an animal study published an aging research review in 2016 - intermittent or periodic fasting was shown to have a profound impact on counteracting disease processes and improving outcomes of disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancers, allergies, asthma, Alzheimer's, stroke, and many others. So that's gonna be my update for this evening on day 12.

I do want to - let me see if I can show you real fast with this beautiful sunset that I'm looking at looks like. I did do some sun gazing today this evening and I tell you what it just it does energize me completely. I just laid down and did some sun gazing for probably about 15 minutes looking directly in the sun. So good night everybody! See you tomorrow!.

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