Dark Spots On Legs : How To Remove Dark Spots From Legs

By: RitaSpeaksSkin

Hi guys, this is Chinenye and I’ve been getting lots of emails from some of you, and I just thought, let me just come here and make this video cause my thing is, it’s not even about me anymore it’s about people who have problems, you know, skin issues who wanna treat this stuff. And whatever I’m doing can at least wait a little bit if I’m able to help somebody. So today I wanna talk about another way to get rid of dark spots on your legs. I just wanna break something down to people. The first thing I wanna talk about today is if you have dark spots on your legs and you’re able to get to a dermatologists, go to a dermatologist okay. When you get to a dermatologist, they’re so cliche, what they prescribe is so predictable and trite. They’ll probably give you like Hydroquinone 4% depending on your skin tone, 4% or 8%. And give you like retin a which I guess speeds up the cell renewal process and makes you spots fade faster, it’s like an exfoliant you know it makes your spots fade faster.

So both of them really work to help fade your dark spots. If you don't have access to a dermatologist, if you’re not able to get to a dermatologists, cause I think it differs from country to country. I guess the consultation fee, insurance and all that. So if you’re not able to get to a dermatologist, another option will be extreme glow. Now this is a really strong lightening lotion, I know there are lots and lots of over the counter creams but this one has shown itself to be effective, for me at least lately. If you buy your extreme glow lotion, you buy the extreme glow serum and then you get um.. Like a chemical peel. I would say me, myself, like I use tretinoin that’s a form of retin a.

That’s what my dermatologist prescribed for me. Like I said if you don’t have access to a dermatologist, a chemical peel will suffice okay. Your goal here is to make sure you’re getting rid of dead skin cells so that the extreme glow, the lotion penetrates okay. That’s what, that’s what the priority here is. So the extreme glow lotion, you mix it with the serum and then you get yourself a chemical peel.

Do your peel once every week or once in two weeks. It all depends on your skin. I can’t like tell you what to do when it comes to chemical peels. That’s not my place, and I don’t want anyone to say, “oh that girl told me to do this and then my skin burnt” No! Use your discretion when it comes to chemical peels. And by the way when you buy a chemical peel it comes with instructions and directions so that should help you out.

Dark Spots On Legs : How To Remove Dark Spots From Legs

Um...yea that what I have for you guy today.

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