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- Hey guys, how' it going? - Hi. - Hey. Basically what we wanted to do was just give everybody an opportunity to ask their skin care questions and so why don't we start with introductions? You have, right now, David and Monica from Curology. And for those of you who don't know us, Monica is a Certified Physician Assistant and is an absolute expert in everything skin care and acne and make-up - Yeah. - And beauty, and I'm David Lortscher, I'm a Board-Certified Dermatologist and also one of the co-founders of Curology.

So, shall we get started? - Sure. - Nice so I think well, thank you to everyone who sent in, sent in your questions. We have some of them here in front of us and we'll try to get through as many as we can. - Okay, yeah. So Eric Delatorre wanted to know what our personal routines are. Our routines are pretty simple. So I actually brought my products just to show you guys. So I start off with a gentle cleanser like the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle.

So that's what I start off in the morning. Yes, okay. And then I go in with my SPF, my moisturizing SPF which is a Neutrogena, Neutrogena Healthy Defense 50 SPF. - I'll hold that for you. - Oh Thank you. - There we go, it's backwards, wow.

Okay, that's only for us probably. - Okay and then in the morning sometimes I'll wear make-up sometimes. I don't when I wear make-up I usually do a mineral make-up. So, right now I'm using the Aveda Mineral Make-up and that is not comedogenic, it doesn't clog my pores. At the end of the day to clean everything off I use my micellar water by Garnier, this is the non-water proof since I do not use water-proof mascara. - Does it smell good? - It doesn't smell like anything.

Dermatology Expert’s Skincare Routine, How to Handle Oily Skin & More | SKINCARE CONFIDENTIAL

- Okay then I won't smell it. - (laughing) Okay. - I'm gonna test you on that. - Yeah and then after that I'll go ahead and rinse any residue off again with the same gentle cleanser in the morning, or that I used in the morning.

And then I'll follow that up with my Curology. So, that's my routine. It's pretty simple. Every once in a while, maybe once every two weeks I'll go ahead and use like a mask.

So this is a Blue Tansy it's like natural AHA and BHA. It's very like spa-like. It smells very nice. It's more relaxing. Because - I'll smell that one.

- Yeah, you should smell that because... - (laughing) I'll go off screen to smell that. - Because it's plant based it's really gentle so I really like it but that's my routine. - [David] And it comes with an applicator? - Yes. - So what is, what is, how do you do this? Oh so just you don't contaminate it, got it, okay.

(laughing) I don't use too many of these products. This is Monica's moisturizer, CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, we like it. It's not too thick, you know. It's not too expensive, it's probably a lot like $11 or something. - It was 11 and I mean it lasts forever. - Yeah it lasts forever, you know. - It's huge so I've had it for at least three months and it's just a really gentle moisturizer. I forgot to go over the under eye for me.

Since we're talking about it. So I do use Curology under eye, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Like David was saying, when you have treatments under the eye it can cause added irritation. So I don't need an extra eye cream, I use my Curology three times a week and then when I'm not using my Curology, just under the eye area, I'll follow up with a moisturizing lotion, so.

- Yeah. - Just in case you guys were wondering. - That's awesome. - So that's my routine, it's really, really simple. Very gentle and my skin type, just so that you guys know, is oily combination and I am acne prone. - Awesome.

Well I think mine, probably our routines have maybe more in common than they do different. I don't use quite as many products and also I'm not as organized as Monica is so I didn't bring any of my products. But, you know, basically my morning routine is that I, you know, shower, brush my teeth and then put on an SPF moisturizer. Which happens to be exactly the same one Monica uses so we have it right here. And we don't get paid to use this but. - This is not sponsored.

- We just both happen to like it. That would be wasted money if they paid us to use this. And at night, basically brush my teeth, use my Curology medication and so really, like, super, super simple and I think what is in common between our two regiments is that none of uses like harsh cleansers.

We don't, like, over scrub, we don't over exfoliate. 'Cause even if you tend to get oily skin occasionally you don't want to get your skin angry and dry and irritated. - Irritated. - Or else it doesn't look, you know, nice. - Right. - So that's my routine. Super simple and I think that leads in to another question that I just saw by Jessie Lou. - Yeah.

- Jessie Lou. So, is it beneficial to wash your face twice a day with a face cleanser and then it also says some other nice things. So, thank you Jessie for the questions. In, you know, we get questions like this a lot and it's important to know that you do not need to wash your face many times per day. You know, I think for a lot of people, once a day is enough. And the reason is that when we wash our face it sort of strips the natural oils we have and the way I think about it is let's say you have a pot or a pan with a little bit of grease on it and once you wash it in the sink all that grease is gone, right? And so, when you're washing your face it's the same thing and the oils that we strip off our face are actually there for a reason. Like, you know, it protects our skin, you know, promotes healthy skin.

