Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women | Stress Incontinence

Author: Dy Ann Parham

Hey guys today, I'm gonna be sharing with you my experience with the Depend Fit Flex Underwear for Women and give you a review of the of the product and share with you why it is that I decided to start using these. Now. I'm a 50 year old mother of two and I love to run and exercise but ever since having my son 16 years ago I've been very limited to what I can do because of my stress incontinence and never when is my bladder is going. I never wanted to have to rely on sort of an underwear or a protective garment when I ran. I felt like I am one of those women that is trying to stay young and doesn't wanna have to admit certain things that are going on with my body but what I found in sharing some of my experiences in stress incontinence is that there's a whole tribe of women who are also suffering from the same thing so I'm hoping That this review and me sharing this with you will help you as well. If you have been suffering from stress incontinence or some bladder leakage. And you have been hesitant to get some product or do something to kind of help with that, so you can go on with your life. I have been using the Depend Fit- Flex underwear to run for the past couple f weeks.

And I better tell you that I've been very pleasantly surprised. What I have found was that this undergarment was probably exactly what I've been needing over the past 16 years but have just been too ashamed to give it a try and I can honestly tell you there is no shame in trying to keep yourself healthy and trying to keep yourself fit and wanting to do the things that you have always wanted to do But felt limited by something that was happening with your body that you really had no control over. Some of the things that I found about the Depend Fit Flex underwear that I was totally surprised with, and were really the reasons I was kind of hesitant about trying something like this In the first place were the fact that I thought that they were gonna be super bulky and I like to wear fitted workout clothes.

I take a lot of pride in that fact that I take care of my body and that I workout and I didn't wanna have to wear big bulky workout clothes to try to hide some undergarment that I was wearing underneath it. So that was one of the first things I noticed is that the Depend Fit Flex underwear are very thin Now I am a size eight and I'm using the small, medium. They fit perfectly. I would say that they fit like a bathing suit bottom for me. They have a very nice athletic cut. So when I put them on underneath my running shorts, and my running shorts have sort of that undergarment kind of sewn into them These fell right in line with that undergarment and they have a nice high, athletic cut on them so there was no bulkiness and nothing that I felt like I had to kind of tuck under in my workout shorts to hide them. So even my workout shorts that have a higher cut on the upper thigh, nothing stuck out, nothing was bulky.

You couldn't even see that they were there. The other thing that I like about it is this flexible lycra band. So I have low cut running shorts and I have low cut running skorks and workout pants. I didn't wanna have to roll something down and have it be bulgey in my waistband. And so what I did is just basically fold down the band just right underneath where my short waistband naturally falls or my running skort. And They fit perfectly. No bidding, no bulging, no extra little roll that I had to worry about being visible in my running short or my squat. They did not bounce back up.

Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women | Stress Incontinence

So once they were folded down, they stay put, that like wrap. And stretchability in there really did sort of make them just kind of stay exactly where I put them and again, they didn't show anywhere which is something that I was most preoccupied about because I don't want anyone to know what I was having to do On a run just like I didn't want anybody to know that I was my bladder would leak on a run I also didn't want to have to share with the world that I was wearing under garments. So it's just one of those private matters that I just didn't want to have to advertise to the world but the athletic cut, the easy fold down band made it so that I can keep it one of my own private things on any given day. The other thing that I was really concerned about was chafing. So I didn't want them to be very bulky, the inside of my legs either especially on a long when you are sweaty I didn't want there to be chafing away at my skin. It all ideal long run and idea long run out here in Texas which is very hot and very sweaty And there was no chaffing whatsoever again that nice high cut on the leg really did keep everything sort of right in line to where my running short liner is anyway so there was nothing hanging out and nothing that was rubbing my thighs or my legs so no chaffing at all. Another concern that I had was what would they look like if my bladder did leak? So if you suffer from stress incontinence, you know one of the most frustrating things about a leaky bladder.

Is you never know when your bladder's gonna leak. We've all heard our girlfriends say, don't make laugh. I'm gonna pee in my pants. And so we never know if you gonna laugh and pee in our pants if sneeze in public I have to put my body in a certain position and kinda cling up to that I don't pee on myself if I sneeze. So those are those things that I was always preoccupied about and what I can tell you is that No matter how much leakage was in here whether it was just a little bit of leakage because I laughed or I went on an hour long run and my bladder did leak the entire time. I did not notice any bulking up in these undergarments whatsoever and I didn't feel like there was a heaviness from the liquid that was being absorbed from my body. Even with the extra sweat that was being caught In the Depend Fit- Flex undergarments it didn't feel bulky and it didn't feel weighed down.

So, I honestly didn't even know that I was wearing anything. And after a couple of wears and a couple of runs with using the Depend Fit- Flex underwear. I even stopped thinking about it. I stopped thinking about the possibility of my bladder leaking. I was able to stop thinking about what I was wearing to protect myself. I was able to actually go out and run and think about my run and think about what I was doing that was good for myself and not be self conscious, or preoccupied or emotionally way down by what I was feeling because of my bladder leaking. Another thing that I was pleasantly surprised with is that there was no odor, whatsoever.

So there was a very distinct odor with urine and that is one of those things that with stressing continence. That were really most probably most self conscious of other than visibility of wetness. And no, there's absolutely no odor of urine or whatsoever, so I didn't even notice it on my own body, so I definitely know no one else would notice it either. So that was definitely a relief that I had and I did do short runs and I did do long runs and On a short run or a long run, I had no psychological or emotional attention that was being spent on what was underneath my running shorts. So I'm sold.

I will be using the Depend FIT- FLEX underwear on my runs from now on. I think that that just extra added protection. What relieved me emotionally and psychologically of the burden that I've been carrying for the 16 years as a runner and a woman that likes to work out and take care of may body. I can confidently go about what it is that I love to do for my self and not have feel ashamed or pre occupied by what my shorts are gonna smell or looked like if I wanna do some good for myself and go for a run. Don't waste anymore time feeling ashamed or pre occupied We as women deserve to live a healthy and fulfilling life and if the Depends fit- flex underwear can help us do that more conveniently and more confidently then it's definitely worth it.

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Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women | Stress Incontinence

Hey guys today, I'm gonna be sharing with you my experience with the Depend Fit Flex Underwear for Women and give you a review of the of the product and share with you why it is…

By: Dy Ann Parham