Dealing with Brain Fog, Lack of Energy, and other Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms after 40!

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Do you know how stress is really affecting your life and your body? Well stay tuned and find out if you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Thanks again for tuning in to 2nd Act TV we're here in our studio and Paige Valdiserri is back joining us again Paige I'm so glad you're here stayed over ... Here again yeah we can't get you to leave can we we're laughing because we we've had some great bonding time and had a conversation yesterday that actually prompted our discussion today I'm you know, was kind of describing how it's gosh I'm just I can't think right now we're trying to prepare for an interview my brain fog you know lots of stuff which I've been attributing to menopause and you said to me you know have you ever had your adrenal glands checked and, no! So tell us, what is what are the adrenal glands what do they do and what is adrenal fatigue? so we'll start out slow with what are Adrenal Glands... Our adrenals sit on our kidneys and they're about the shape of a walnut and they weigh less than a grape so you wouldn't think that something that small and that weighs that least could be that powerful but what people don't realize is how important the adrenals are to everyday life now I have to say that I'm not a medical doctor but through my personal experience my experience with my patients and clients working with integrative doctors and being a caregiver for my husband I've learned so much about this and I can tell you that Dr. James Wilson was I think the first person who really came out and did a lot of research about adrenal fatigue so these small glands that sit on top of our kidneys function our stress level and these adrenals don't know the difference between good stress or bad stress so they fire all the time so here we are midlife we've had all this time and think about all the different stressors that's happen in your life changing events that happen even fun active things that happen in your life, because it's still stress yes because if I said you Silke guess I have free first-class tickets to go to New Zealand because we talked about that yesterday but we have to leave tomorrow you would be stressed right totally stressed right because there's so many things that you have to get done and get packed the adrenals are firing just the same as if I come in and said Silke so-and-so who who you knew just died yesterday so they don't know the difference between good and bad stress so they fire the same way so the time we get to middle age our adrenals are taxed and for some of us more than others for me my adrenals are my Achilles heel I've always had adrenal fatigue because of the climate that I grew up in you know my environment was emotionally physically difficult in many different ways which we've talked about before so for me my adrenals were getting taxed very young ... With these adrenal glands that unless we're aware of that we attribute a lot of illness perhaps to something or we look somewhere where there is no answer so how do you how do you test the adrenal glands yeah how do most doctors do that? How do you initiate that sort of treatment? Well, what I have found is you're going to find it more with an Eastern holistic integrative doctor more than a strict Western doctor so there's a couple different ways you can do it by blood you can also do it by spit test yes I said spit test where you have vials and you spit at different times throughout the day in the evening because it's tracking what your cortisol levels are ... Yeah I've heard about that they test hormones like that too sometimes ... Yeah yeah and there's a direct connection between if you have adrenal fatigue or if your adrenals are really you know laxing you know as we as women get into para menopause and menopause what's supposed to help us during that time is strong adrenals I don't know about you but for all the women that I have worked with, who've been my clients patients and even myself by the time we get to this point with the life that we're in right now the adrenals are very weak so if they're weak they're not going to be there to help us transition over to the phase of menopause so that can really complicate you know our symptoms our signs our hormone levels all of it ..

Well now you you know automatically ask me about Silke you know have you know have you checked your adrenal glands when I mentioned fatigue brain fog what are some other symptoms of adrenal fatigue that our viewers might okay well that's me ... Okay so if you have a difficult time waking up in the morning and I mean without coffee if you if it takes if you really don't wake up until about nine or ten o'clock that can be a sign, if come around you know midday you have ... Meaning you're awake but you're not awake ..

