Dangers of Aspirin for Children - Memorial Hospital, Gulfport, MS

By: Gulfport Memorial

Welcome to Memorial Health and You. We know now never to give our children aspirin. But do you know why? With us today is Doctor Cathie Cupp, Memorial Pediatrician.

Doctor Cupp why is aspirin such a hazard to our children? Although aspirin has some benefits for adults it should never be given to children. Research has shown an association between the use of aspirin for treating symptoms of a viral illness like flu, chicken pox or cold and Reye's Syndrome. Reye's is a rare but often fatal disease discovered almost twenty years ago. Although babies can get it, Reye's generally strikes children from ages five to sixteen and is very very deadly. One in four cases will be fatal. Depending on the flu season Reye's effects up to twelve hundred children each year in the United States.

Although a child can get Reye's without taking aspirin, avoiding aspirin is the best way to help prevent it. But aspirin is everywhere isn't it? Yes! A big problem is that the ingredients in aspirin are found in many other medications some you don't even think about. Over the counter medications may contain aspirin. As well as some acne products, arthritis and muscle pain rubs, dandruff shampoos, wart removers, sport strength sunblocks, facial scrubs, exfoliating creams, and astringents. And there are so many more.

You should always check with your pharmacist before giving any medication to your child to make sure it does not contain aspirin ingredients. Thank you Doctor Cupp. That's very important information for parents.

Dangers of Aspirin for Children - Memorial Hospital, Gulfport, MS

If you'd like to know more about aspirin and Reye's Syndrome as well as list of many of the products containing the ingredients of aspirin, call us right now at 228-868-6500 or visit us on the web at Gulfport Memorial dot com.

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