Causes of Lower Back Pain - Reasons, medication, treatment and home remedies - Tamil Health Tips

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Due to This You Get Back Pain - Tamil Health Tips Older people gets affected by back pain but Now a days people at all age group gets it. There are so many reasons for this and it may be due to some mistakes we do. Our spinal cord is safely formed with a series of bone. The bone chain is called spine and each column is called vertebra. The bone columns are located one below the other in order to balance our weight and to helps us to stand straight. In this video we are going to see what are the causes for back pain. Due to work load we sit for a long time without taking rest and moreover we don;t sit in the correct posture too. Sitting in the wrong posture increases 40 % of pressure on the spine and affects the muscles and causes back pain.

Rest your back and especially lower back on the chair while you sit, drink more water and talk to your friends in between. Obese people and people who work less get back pain. Over exercising and performing the same exercise also cause back pain. So instead you can opt walking, swimming, aerobics etc and performing certain yoga postures strengthens the muscles. A 30 minutes walk strengthens and improves the flexibility of muscles and women should avoid wearing heels.

Long travel is the next reason for back pain and travelling by bus and other vehicles may cause back pain. If you get back pain when travelling in two wheeler it means you have chosen a wrong vehicle. Damage in shock absorber, bad road conditions can also cause back pain. Most of us think cycling is a good exercise and the same type of exercise will not suit for everybody. This may also be a reason for back pain so consult a doctor before performing this exercise.

Smoking also causes back pain as it affects the disc by hindering the blood circulation in muscles and spinal cord. Avoid smoking as it affects not only the bones but also our health. Carry bags with heavy loads is another reason for back pain. Carrying heavy loads increases the pressure in spine and causes back pain so try to divide the things in two bags and carry. Back pain can also be caused due to old age and injuries in accidents. Sacroiliac joint is a big bone that joins our hip bone and spine. If there is any swelling or any other problem in the joint it may cause back pain and it affects the elderly people.

Causes of Lower Back Pain -  Reasons, medication, treatment and home remedies - Tamil Health Tips

You can perform certain exercises or take pain reducing tablets. We saw what are the causes for back pain and not let us see how to cure it. Check by taking X Ray or MRI scan if you get back pain. If it is the starting stage it will be cured by giving medicines and physiotherapy.

If you are the second stage it will be cured by painless injection as while injecting it is monitored through X Ray. There is surgery treatment if there is any problem in the disc and if you diagnose the problem at an early stage we can avoid this.

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