Cure "Cervical Spondylosis" with Home Remedies II घरेलु उपचार "सर्वाइकल स्पोन्डयलोसिस" का II

Author: F3 Health Care - Cure yourself with Home Remedies

Welcome to health care at home Today we will talk about cervical spondylosis. Let us know first why cervical spondylosis. Happen? It happens due to excessive stress on your neck muscle. Those who sit in bad posture or work on laptop without resting neck Their spinal cord is neither straight or bend or if they don't sit in right posture or those who use the big pilows they have major chances to have cervical spondylosis Those who lifts excess of weight, they also face this problem.

Females who carry laptop for long hours due to that their shoulder & neck muscles got affected. And those who carry lots of bag on their back so they too have the possibilities of this problem those who work on laptop or computer to sit in one posture for long hours, where there is no rest for the neck then they have major chance to have cervical spondylosis Let me share its symptoms like numbness headache and vertigo Along with if you feel facial pain like neck , shoulder pain then that means you are suffering from cervical spondylosis Now what you have to do for this Let me tell you the treatment which is very easy You have to take 1 tsp of Ashwagandha powder and you have to add 1 tsp of ginger juice. Grate ginger & strain it in cloth to get its juice. So, mix Ashwagangha powder and ginger juice and consume this twice a day with one glass of water with this remedy your weak neck muscles will start getting strong and you will start getting relief in cervical spondylosis Along with this do exercise as it gives instant relief in this problem for that you have to do simple exercise for neck and shoulder specially if you work on computer Then you must do this , you can do this in between your work Very simple exercise they are , just straighten your hands like this do this movement with your hands you will realise when you will move your hand you will have movement & flexibility on your shoulder muscles. Similarly do this exercise in the reverse direction. Hold your hands like this stretch them like this doing this you will have flexibility in your shoulder muscles. Similarly bend you neck to left , right direction and bend and take backward as well and to which posture you start feels vertigo then , some people start vertigo taking their neck backward So in that case lightly bend and take your neck to backward.

Along with this place your hands on shoulder and roll your hands , make sure it pass by your ears and goes backward too you have to do this movement with this your shoulder muscles will be relaxed & flexible too. Similarly do this in the opposite direction. Keep doing this exercise. Along with this doing neck exercise is equally important you that you have to press your head with hand and press your hand with head. Press in the opposite direction too.

When you will press like this then you must feel some vibration you will feel vibration in your face and neck. Similarly do this in the opposite direction Also, place your hand on forehead and on the back side and press as well. So, if you will do these exercise then very soon you will get relief in cervical spondylosis. Along with this let me tell you a massage this will also give you a instant and too much relief. For this take mustard oil and heat it and ad dry ginger powder in it 7 cook it for some time on the low flame.


Once its cooked and become Luke warm, then massage your complete shoulder in the night with this oil and massage your neck and then wrap the cloth for at lest 15 minutes of massage. You may start sweating , don't get worried if you have shoulder or neck pain then with this slowly -slowly your pain will be disappear. Stop using pillow if you have cervical spondylosis then just follow these remedies & exercises which I have share and you will notice that within few days this problem will be disappear. So, isn't the remedy was easy? Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. And to meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends & relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home. And do support us in our motive.

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