Cataract Surgery with Crystalens Patient Testimonial

By: San Marino Eye | David D. Richardson, MD, Inc.

In the right eye in 2007 and on the left eye in 2009. I think I can help people overcome their anxiety. Well I'm retired now. I was a college professor. Reading was always so important to me so that's why it's important that I have good eyesight now in my retirement because that's my main hobby - it's to continue my reading and my studies. I've been retired since 2011. When I was a small child, in third grade, I guess it was I started to develop severe myopia. It was something I inherited from my mother neither of us could see any of the eye chart beyond the big E.

That was all we could see and so I had to wear very thick glasses as a child and then when I was 21 I got contact lenses, which was a big help. But several years ago I begin to develop cataracts first on the right eye then the left eye and I knew that I needed to get really good surgery because some people had not had good surgery and it had led to unfortunate results and so I heard about Dr. Richardson and he at that time was well known at USC because students would come from all around to witness his operations and so i thought well this is the person that I need for that. And the nice thing was it reduced all the anxiety I had about facing cataract surgery. I've never been to a hospital before I never had any kind of surgery so I didn't know what to expect and when I knew that Dr.

Richardson was going to do it and I simply just relaxed. I was completely at ease during the whole procedure before and after and that meant alot to me to have the confidence of the first-rate surgeon. When I first found out from my optometrist that I had cataracts she recommended Dr. Richardson and that I needed to see a specialist and so that's how I got familiar with Dr. Richardson and he sent me to the retina institute in Pasdena as a precaution. Just to have the retina check before he did any surgery and the doctor up there was telling me how good Dr Richardson was and with good hands I was going to be in. So I have all these information coming in- that I've picked the best choice and that's what really eat my anxiety.

I just went into it with complete confidence. And it was just nothing at all anything that I should have been afraid of. My interaction with Dr. Richardson and the staff has always been exceptionally good.They're understanding they're polite, they are friendly... It's a good atmosphere to come to.

Cataract Surgery with Crystalens Patient Testimonial

He contributed to the lessening of anxiety by reassuring me, by telling me the procedures -- what I was going through so I knew every step that's gonna be taken and that added a lot relaxation before the surgery and then also I had choices kind of optical lens I was going to get. And I chose the crystal lens, which was wonderful because it has corrected a lot of the myopia that I had. So, here I am in my 70's and I'm seeing better than when I was a small child so that that's been a real plus. I mean, my vision is so much better now and but it was trough, I think, the advice at the Dr Richardson gave me, the options that he showed me that I had and then the reassurance that all of these were routine that I didn't have to worry about anything. It was just, I would almost say a pleasant experience. It wasn't what I expected I think it's so important the doctor that you get and in my case my insurance did not cover it but I was willing. I wanted the best so I was willing to pay for it without the insurance just to get Dr.

Richardson. I would say that any opportunity that you have to get somebody first-rate at that you should take that. If something is as important as your eyes, you don't want to take second rate or third rate choice. I just think that it's so important take care of your eyes especially if you want to use them the way I did. They're so important in my life that I would not worry about the cost. I would not make that a deciding factor when you do something like cataract surgery Go for the best available if it's all possible. And not worry about trying to find the cheapest...

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