- A natural moisturizer. - Yeah, exactly. So you don't want to, you know, you don't wanna over wash and, you know, certain people need to use, maybe wash your face more than once a day. A lot of people, right, if you tend to have really oily skin or if you need to wash off your make-up, obviously don't go to sleep wearing make-up, it'll clog your pores.

But for me, I don't wash my face more than once per day because, you know, I don't typically wear make-up and I don't really have oily skin. So, so yes, so pretty simple and really the key for us and we just see a lot of people over irritating their skins. So I think that's something to emphasize. - Yep. - What's next? - Shay Shabain asks, I have dark skin so I only use the SPF 15 that is in my foundation. Is this sufficient? So that kind of depends, right? It depends on how much sun exposure you're getting. If you are getting little to no sun exposure the SPF 15, anything SPF 15 or above should be enough coverage.

Now, if you're spending a lot of time near the sun, so you're walking to and from class or at work you sit by a window you might need a little bit more protection. So for that I always, you know, err on the side of caution. So I always would recommend adding an SPF moisturizer under your foundation. - Yeah, I think that makes perfect sense. - Right.

- And then I think to answer the other part of your question, I have dark skin so should I, can I only use a lower SPF. It's something I actually hear a lot and people are like, you know, do I have any SPF protection benefit just from having dark skin and I actually looked it up for one of my patients and obviously everyone has a slightly different shade of skin so it's impossible to generalize. But, the typical dark skin person has an SPF just from the melanin in the skin of about 13. - Okay. - And then the typical light skin person has an SPF from the melanin in the skin of about 3, yeah. So, there is just like a difference in natural protection.

So, you know, for a raised question, you know, she might be able to get away with a lower SPF than somebody else would. So, what's next? - We have eye cream. - Eye cream, okay yeah. This is from Thrift Addict Hazel. Thank you for the question Hazel. Thrift Addict Hazel, I think that's a good addiction to have. If I was going to be addicted to something, you would like save a lot of money. So, is it okay to start using eye cream at age 19? It's okay and I would say it's okay, it's not going to hurt you but I think it's too early.

You know, so if I was Hazel, I would probably do two things. You're probably already wearing sunscreen. That's important to keep, you know, premature aging away from the eyes. But then also make sure you're wearing sunglasses all the time because sunglasses do two things. One, is that it actually blocks the actual rays of the sun and then the other thing is that it keeps us from squinting and every time we squint, you know, all these little muscles contract and it just helps to contribute to premature aging. So, I would save your money on, you know, eye cream. - Expensive eye creams. - You know, stuff like that.

Especially when you're a teenager. - Right. - And, you know, just make sure you're wearing sunglasses and, you know, not going out in the sun without sunscreen.

- Yep, that seems like good advice. We have another questions by Ray Blagades. It's what should I do to make my skin less oily and look healthier? - Ray, Ray Blogalates, I think. - Ray Blogalates. - So like they do Pilates and they blog. Oh we got back our connection. Okay, that's cool. - Okay, so just like David was saying, having oily skin isn't horrible.

So if we are focusing on being positive, oily skin is a built in moisturizer and people with oily skin tend to look younger because, less drying. So those are the pros. If you wanna try to get rid of excess oiliness then you might wanna use, the easiest think to do is use a foaming cleanser. So a foaming cleanser is a little more stripping, a little more drying, but it's good for patients that have overly oily skin. So you could go that route. You could also use a moisturizer that is light.

So oil free moisturizer just like the CeraVe that I use. That would be really good to use if you do use make-up, a make-up primer can help reduce oiliness and then blotting paper during the day if you need it to remove any access. - But Dave is wondering what is Mando's regiment, skin care regiment. Mando is Monica's husband. - Yes he is. (David laughing) So I have, he has a very gentle... - Mando has great skin by the way. - He does.

So he uses the same gentle cleanser I do. The same moisturizer I do and then he has his Curology medication which is different from mine. But, that is his regiment. He also uses SPF in the morning. So thank you Dave for caring so much about Mando's skin.

- And thank you Melissa for saying that Curology is the only thing that helps with your skin. That's very nice. Well, I think that's it for today. Why don't we, if anybody has any more questions, feel free to, you know, just ask us on social media and if you want us to do something like this again or have any other topics you want us to cover just let us know. And thanks for hanging out with us. - Thank you. - Alright, bye guys. - Bye.

Dermatology Expert’s Skincare Routine, How to Handle Oily Skin & More |…

- Hey guys, how' it going? - Hi. - Hey. Basically what we wanted to do was just give everybody an opportunity to ask their skin care questions and so why don't we start with…

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