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The cancer causing ingredient found in some plastics, what are we supposed to do? we'll find out with a dentist taking your calls and questions at 5:15. Ann: IN THE NEWS, 17 ALLEGED MEMBERS OF AN INTERNATIONAL GANG KNOWN AS MS-13 ARE NOW OFF THE STREETS OF TORONTO. Police chief bill blair says the gang is ruthless. i would also note this gang is involved in a number of other violent activities and drug activities and yesterday's resulted in the seizure of cocaine and weapons and other contraband material indicating their level of involvement. Ann: POLICE EXECUTED 22 SEARCH WARRANTS YESTERDAY AFTER A FIVE-MONTH INVESTIGATION. 17 people are now under arrest and facing a total of 63 charges. Many of them relating to the seizure of cocaine and weapons.

George: POLICE ARE LOOKING FOR FOUR SUSPECTS AFTER AN ARMED ROBBERY OVERNIGHT IN THE EAST END. They held up a doughnut shop, fled by car to birchmount and fink and then took off on foot. No arrests so far.

Two people are under arrest after a suspected drug lab bust in markham. Officers converged on the townhouse near old kennedy and steels last night. Some neighbours were evacuated over concerns about chemicals. There was no drug lab but the house was being used to store ecstacy. A man and woman have been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. Ann: POLICE NEED YOUR HELP IN TRACKING DOWN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF JEWELRY. This diamond necklace, for instance is one of the items taken. It was in a wall safe that was stole african a home last sunday near bayview and york mills.

A number of other items are also missing including a blue sapphire ring, a custom-made diamond ring, diamond stud earrings and a historical coin pendant. Call police if you can help with this investigation. Adjourn the toronto humane society's investigating a possible west end puppy mill. About 30 dogs were seized from a home. Some of the dogs were just a few weeks old.

Dr. Chris Tsang Holistic Dentist Interviewed on Wylde On Health

Trey smith from the humane society stopped by and offered some advice for detecting possible puppy mills in your neighbourhood. if you never see a dog or a cat come out of that house or apartment or anything like that, but you see lots of food and kibble, lots of dog food, you know something's going on in there. George: IT WILL BE ANOTHER SIX WEEKS BEFORE THE PUPPIES SEIZED WILL BE UP FOR ADOPTION. Contact the humane society for more information. the protest continues today outside general motors headquarters in oshawa. Over the planned shutdown of gm's truck plant.

C.a.w. Members set up a blockade early yesterday. They're vowing to stay put until they get some understand. not too long ago, we signed a new collective agreement with general motors in good faith, brothers and sisters. And general motors has broken that faith. As of tuesday. Ann: THAT WAS THE PRESIDENT OF THE LOCAL C.A.W.

Union chris buckley putting to rest for now the threat of a wildcat strike. He and other c.a.w. Officials are travelling to detroit tonight for a high level meeting at general motors tomorrow morning. spectacular video after twister tearing across central illinois. Warning sirens sounded as the tornado spun out over the countryside. It was one of many sparked yesterday by severe thunderstorms that raced across the u.s. Midwest.

The national weather service is warning more storms could be on the way. and protests break out in india over high gas prices. Consumers are angry at the government for not stepping up.

Fuel prices have risen 11 percent in new delhi. Diesel and cooking gas are sky high. Demonstrators want the government to lower levies. Meanwhile, in france, a convoy of truckdrivers took to the streets to show their displeasure for the rising costs of fuel. Similar protests are happening all across europe. well, it's mission accomplished on one front for some shuttle discovery. The toilet on board the international space station has been fixed.

The astronauts turned plumbers replaced the pump that had been off line for over a week. The part had to be rushed to the cape canaveral launch pad days before the shuttle took off. Today the crew is performing its second spacewalk to work on the japanese lab keb bow. it's a lovely looking day on the markets. The reasons why? don't know, but wolfgang klein does. He's live at the tsx.

Investment adviser at rbc dominion securities. What are your theories? there's so many. The stimulus cheques hand out by the bush administration to american people were spent in the month of may in wal-mart and costco. Same store sales up substantially, better than expected. That had a good start to the session. Again, beyond that, ann, it was a day of stranger than fiction type performances. I say this because one o'clock, the european central bank president said they'll probably have to raise rates in europe. That put strength into the euro, weakness into the u.s.

Dollar and as such excessive strength into the price of crude which rallied $5.50. The u.s. Market continued to move forward. Gold continueed to weaken. You should have seen u.s.

