COPD: Quit Smoking

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Smoking is the most common cause of COPD, so if you smoke - quit! There are a variety of ways to quit. Some people are able to quit cold turkey. Others use stop smoking aids to help limit or lessen the need for a cigarette. These are available by prescription and as over-the-counter aids. Avoid second hand smoke. It can be just as damaging to your lungs as smoking. Here are some tips that might help you quit: When you feel the need for a cigarette eat a healthy snack, drink a glass of water, or go for a walk. These activities help relieve the need for tobacco and are good for you as well.

Don't replace cigarettes with other forms of tobacco, like chewing tobacco or cigars, as these can cause health issues as well. Join a stop smoking support group, in person or online. There you'll find support in your journey to being smoke-free. Also, if you have been prescribed oxygen therapy for your COPD, don't smoke or be around someone who is smoking, as this can be dangerous. You may have tried to quit before, but don't give up. Many people quit several times before quitting for good.

Talk to your healthcare provider to find the method that will work best for you. Quitting smoking is the most important step you can take for managing your COPD.

COPD: Quit Smoking

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