Dehydration May Be Cause of Increase In Kids With Kidney Stones

By: CBS Boston

Well, when your kids are having fun in the sun you know how important it is to slather on the sun block. And it's just as important to make sure they stay hydrated. More and more children are suffering from kidney stones. Reporter: EXCRUCIATING PAIN HAS SIDELINES HIM FROM SPORTS FOR YEAR. On a scale of one to 10, probably a 10, it's the worst pain you could ever have.

He's suffered through multiple kidney stones and has needed multiple surgeries. You could pray to god that you'd take the stone. Dr. Caleb nelson says it's not clear why. A lot of people think it may have to do with increased sedentary levels. Other explanations, salt and obesity.

Most people are under- hydrated and that may contribute to the rise in kidney stones. Good hydration will prevent stone formation in people who have had stones and no reason to think that is not case in people who have not. When i practice for a sport. I would have to drink a lot of water when i come back in. He also takes medication and is grateful he hasn't had a stone in four years.

Dehydration May Be Cause of Increase In Kids With Kidney Stones

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