Markets sell off t didn't. It was a day of stranger than fiction and on that note, george, ann, over to you. thanks so much. We'll see you again tomorrow. now back live to amber in the chum traffic center for a look at the roads right now. it's very busy and now we are having to deal with some rain out there.

The 401 through the 427. The rain is falling. Good idea to put your full leting system on. Very busy along the 401 especially eastbound in sections right across the top.

Here through the dufferin area we go and over towards avenue road where it's nice and dry. Into the durham region, it's pretty busy from liverpool through brock road to salem. Westbound on the 401, again the rain delays and volume delays underneath the 410 out to highway 10. Don valley parkway looking at volume into and out of the down counsel core and the gardiner, out of the city delays from the acc here around the spadina area and now we seem to be looking for some kind of problem. I'm just getting dizzy and i don't see anything.

Out towards jamieson, again some rain falling here an it's busy now into the city as well. Out towards the -- there we go, the humber area. That's on the south side. Again rain and volume delays on to the qew. Qew really slow westbound through mississauga and both directions through oakville and burlington.

We had a stalled vehicle on the westbound 40 west of waterdown blocking the left lane causing delays. Back to you. George: THANKS, AMBER. Dramatic camera work there. yeah. George: BACK LIVE TO MIKA AT TRANSIT CONTROL.

westbound at royal york station, a train is holding because a goose is walking at track level. Hopefully this will clear shortly. The ward and fourth line very busy. Earlier problems at college station have cleared. It's very busy.

The yonge university spadina line. Let's go to the shepherd line. Looking pretty good. The srt is looking good as well on the surface routes. Collection westbound dundas approaching keele. thank you so much. Amber gave us a snapshot of what's going on weatherwise. Let's look at the forecast.

Here are the satellite and radar images. We have a system heading our way bringing clouds and showers and fog tonight. Drive carefully. A low of 18. The five day, partly cloudy and here we go, the hot stuff begins. Highs of 31 tomorrow.

Partly cloudy with thunderstorms on saturday. Highs of 30. Partly cloudy, thunderstorms again on sunday and a high of 30.

Mostly cloudy on monday, showers, a little cooler high of 26. And we're back to more normal temperatures on tuesday. Cloudy skies, highs of 21. George: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. Yeah, live next to hussein for your entertainment you date. the guest list for the much music video awards keeps getting bigger and better.

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Anyway, it sounds like a really great line-up. HUSSEIN, AS MORE PEOPLE COMMIT TO GOING TO THE MMBAs MORE STARS WILL COME OUT OF HIDING AS WELL. you're right. I'm so excited about this event. I think this was this is going to be bigger an better than ever.

The celebrities, more and more come out once they find out what's on the list. thank you so much. Now you're up ta date in 15 minutes. Stay with us for wylde on health copping coming up. you're watching live at five only on cp24. [ ♪ ♪ ♪ ] [ ♪♪♪ ] not all prescriptions come in a package.

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Christopher sang. He does not believe in filling your teeth with very unusual kinds of fillings and mercury. Do you use flouride toothpaste? he's a holistic dentist who believes that mercury-based fillings are dangerous.

He also doesn't use flouride. His practice has found there's often a speedier recovery when alternative treatments are used. Something called matrix repatterning. Dr. Singh, welcome to wylde on health. good to be here. it's a great pleasure to have you on. Dentistry, it's one of the first types of holistic kind of preventive measures that people take to take care of themselves.

Most people don't realize this, but dentistry, being the type of measure you take to prevent disease onset was one of the first types of preventive medicine out there. But now the question becomes what are we doing with all these materials and how is it more preventive by putting it in your mouths, mercury and perhaps even bisphenol a, the type of plastic now we're all concerned about in terms of cancer and so forth. You're not doing these things in your practice, right? correct. what is holistic dentistry? i do it's a way of using naturopathic principles to help the body heal faster and minimize the amount of toxic or energetic blockages in the mouth.

What you said earlier about dentistry being preventive, i acknowledge. It's been way ahead of mainstream medicine in terms of having you come in regularly for checkups and cleanings. We're often in the past -- that wasn't done so much with medicine. Now people are being more proactive and coming in to their doctors like you as well as to us. Definitely we're looking at some of the scientific research done in the past. Recent past. It's definitely showing that mercury does escape from the fillings and that there's some electromagnetic fields generated by the different types of metals in the mouth. That's interesting.