Yeah you're awake you're physically you've woken up but you're not really awake and present gotcha and I stress without coffee and believe it or not caffeine and coffee are the worst things for adrenals ... Hmm so that's one thing, if middle of the afternoon between like the two three four o'clock slump that's another sign if you're craving you know salty and sweet together that's another sign if after you eat if after you eat your dinner you start to get energy back that's another sign for for adrenal fatigue if you're waking up at different times of the night that could be another sign as well if you have difficulty remembering where your keys were or if you washed your hair two days ago or where you put a piece of paper that could really be adrenal fatigue but here you ... We all have that that's something we're you know everybody said well that's just normal aging that's just a yeah that's which it can be part of that process but we don't yeah but unless you check the adrenals you don't know and the interesting part about the adrenals is you know the old saying steal from Peter to give to Paul if your adrenals get so fatigued like mine have been because of what I've done in the world the trauma that I've worked with what happens is the brain it'll talk to the brain and the brain will say okay today this is what you need to remember you need to remember this this and this for your job but as far as where you put your keys or where you put X Y & Z that's not the important part so the brain and the adrenals speak to each other about this is what you need to remember today the stuff that's really not that important let's just put on the back burner and then that can keep continuing and lethargy if you're really fatigued and it doesn't matter if you're eating you know multiple times during the day if you're still really fatigued you just feel like you're just drained that's another sign of adrenal fatigue well I bet a lot of people say yes that's it just thinking that that's normal and it's not normal ... No and you know there are other symptoms too lifestyles you know worse things are having to eat processed food processed food not good for you, caffeine coffee chocolate ... Even cocoa the high ..

Like the raw cacao you know I'm not sure about that one I just know the regular ... Let's not rule that one out yet ... Yeah, tell me about it ..

Dealing with Brain Fog, Lack of Energy, and other Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms after 40!

Another thing is too is look at your lifestyle if you're a single parent you're a candidate for you know for adrenal fatigue if yeah if you move to another state if you move to another country and you have no support systems that's one if you're a caregiver that's adrenal fatigue if you have been working in a career or a job that you just don't like are you having a lot of tension or problems at work that's another thing so basically what you're seeing a theme of is stress stress stress stress ... Well cumulative stress that's that you know that you keep continuing to have and again each person's body is different so for me my adrenals have always been weak so as I've aged and I've had you know life-changing events different traumas illnesses illness is a big thing too that's tax my adrenals so I've had to make sure that I support my adrenals 110 percent everyday ... So it's like our viewers are oh gosh this is me I don't but I really don't know a doctor right away I don't know how to get tested, but can we take some action to to what can we do to see if perhaps we can turn this around is there a lifestyle change eating change, what are your recommendations there I know you're not giving medical advice ... Yes yes right so you know again if you want to get them checked you can go to an integrative holistic doctor and also who does them as holistic chiropractors okay so you can get spit test done there as well but in the meantime you have to stay away from the processed foods I know people love their coffee so what I tell them is all right let's wean you, do half decaf half straight do that for a couple weeks and then wean down wean down, wean down in the middle of the afternoon when people start to feel that slump they'll grab the Red Bull the energy drink those are horrible for your Adrenals .. Yeah that I know yeah very bad and I've met so many people especially my first responders who you know they work out hard and they have a fatigued adrenals and what I say to them is working out hard is the worst thing to do for adrenals if you want to exercise it's walking it's low you know what's the word I'm trying to say ... Low intensity cardio thank you low intensity cardio doing mild yoga, meditation because you have to remember if you're constantly stressing this out and you go into the gym and you're pumping iron and you're running or playing tennis for eight hours a day ... I know people like that ... So do I so you have to be careful so if you do that you know your adrenals are going excuse me the only way that I'm going to get my you know your attention is to start to fatigue more and more and different parts of the body will start to break down ..

That's really interesting ... There's also a connection between how the adrenals work with the thyroid gland so if you have thyroid issues you should also be looking at the adrenals, so if there's anyone out there who has you know hyper thyroid or hypo then also get your adrenals tested as well ... That's really really interesting I mean I've you've provided some clarity for me ... Well good I hope ..

No I really appreciate it, I want to talk more about this and some other ways of dealing with stress you know on another segment I'm pretty sure I'm going to get you to stay over ... Yes yes I will be here and we will be to get in contact with Paige directly as always we will have her information on our site and in our YouTube description and we invite you to stay tuned to another segment of 2nd Act TV. Thanks for joining us! I hope you found today's segment helpful, for more videos with Paige you can click on the link that's right next to me or visit our website for more information. Also, please be sure to subscribe to our Channel, buttons right here! Thank you!!.

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