Cerebral Lymphoma Patient Francine from Australia Talks about Her Remarkable Improvements

Author: Verita Life

A few months ago I started having seizures and then within quite a quick time I became paralyzed on one side of my body, which was quite a shock. There were no treatments available To me in Australia except for extreme Chemotherapy and Radiation which I decided was never going to be for me. So it was a scary time and as soon I came into the clinic I felt there was so much confidence To heal me and Doctor Hassami was very confident and when you are in a vulnerable position And you are paralyzed, it's very scary, and from the minute I walked in I could feel that confidence and they Really knew what they were doing and probably 2 weeks, I was starting to move, and this morning I walked the a kilometer. I've been here 7 weeks, so the treatments are very effective. As in the biggest improvement for me was, because I felt quite well before this, but I was having seizures That were affecting my mobility and the biggest thing is being able to move and like bit by bit, like every day I could move a finger or I could move a toe, then, my arm started to lift up and now I'm totally back to normal Nearly, and it's just being not even 7 weeks so I think that's quite phenomenal. Yes, I've had the Metabolic Treatments and also diet, so they do serve organic food, I've been encouraged to be in the Ketogenic diet so I had a lot of intervenes Vitamin C, B17, Artesunate. I can't remember all of them.

A lot of Hypothermia, so I've had Hypothermia 5 times a week on a particular tumor. But with the hypothermia also if you got all the tumors in your head also helps that as well. I'm very impressed that the kitchen is full of organic food because that's how I live my life anyway I can get a green smoothie every day with no apple in it, it's all green and it's, yes I'm very impressed With the facility and the Hypothermia machine. I know that costs money.

Everything has been really good. The main thing was the paralysis, because that was the thing that was really on my mind. And I found that with the staff here, they are unbelievable, like so positive, and as soon as you walk in to the clinic, Its smiles, its support, so the nurses and doctors are just doing their job, They're all so emotionally inspiring and helping you everyday. The Thai people are wonderful, so you feel like you're in the right place like as in the spirit and Their culture and they're really kind so I found that part of it fantastic, so I felt like I was in the right place. I would say in particular people with Brain Cancer.

This is a great place for all cancers But for me with the brain cancer I think that they really know what they're doing here. And I've seen a fair bit of it, so anyone with brain cancer, I would say definitely come here They know what they're doing, they've dealt with so many different types of it and this is the place. I can't imagine not coming here, so it's been the best thing I ever did.

Cerebral Lymphoma Patient Francine from Australia Talks about Her Remarkable Improvements

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