Above and beyond being conscious about not putting mercury in one's mouth, any of your patients mouth and staying away from flouride, you're also very aware that we are bioelectrical. I read about that on you and we have a current that goes through our mouth and saliva and that current can disturb our brain patterns. Is that how it's understood? that's how it's theorized. It hasn't been scientifically shown yet.

The currents are extremely low but they're 100 to a thousand times stronger than the currents the nervous system runs on. those are low too. extremely low. It's like using a cell phone next to your head 24 hours a day. We don't know the effects. It's hopefully going to be studied further. But -- it's everything we can do, what you're using in your office, it's look like you're anti-dentistry in any measure. You're pro-dentistry and the idea it's a prevent active type of measure and medicine and you're using things seemingly much more safe.

We know it's in our water ways and shoon be. It's in our fish. It's all over the place and why are we putting it in your mouths? can you answer that for us? i think the history has been that it's been a proven long-term way of restoring teeth, saving teeth, allowing us to keep our teeth for a long period of time. And so there's that track record there. AND THE STUDIES THAT HAVE BEEN SHOWN THAT MERCURY ESCAPES FROM IT, WERE ONLY DONE IN THE LATE 80s AND EARLY 90s. recent. recent.

People are starting to pay attention and realize there's a potential problem there. what are some of the problems that mercury can cause. If we're worried about, it and there are no safe levels of mercury, but if any gets out to our system, what are the things that science does acknowledge that mercury can cause in the human body that you're aware of? there's obviously effects on the nervous system.

Neurological effects. Immune system. And just lowering our body's defenses. All sorts of -- pretty well invades every cell and tissue in our body. It accumulates. The studies done at the university of calgary -- we can flow that up on the screen. definitely showed where the mercury ended up. They visually and physically showed it ends up in our brain an nervous system, our liver and our kidneys.

i'm proud of the university of calgary because -- do you know when this study was done? 1988. they studied -- so the release of mercury in the mouth by abrasion, chewing, even using a pencil eraser. Bring that up on the screen. It's on the internet, the calgary study and i'll just click over to the website. If they google university of calgary and mercury they'll find the study.

They can watch a video of this. So again possible risks even extend themselves to autism. There's a whole research base that's coming up and there's controversy of course, but autism is somewhat linked to mercury, perhaps even found in vaccines, right? why correct. we have to minimize our levels and loads of these toxins -- substances and when we come back later on after the break we're going to talk to the idea of how to test ourselves, but what else can people look forward to if they join or became a patient at your practice? what else can they expect as a patient? move us through your particular practice and give us an example of what you do and what they experience in pre-testing and -- we find out why you're calling. If you have a concern about mercury fillings, we make sure that you're going to bring any previous test results that you have with your homeopathic or naturopathic doctor or medical doctor. SOME MDs SPECIALIZE IN HEAVY METALS. If you don't, we'll suggest some names that you can go to and get assessed first.

Before you start the whole removal process. Initial exam includes a thorough soft and hard tissue exam on the teeth and gums and making sure that there's no other underlying issues to deal with. The mouth is a gateway to our whole body. yeah. it's the start of our digestive system. So anything that goes past -- passes through our mouths ends up getting absorbed into our bodies. We have to make sure what's there all the time is as safe as possible as well. that's really good advice.

Traditional chinese medicine honours that as well. It's the gateway portal of our body's oral and gum lining. It's a direct picture image into the body. Really interesting stuff. We want to hear from you and so here's how you can reach us tonight. Phone us at... Or from outside the gta it's a toll-free at... Or e-mail us at wylde on health at cp24.com.

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[ ♪♪♪ ] [ ♪ ♪ ♪ ] [ ♪ ♪ ♪ ] welcome back to wylde on health. I'M HERE WITH Dr. Christopher sang talking about the dangers in your mouth. You were telling our viewers how you bring patients through the office and the pre-testing and oral examination that you provide in your office. It's slightly different than a regular dental office. i want to clarify that.

Many, many dentists are conducting excellent examination and you know providing the utmost in a good standard of care. We're adding a couple of things in that people haven't thought about. For example actually physically measuring the electrical currents coming off the different metals in our mouth. i find this superinteresting. How do you do that? we use a regular amp meter. A regular meter. We dial it down to microamps.

