Could Sleeping In Be Bad For You?

By: The Young Turks

Could sleeping in on the weekends actually be really bad for you? according to one study that has yet to be peer-reviewed by medical journal, they are saying it is possible that a preliminary new study found the every hour sleep was shifted per week was associated with a 11% increased risk of heart disease. These findings were presented this week at the annual meeting of the associated professional sleep societies which is what i just call my bedroom, joint venture between the american academy of sleep, medicine, and the sleep medicine society. A has been peer-reviewed yet and the authors are just basically using their findings to indicate what could be set in stone at a later date, but let's talk about it. To study the effects of altered we can sleep patterns, researchers looked at survey responses from approximately 1000 adults ages 22 to 60 to determine participants average amount of social jetlagged, they subjected weekday from weekend sleep midpoints a diver person reported sleeping from 11 pm to 7 am on weeknights midpoint 3 am and from one and 91 weekends between 5 am that's a two hour difference. The researchers found that every hour of social jetlagged was in the pendulum associated with a 22% increased likelihood of self reported good health as opposed to excellent health and a 20 increased likelihood of fair/poor health. Each hour of we can sleep shifting was also associated with an 811% increased risk of heart disease as well as higher scores on fatigue, sleepiness, depression's training questionnaires that limit get a reaction from you guys. Do you thanks again is going to kill you? have a hard time believing this at all because like you mentioned, it is we had to be peer-reviewed.

There is no clear consistent consensus on whether causes are not in sleep studies, along with food studies are very hard to do because there are so many factors that go into this long length of time that you are studying. You don't know what this person's life is or their stress level or their anxiety or their job or their diet or so many different factors that could change whatever risk for heart disease or other factors. I think that is an important thing to point out is that was stories like this it is so subjective for each individual person, i'm skeptical if they can make a broader assumption.

That's way to a survey of 1000 people is to try to get rid of some of the national variability. I'm so cynical when it comes to studies. A new scientific study says you should punch yourself in the face and then he will have new friends. That is a real study at all, but what kind of friends at the end of the day? but only by this i think maybe if they had surveyed 10,000 adults. I only believe in the really broad ones. Also, self-reported surveys are also another factor to look into, but there's something to be said about presenting science in a journalistic way because so often, this will be taken at face value and be read to be the truth and it is just like well, what about these other studies? what about peer-reviewing it? it is a fair thing to say. That said, a research assistant at the university of arizona said just simply, this suggests that a regular sleep site schedule might be an effective, relatively civil, and in his inexpensive preventative treatment for disease as well as other health problems that i can get on board with that. Sleep well.

Whenever you are dealing exhausted and get a good nights of sleep, it does help your help. I think that their basic idea in the article, not the headline but the article, if you are sleeping the same amount but you shifted all over the place over time that i can be bad for your health, that is not a stretch i don't think, but it's a way people are pitching it as sleeping in on the weekends might be bad for you. What they described here is not the issue.

Could Sleeping In Be Bad For You?

It is not that people are just going to sleep later on friday and saturday nights and getting the same amount of sleep. I've a feeling a lot of those people are also sleeping more and they're saying they're controlling for to make sure they're sleeping the same amount, but that is not reality. Reality is i may go to sleep at one instead of 11 but i'm probably also want to sleep for 10 hours which probably gets read of a lot of the negative health effects.

Might not be sustainable are great for you but i'm not sure that what they are describing is really how the headlines in the articles are pitching it. It also doesn't control for or how this video title might pitch it. I did make the title.

We don't do that, the complaint does not with no control over that do it also doesn't control for maybe you getting really turns on the weekends and it might affect your nightís sleep. I know this guy does. I don't. I took some fake mushrooms and went crazy.

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