Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab


Baking with as well. Certainly most people familiar with the wellness center in johnson city, a wonderful exercise facility. But there's a lot more to the wellness center.

We want to bring in thomas gill ham to tell us more about this resource. And thanks for the having us out today. We do cardiac pulmonary rehab in the room.

And mostly what we do is exercise patients that have had bypasses or valve repairs, mite row valve repairs. And we get them trained back to where he was the before surgery. They might not have had a level of fitness. And it gets people back to work faster. And i would imagine that extra care and monitoring them is important after the condition they just had. We have some patient that is go into dangerous rhythms and that gives us the benefit of doubt of reading the heart rate and heart rhythm than just working out.

Is this a transition to get them on that? uh-huh. How important is monitoring them and promoting the physical activity. It's very important. It gives them a new lease on life.

Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab

We have education that gets them started. Getting control of their diabetes. And having more of an active lifestyle. All kinds of good resources.

Sounds like it takes people full circle, giving them their life back. One of the things that makes this room so different is that all patients are monitored. And we'll see the difference that can make. You're watching what's happening. And some people have wireless technologies that are watching their heart rate. The one you're wearing now is sending every single heart beat to the computer. And we have a registered nurse watching for problems.

And with someone who had a condition, you can see how important that can be. A computer sets an alarm off that something is wrong. Which machine am i on. This is like a bicycle for arms. Give it a turn. And we'll hit start and get you working.

Okay. The point of the exercise is to get the heart rate above resting and burn a couple calories. Most peoples arms are smaller than legs and you might find it difficult at first. I would imagine every patient has a different story. Every patient will come in for an initial assessment so we can taylor the program to them and their condition and their issues they might have.

And slowly but surely trying to get them on a path to a better life. We're trying to do risk management and lower the risk for heart attack. Whether it be excess -- we're trying to reduce the risk of a heart attack. I've almost gone a mile.

Let's go for 100. We'll be here for a while. How can people get more information? refer to their cardiologist and get an order. Almost every time the cardiologist will recommend cardiac rehab. What a great resource this is then. Absolutely.

It takes people's lives and gives it back to them. I'm going to keep on spinning. We'll give everyone the information.

Check out the website.

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