And we see the digits flying and so it often tells us which currents are flowing in which direction, which part of the mouth is a little more active than the other. That's where we often start removing the metal. what we were saying before the break, you provide these tests and run the tests and find them to be out of your normal values, what do you do about it? that's the next step, right? as i said, there's no solid science. It's imperfect call evidence t means we go on -- empirical evidence. We go on our experience. When we see a high current, we let the patient know and work with them and suggest let's get rid of that first.

that's the point. You want to get rid of it however you can if that's in fact -- it's possibly causing what? what can people experience that would alert you as a -- electric shock when you're putting metal in your mouth. biting on tin foil if anyone's experienced that. I have myself. How do you protect yourself? this is something i think a lot of dentists have to be apair of. I have dentists as my patients.

I check their mercury levels and you can check yourself by runningal sis. These are standard test that is look at the blood and urine for levels of mercury of which we know there are no safe levels. We find they have high mercury. Coming full circle, what do you do to protect yourself? you're exposed to mercury vapor all day, much higher -- what do you do? exactly.

Right in the office itself, a lot of the measures we use to protect our patients are also protecting us. We are minimizing the vapor coming out of the mouth while removing the filling. I personally wear a protective mask. Can i grab that for you and show you? absolutely. We have a photo. yeah, that's great. Okay.

Yeah, let's put it on the screen for the people. this is the brand i use. darth vader. yeah.

there you are in your office there. may the force be with me. right. And that will prevent the mercury from getting into your body and perhaps causing any long-term damage to your nervous system.

A lot of people on the phone waiting to get a hold of you. that's great. before we get to the phone lines, quickly what other possible chemicals do people want to avoid? bisphenol a is another one found in plastics. Is that a danger in the mouth as well? there's some -- in the composite resin acrylic fillings. I think the studies done to illustrate the possible dangers were done mainly for baby formula. We're putting very hot liquids in a plastic bottle for a prolonged period of time which is not really the situation with our mouths.

you're not worried about this being in the components that are used in the materials in the mouth. not at this point in time. let's go to the phone lines. Linda from toronto. Welcome to wylde on health, linda? thank you. DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR Dr. Sang? yes, i do. I do not have any mercury fillings in my mouth.

What i wanted to ask you is going to your dentist, how would we experience the difference to go to you if there's no risk of me having any toxins and mercury, what is different about your practice? good question, linda. We haven't touched upon a lot of the other different issues in dentistry yet such as periodountle disease. Possible laident or chronic infections with root canal treated teeth -- if there's bacterial diseases, if that gets systemic, it's another problem. Let's talk about that right now. Give linda examples of what you might do with periodountle disease.

dentistry using a lot of disinfectants to try to minimize the level of bacteria in the mouth in addition to the normal scaling procedures that we use. We're trying to get more towards the natural products like baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide. Back to when our grandparents who were using those things and -- at home remedies in the mouth. Those that are working an scientifically proven to be sterile and proven to kill bacteria. that's right. In our office we have lasers to help with -- under the gum problems which -- you were telling me -- which often ends up in a surgical situation in other offices. you were tulg me about during the break. It cauterizes.

the light and heat energy is killing the microbes hiding under the gums which in normal offices, we're just physically scaling. Removing the plaque and bacteria around. It gives you an added fight against the bacteria. excellent. You mentioned flouride and the fact that you're not an advocate. Linda might experience going to an average dentist and them pushing flouride.

What's your alternative? well, it's been promoted as a very good way to remineralize the enamel. It's been used for many years in the toronto area and north america. It's been phased out in other parts of the world. Because of this potential toxicity and -- i mean what would be theal tern active perhaps? a different substance or -- again, we're using safe and natural substances. Yeah.

what about for teeth whitening. Are you doing that? that's a good question too. we love to brighten up smiles.

Yes, we do teeth whitening. The safest way is use the products that stay on your teeth and in your mouth the least amount of time. Over the years, that whitening product have been available we've reduced the amount of time that the gels has been for in your mouth. One of sapphire, it's a lot safer than the zoom that's well popularized. Zoom using an ultraviolet light and sapphire doesn't. have you heard of strawberries. i have.

From a holistic nutritionist friend. have you use it had? i haven't myself. i wonder if there's anything to that. mashing up the strawberries. deanna, welcome to wylde on health.

How are you? i'm fine. Thank you very much. you have a question? yes, i do. Being a senior, i have numerous fillings in my mouth. I lived in glavine hurst for a year where there was a lot of iron in the water and moved to oakville and was here two weeks, this is now eight years and i developed excema.

