De Quervain Syndrome: Treatment and Symptoms

Author: TheHandSociety

Dequervains or de quervains, whichever way you say it, is a thumb tendinitis. Your thumb hurts when you lift, pinch, or grab. You've tried splintting and had a steroid injection. It worked for awhile but the pain is back.

You know surgery may be the next step. You've seen pictures of the anatomy but what you really want to know is what will really be done. We'll bring you into the operating room and give you medication to relax and be comfortable. We'll clean your arm, numb the skin, and make an incision. We'll find the thumb tendons and the pulleys pressing on them. We'll release the pulley, check the tendon glide, and close the skin. We'll apply a sterile bandage and dressings for comfort and support. Thats what we'll do.

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De Quervain Syndrome: Treatment and Symptoms

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