Collecting MRI's & CT scans

Author: Chronic Christy

Christy: We are going to have another MRI & CT of my cervical spine and my head to make sure it’s screwed on right. (Music) I am a medical zebra! Kenney: (humming) Bum bum bum bum. C: (laughing) It always looks so funny because there’s--no matter what light we’re in, it’s like I’m— (engine revving) Pasty Patsy—WOAH! And—WOAH! And you’re all over there like the light is behind you and so we can’t really see you. Oh my gosh! We’re not that late. K: Yes we are. C: No we’re not.

K: It’s 12:04, you have to be at the doctor’s at 12:15, it takes us 15 minutes to get there so we’re gonna be 5 minutes late. C: No we’re not. K:: So I'm trying to make up as much time as possible. C: No, we're not. We're not going to be late. K: (makes vrooommm noise.) C: oh good gracious. K: it's not that fast.

If you have a seatbelt you are okay. C: (laughs) K: You will be ok, I promise. C: Who cares about the laws of North Carolina?! (From off camera) Braydon: ME! K: We won't get started on that. C: (laughs) (engine revs/ acceleration noises) C: Oh dear lord! He's trying to make sure we that we get to the hospital alright. K: One way or another. C: (laughs) (from off camera) B: I choose 1 way.

C: You choose one way? (Laughs) which way? B: The non us getting hurt way. C: (laughs) That's funny! I agree. I agree. K: You guys have ridden with me for over a decade and I've done an absolutely awesome job.

Collecting MRI's & CT scans

I've never caused an accident. C: That's true, that's true. He only— K: I'm always getting hit by people. C: Well that and it's usually parking related it's either parking related or speeding related. (B off camera laughs) K: How is it parking related?! Like— C: Uhhhhh, do you not remember that time in Virginia Beach? And it was like this teeny, teeny tiny little spot. He’s like, “I got this! I got this!” And he’s all like (mmmmmmmmm) and then all the sudden I look out and I see that we are like literally this far away from the thing. And sure enough, he’s like, “I got this! I got this!” But guess what! All the sudden we heard (scraping sound) We didn’t have it! K: I had it. I got it in the parking spot.

C: (laughing) K: And we got in and out of the card. C: He—that’s right. Well, no, I had to climb out the door. K: That’s not true.

C: It is true! K: That is not true. I would never— C: I had to climb out your side! K: I would never park in a spot where I couldn’t open all my doors. For real! C: LIES!!! K : Eh, whatever. C: (laughing) K: You’re still alive! C: True, true. And his car had just a little bit of yellow, yellow paint from the scrape. K: The pillar should’ve moved! C: (laughing) The cement pillar, yes, you’re right.

(more laughing) There’s never an obstacle that shouldn’t move, right, when it—when you are coming? K: Mmm-hmm! Yup! Mmm-hmm! C: Good times! Good times! (Off Camera) C: We are going to the day hospital. C: Well I made it I'm home and I'm in one piece thankfully! it took forever and a day to get everything done because it was the first time I've ever had an MRI done at this local hospital 'cause normally I go up to a different one but I just didn't feel like dealing with all of the, um, traveling there and back and having somebody else to have to pick up the kids and all of that stuff so I just decided to have my neurosurgeon send the um the prescription for the MRI and the CT to the local hospital. So I guess the problem was because I’ve had two brain surgeries and two spine surgeries, they were not sure whether I was going to be able to have it or not because they wanted to make sure that before they stuck me in that little tube with that big heavy magnet that like rips metal stuff out of your body if you leave it in there, they wanted to make sure that everything was okay I guess. So they had to call the radiologist at first and then um, he decided that if I had my CT first that would let them know that everything was OK and whether I could actually have the MRI or not. So it ended up taking way longer than it should have and because I had to have it with and without contrast they told me I couldn't eat or drink anything for 4 hours beforehand. Well, that also means that I couldn't have my medicines that I normally have my pain medicines and things like that and that also means that my fluids were depleted. Let me know in the comments below if you've had an MRI done before let me know what how your experience was. Was it good? Was it bad? Was it like scary? Was it what you expected it to be? Anyway, if you like this video, feel free to like it.

If you don't, let me know that too. (music starts) So I am hurting and I'm shaky and I'm hungry and I need to go get something to eat. C: If you haven’t had a chance yet, go ahead and subscribe to the Zebra Zoo. You will be able to get each and every episode absolutely free. No cost to you.

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Collecting MRI's & CT scans

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