I've been to three determineologists, my own doctor numerous times. They say it's nerves. I'm convinced it's an allergy and i was wondering if the doctor had ever heard of this causing any kind of skin condition. THE SKIN CONDITION IS LIKELY JUST A SYMPTOM LIKE YOU MENTIONED DEANNA AND IT'S -- IF YOU THINK THERE'S A LINK, THEN DEFINITELY GOING TO A PHYSICIAN LIKE Dr. Wylde would be able to provide some other tests and insights that the conventional medical doctors may not have at their disposal. your practice is very -- still focused on dentistry. The cause and questions around the dental kpo nent but still scientific is the nature and the focus of the show.

You're right, when you send you know a patient to myself and in her case i could do a hair tissue mineral analysis and find heavy metals way out of whack and i would proceed to do chelation. Which is binding, it means to claw or bind and hold on to these heavy metals and bring them out of the body. We see all kinds of cases of excema, psoriasis and immune reactions to heavy metals. The symptoms as you describe when we key late people. it's been explained to me as the skin being a lot of surface area, the largest organ in our body and it's a great way for the body to detoxify and get the substance out of the body. absolutely right.

Time for a break. When we come back, we're going to be talking more about holistic dentistry. It's something so easy your entire family can take part in that can add a year to your life. Stay t [ ♪♪♪ ] not all prescriptions come in a package. Pfizer is the leading research-based pharmaceutical company.

But we believe to be truly healthy, it takes more than medication. [ ♪ ♪ ♪ ] welcome back to wylde on health. Did you know that flossing daily adds one year to your life? i'd also suggest adding a regular coen i mean supplementation and vitamin c to supplement your health. What's your opinion on flossing adding a year to your life? i heard it adds even more years. really? we're reducing the amount of bacteria getting into our bloom stream.

The mouth is the gateway to our whole digestive system. the cardiovascular tissue is prevented from getting budged up. it's shown a strong link between the bacteria that causes gum disease and the bacteria that causes heart disease. We want to keep our hearts ticking for a long time. for the average person by flossing they'll add time to their life. Get flossing. You've heard that in the past before.

Tell our viewers about -- it's really interesting in your dental program, matching to one's body chemistry, pre-testing whether a material that you may put in your mouth matches with their body chemistry. What do you call it and how do you perform that? we call it dental material biocompatibility testing. It's -- there's two main ways. There's what we call an energetic test which is similar to our polygraph or lie detector test that you see on tv.

It's using the skin's electroskin response, the electrical response and how that responds to the actual material that you're testing. The other way of testing is through blood tests and using the antigen antibody test. whether or not your body wants to react against that material if it has a sensitivity to it. Then you obviously wouldn't put it in that person's mouth. No matter if it's your preferred material. You use the next best thing. correct. that's amazing.

Back to the phone lines. Margaret in toronto, you're on wylde on health. How are you, margaret? not bad thanks. Thanks for taking my call. a pleasure.

my question is i'm 48 and i'm pre-menopausal and i unfortunately got braces on two years ago. And i do have silver fillings. Now this -- the braces, would that be causing some problems with my menopause or -- or anything like that. I feel depressed and i've been told to get them off but august will be two years and my orthodontist told me it will be another three more months.

I don't know if i can hang on three more months. Sorry, i'm just a little bit emotional. that's okay, take your time. I'LL ASK Dr. Sang for his opinion and i can add a couple more cents too. margaret, so we understand, there are a lot of people in your situation. And there's a big emotional component to mercury affecting our central nervous system.

Don't feel that you're alone here. We see a lot of that in our practice. And even with the removal of the fillings, oftentimes people can get emotional. NOW HEALTH CANADA DID A RISK ASSESSMENT STUDY IN THE 90s AND IT CAME OUT VERY CLEAR WE DO NOT WANT -- DO NOT WANT TO PUT TOO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF METALS IN THE MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME. So if wech metal fillings already and add in the braces, they're dissimilar metals. can that actually impact menopause directly? you'll have to ask -- natural medicine, what we tend to preach often is we try to get the body working better on its own. When it's impeded by tox sifts and the environment -- you're already having a problem -- it's not a -- it's not a disease margaret, it's a condition of life that you're going to move through.

