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PRABHAT JHA: Death 101. About 55 million people die every year worldwide, of which over 30 million die prematurely. Which diseases are killing people? And what can we learn from these deaths? I'm Prabhat Jha, professor of epidemiology at the University of Toronto. Death 101 is a course to help you understand the importance of causes of death and its impact on global health. Now, don't let the title scare you. Death 101 is about shaping the future of global health by understanding the patterns of death today and in the past.

We've assembled a remarkable international team to share their insights on premature mortality and global health. At the heart of the course, you will learn the framework used to understand why cause of death is important and what we observe today. You will gain the skills to analyze causes of death so as to develop strategies that improve global health. I look forward to seeing you all online at edX Death 101 soon.

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