Cervical ADR at Stenum Hospital and ENANDE GMBH with Dr Ritter Lang, Testimonial

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Hello. I�m back again to do another interview with one of my fellow patients. He is returning for his second surgery, and I�ll let him tell you a bit about his experience. Darrin: Yeah.

Thanks. My name is Darrin Camp. I�m from Lubbock, Texas, and this is my wife Julia. As Colleen said, I�m a returning patient. This is the second surgery I�ve had at Stenum.

My previous surgery, four years ago, I had a two-disc replacement in my lumbar spine and had such great success with that that I had issues with my neck; I had two fusions in my neck in the States, and I had my disc go bad above it. So for us, it was a no-brainer to come back to Dr. Ritter-Lang and have my neck done because just the success that we had with my back. My story is probably a lot like everybody else�s story. I had just a bunch of pain. In my early �30s, I hurt my back. I had degenerative disc problems.

I just had a great deal of problems with it, both physically and emotionally. Probably a lot of the patients that come over here have that issue. I had three young children at the time, and I could never pick them up and play with them. I just had a lot of problems at work, dealing with pain. If my back went out, then I�d be on the ground for two weeks at a time.

Cervical ADR at Stenum Hospital and ENANDE GMBH with Dr Ritter Lang, Testimonial

It was just horrible. Julia: I can�t think of a specific example, but how many times did our kids say, �Well, Mom, you and Dad, can we go do this?� �We can�t. Your dad�s back. I�m so sorry, we can�t do that.� Darrin: Yeah, very active family. I was an ex-ski instructor, and I loved teaching skiing to my kids, but I had problems doing that. So when I found out about Stenum, we researched it. I actually had a friend of mine in Lubbock, Texas, Les Hatch, he came over three months before I had my surgery, and he had his surgery, and I saw what the results were, and it was amazing.

I was like, �Sign me up.� So we came over and had it done, and the rest is history. Julia: What we would say is he had his neck fused, the two level fused, and it was two months later that he heard about Stenum, and I was like, �Darrin, we would have definitely done the bottom,� done his back and his neck at the same time because you knew once you fused those two, it�s not if it goes bad, it�s when it goes bad, and it did. Darrin: But in my four years with my back, it�s been absolutely wonderful, and I know my next is going to be the same once it�s all healed up.

I�m back to playing golf, skiing, doing activities with my kids. Julia: Water skiing and snow skiing, motorcycles. Darrin: Just everything, all the stuff that � some stuff maybe I shouldn�t be doing, but I�m doing again. So it�s given me a new lease on life, and it has absolutely been the best experience, I could say. I know as a patient, when you�re contemplating doing this, I know there�s reservations because (a) the cost of it, (b) you�re going overseas to have surgery which can be a little scary.

It has just been absolutely hands- down wonderful. Julia: I have a point. I think that whenever you�re in such pain, I think that in the beginnings, when you start getting your back pain or your neck pain and you don�t know what�s wrong. So you go to the doctor, and they tell you, �Oh, it might be this.

Oh, no, it�s not that. Okay, well, now let�s try, it might be this. No, it�s not that.� You go to so many doctors, and you try so many tests to try to find out, �What is wrong? Why do I hurt this badly?� You try to find so many answers why can�t they fix it. I think maybe a scary thing to come over here is that yes, that is a big chunk of money, and it�s overseas and what if it doesn�t work. I think that has to be lots of hesitancy that a lot of people have. Well, it didn�t happen to me, but I�ve dealt with it. I think that�s the biggest thing. Yes, it does work, and it works beautifully.

It puts you back to being normal; it puts you back to being an everyday normal person again. Darrin: Yeah. A lot of people watching this video, you can�t imagine life without back pain or life without neck pain. I promise you, once you get through this, you won�t even � I don�t even think about my back anymore, which is truly amazing. I just take it for granted. Julia: We have three kids.

It was almost like the fourth kid. It was something you had to deal with every day. Just as though I had to buy clothes and feed and bathe other kids, we also had to make sure we took care of his back. Darrin: Anyway, it�s wonderful. Great. Well, thank you very much, Darrin, and I�m really happy for you. I�ve been watching you walk through the park, cruise around, go to the restaurants.

Are you enjoying the Park Hotel? Darrin: Oh, yeah, it�s absolutely wonderful. The accommodations are fabulous. Julia: Nominal, yes, absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Julia, for what you had to say. It�s just as important because you�re all part of this, and you�ve been through this for the second time, and I�m so happy for all of you. Darrin: And it�s nice, too, the fact that I think with this whole group that we have, we�ve got a bond that we�ll hopefully keep for a life; we�ll keep in touch. Julia: Yeah, definitely, like a family.

I look forward to coming to Texas. Julia: That�s right. Okay. Well, thank you very much. Julia: I want to say something else, too, just because this is more of a video than just saying, �Hey, look, it works. Look, Stenum was amazing.

He doesn�t hurt anymore.� Here�s the point I want to make. This is beyond life changing because there was a moment whenever his back was hurting so badly because it�s the difference between � some of you probably would be feeling like this. You just get tired of talking to people; you get tired of trying to be happy; you get tired of trying to get past the pain. It was one morning, I was going to go take all the kids to school. He usually gets up, and he takes half, and I take half. But I got up, and he was just lying in bed. I said, �Don�t worry, I�ll take them all.� So I took him to bed; I took them to school. I came back, and he was still laying in the exact position with everything dark in the room.

I was like, �You didn�t even get out of bed. Are you okay?� He said, �I really don�t know if I can go on. I love you, and I love my kids so much, but I really won�t mind if I die tomorrow because I can�t live with this pain to think that the rest of my life until I'm eighty and my pain is going to get worse. I can�t do it. I really wish my life would just end tomorrow.� He started crying; I started crying.

It�s terrible. Now he is here. We walked eight miles the other day; we have family vacations where we go skiing.

He is just outdoing everything. So this is more than just �oh, it will take your pain away.� It is getting your life back, and it is more than a light at the end of the tunnel. It�s fantastic. All we can say is thank you, Dr. Ritter-Lang.

Darrin: Yes, thank you. And all the staff at Stenum Hospital. Julia: People will tell everywhere that you can�t do it, and what he does, he does miracles because he does things that other people say, �No, can�t do.

No one can do that. That�s unheard of.� I agree. Darrin: Again, well, thank you.

Thank you.

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