Ultimately you'll get through it. If you're bombarded with extra stuff it makes it a more difficult experience. Anything you can do to remove toxins from your body and relinquish these stresses on your body, the better off you're going to be. I suggest that you see a naturopath but the first thing is to try cpf. You'd do well from using.

Perhaps at a 30 ch. That's at your local health food store. one more thing.

okay. sorry about that. no, no. Go ahead. i started a mantech thing.

It's a plus vitamin. Have you ever heard that have? sure. Yeah.

I don't think it's a bad thing. I THINK A MINERAL COMPLEX AND Bs FOR YOU AND SOME ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS WOULD DO THE TRICK AS WELL. As much as you can to supplement your diet but don't forget the importance after well-founded diet to begin with. may i suggest you speak with your orthodontist again and let him know how you're feeling and -- he knows how i feel. He knows that i want them off desperately. When he told me three more months, i -- i literally broke down crying in the office. And i don't know if i -- he said if i take them off too early, my bite is not proper yet and it could cause jaw pain and i could lose teeth and that scares me also.

So i don't know if i should persevere until november. november sounds like more than three months. Why don't you see if there's something he can do temporarily until you can get through the menopausal symptoms. Then go back to the braces. one more thing. An anti-inflammatory. It's a natural derived toxic that can lower the inflammation with no side effect. i can get that in a health food store? professional health food store.

A pharmacy that deals in natural medicine. great. we wish you all the best of luck. You also debrief patients where you ask them to perhaps seek out council if they're going through emotional transition because of the stuff being emotional for some people. Here's a perfect example.

John on the line from cambridge. John, are you with us? okay. Let's move on to amir. Amir in toronto. Welcome to wylde on health amir. hello.

how are you, sir? i'm okay. My question is about a tooth that's -- a tooth -- i had a dry mouth condition, mydentist recommended that i should try this and it comes in chewing gum. The reason of time out is because i'm on -- i've been on long-term antidepressants and pain medicine recently before my hip replacement surgery. And i'm just worried if there are any side effects.

I went through a mouth cancer surgery four years ago. all right. i still have severe -- i don't know what the word is, cuts or something like that in my -- on my left cheek. okay. basically asking if there's any negative side effects. It's helped the condition tremendously.

LET'S ASK Dr. Sang what's your opinion on on that. i don't know of any side effects from bioteen.

If it's helping your dry mouth, continue to use it. As far as it's i know it's a good product. There's another good toothpaste called x pure. Mints are excellent also xylotol.

We carry a line of products in our office. Please contact us if you need more information. We can find out who carries that close to you. or on your website. It is time for a break and we're here with dra seasoning. There's the website on-line. We'll throw it back up when we get back. We'll come back soon.

If you have a dental procedure that you're confused about, and don't know what to do or what to ask, call us now and we'll be happy to answer your kale. [ Clattering ] DAWN PLUS WITH POWERSCRUBBERS GIVES YOU THE POWER TO REMOVE STUCK-ON FOOD SO EASILY, IT'S LIKE YOUR DISHES CLEAN THEMSELVES. [ Crickets chirping ] INTRODUCING SEVEN ANTI-AGING BENEFITS THAT REDUCE THE LOOK OF LINES AND PORES, EVEN TONE, BRIGHTEN, MAKE SKIN LOOK SMOOTH, HYDRATE, AND LOCK IN MOISTURE.

All in one little package of new total effects. [ ♪ ♪ ♪ ] welcome back to wylde on health. I'M Dr. BRYCE WYLDE WITH Dr. Christopher sang answering your calls and questions: at the break we were talking about cold sorry sores an natural approaches and approaches you use in your office to treat them as well. Is that -- cold sores are caused by virus that is live on our nerve endings on our lips or mouth. What we've realized is that lasers can actually treat them and kill the virus and prevent it from recurring in that same spot. wow.

now -- i'm coming in to see you myself. as soon as you feel that first tingle is the best time to zap the virus. In the health stores, you can find a cream. a great amine moet sid. It's actually herpes.

They're known as herpes, when they form the blisters. You could actually see it doesn't come back in the same spot? now that summer's coming up, be careful to put on the lip balm and don't get too much sun on the lips. back to the phone lines. Mary in toronto.

You're on wylde on health. Welcome to the show. hi there. hi are you? okay, how are you? excellent. Thank you. You have a question? i do.

