Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Nerve Damage, Failed Back Surgery | Tommie Testimonial

By: Currie Health & Wellness Diagnostic Center

Interviewer: Today is October 9th 2013 and we are here at Atkinson Spinal Care and Neuropathy Treatment Center and this is miss Tommie. It's miss Tommie's last day here at the clinic and she just completed the program. Tommie what brought you here to Arkansas Spinal Care what condition or conditions? Tommie: Well I had neuropathy in my feet, I had nerve damage in my back from back surgery, I have got corporal tunnel in my hands, I had enough problems I think. Interviewer: Let's talk about each one of them. How bad was your neuropathy when you first came in here? Tommie: It would wake me up in the night. My feet burnt.

I never did have no needles but my feet would feel real numb, but that has all changed it's marvelous, it's great. Interviewer: Had you been told by other doctors that there was nothing that could be done for it? Tommie: Well actually I hadn't consulted another doctor. I didn't figure myself that I can get help but I found you and I'm so thankful. Interviewer: Thank you. I've being watching everyday when you come through, you know when you log in at the front desk, your feet are zero on the pain scale now. Tommie: Yeah, it's amazing. Interviewer: I'm really happy to hear that.

You were telling me about your lower back how bad was it when you first came in and compared to now? Tommie: Well I didn't have good posture. My back felt weak it just felt like I needed to sit down all the time. I couldn't do that because I still work and that has changed.

I don't even know my back is back there. Interviewer: That's the way we want it right there. That's awesome. Tommie: It's wonderful really I'm serious. Interviewer: Thank you. What about your neck and your hands? Tommie: Well my neck is so much better and my left hand I think will be okay. It's going to have a little more healing time and I'm just feeling real confident that this is going to work.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Nerve Damage, Failed Back Surgery | Tommie Testimonial

Interviewer: Thank you very much. How much has your neck and hands changed since you came in? Tommie: Pardon? Interviewer: How much change have you had in your neck and in your hand? Tommie: A lot. Interviewer: A lot. What would you say to someone who would..

Tommie: At night it would wake me up. My arm and hand would be dead asleep I guess you would say. Interviewer: Yes mam. Tommie: It's not that way now. Interviewer: That's awesome. What would say to someone who needs this program? Tommie: I would recommend it very, very highly.

Interviewer: Thank you very much. Tommie: Very highly. Interviewer: I appreciate that. Tommie: Yeah.

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