I am currently on antibiotics because i have gum disease. I have great teeth but terrible gums. So my doctor or dentist rather has put me on about a month's worth of antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria because inevidentably he believes i'm going to lose my teeth. There are pockets of bacteria through the x-rays that he has seen. He said i should really get gum surgery. That would be the best protocol for me. I'm reluctant to do that.

I'm also concerned with the antibiotics that i'm taking. I'm not a pill popper. So i'm worried or concerned that once i stop the antibiotics, i mean is it going to cut the bacteria -- is it going to dom back. Go through this every once and a while, the inflammation and what have you? is there an alternative? gentleman let's tees this apart. Dr. Sang? first of all, you'd agree with me that pro-buy ottics are indicated -- absolutely. Through the antibiotics and probably another month and month after.

You have to take a therapeutic dose of these pro-buy ottics. Between two and five billion per capsule. You require at least 400 to 500 billion twice a day. There are products out there. You want to look into these.

What else? is there any alternative or -- depending on the severity of her situation. right. under the gum irrigation with some disinfectants or hydrogen peroxide. Baking soda and laser curetage can sometimes slow down the progression. mary, were you talking to a -- are we talking to a non-flosser? we're talking to a non-flosser who's flossing now.

okay, good. a reformed person. a rereformed person.

those are the worst, mary. i want to add that he's mentioned twice a day list reason for some reason. I'm not a fan of listerine. I don't know -- i guess that's not the natural way to go, right? it's not something that i promote mary but i think some people have had some good success with it. really? and you know it -- if you can avoid any kind of mouth rinses with alcohol they tend to dry out the tissues. I think it does not have -- okay. So you were saying baking soda? baking soda's been used for many, many years.

just -- as a rinse? you really have to get underneath the gums where the bacteria hides. YOU MIGHT WANT TO SEE Dr. Sang.

ON THAT NOTE FOR ALL YOU VIEWERS LOOKING TO SEE Dr. Sang, we can put up his website at this point. You're moving to a new office too? correct. you're in aurora now? we're in the downtown core now and have been for many years.

Over 17 years. We're just moving down the street to the south end of aurora to a larger facility where we can look after people better and have some modernized facilities there as well. there you are up on the screen. If anyone wants to find you, you can see it up on the screen. What's the actual website again? that's at the bottom. very easy to remember. thanks for the call.

Sam in toronto. You have a question. Welcome to wylde on health. We have lost sam. Kelly in etobicoke. Kelly, how are you doing this evening? good.

How are you? good. Excellent. i have a quick question. I got my braces off about a week ago and i was wondering about the listerine dissolveable strips. Are they safe? .anything in the strips? again, kelly i'm not familiar with all of the commercial products and i tend not to recommend them to my patients. So if you want something that's more natural and safe, then stick to the things that i mentioned, hydrogen peroxide, three percent, or you can even dilute is further and baking soda.

Rinses and saltwater rinses. again it's looking at getting the underlying cause and truly in this case it's the underlying and the root cause excuse the pun, below the gum line and getting to the crux of the issue. Perhaps she may need to see someone like yourself to get did this -- we would show you how to irrigate under the gums carefully at home so you can have a daily -- i'd throw my kr cents in on any sort of level where there is perhaps colouring on a dye or a chemical, honestly if you can't pronounce the name, holistic people like ourselves tend to want to stray away from. The fewer chemicals you put into your system, especially those intended for use on a daily basis the better. Chris in mississauga.

Chris you have a question on wylde on health? yes. Is there anything that you can do for halitosis that's been going on for years and it's continuous? is it the stomach or is it or is it the teeth? .there's an age-old argument there. That's bad breath right? very fast, what can she do for this? you're on the right track chris because you mentioned the teat teeth or the gums or the stomach? it could be either or both. So you -- you know, first things look at your mouth.

Make sure your dental care is where it should be and you're getting professional help with that. YOUR DENTIST SHOULD BE ABLE TO HELP YOU OUT WITH THAT AND YOUR DENTAL HYGIENIST AND THEN SEEK SOMEONE LIKE Dr. Wylde who can look at your digestive system as well.

nature's best sort of anti-bad breath parsley. It won't get to the root cause. Parsley's amazing. You are incredible. Stou much for joining us today chris and we're going to be out of time at this point.

My personal recommendations are to always bring -- to each dentist appointment. You'll need one or both to help you recover. Ensure good gum health. Consider coen i mean and sync. Don't forget to floss. Look for coming up sodz including breast cancer.

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