Cancer Center of Hawaii: The keys to Radiation Therapy

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Taizo: when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of cancer, we've come a long way. Radiation treatment has undergone many advances thanks to new technology. Here to help us understand the basics is gina walker from the cancer canter of hawaii.

I never saw this before. You are a certified medical doce mitrist. It's someone behind the scenes in raidation oncology. We do the planning for the treatment.

So the doctor will prescription a treatment for radiation, and we figure out how to give that dose to the tumor without harmer any critical strauburesure -- structures that might be close to the tumor. Taizo: if somebody doesn't know, we hear cancer and radiation but what is radiation therapy? radiation therapy is the use of high energy x-rays used in the treatment of disease, specifically cancer. It's very limited to local part of the body, unlike chemo therapy.

Taizo: this is cool. I guess are there some different ways which the radiation can be administered to a cancer patients? right. There are several different ways. One would be external. We deliver the radiation. And is the patient would come ef day for that type of treatment.

Cancer Center of Hawaii: The keys to Radiation Therapy

There's also internal radiation. The patient would have a radioactive material implanted. Specifically like prostate cancer. Taizo: that's to kill the cancer from the inside. When it comes to the team members -- because it's not only you. There's a lot of people that go into the planning.

There's several members of the team. You will come in contact with some, and some you will not. The doctor and the raidation ancology nurse are some of the people you come in constant with. The doctor will explain what course of treatment is best for your type of cancer. The nurse will go over the specifics of your side effects.

You'll also encounter a radiation therapist who will do your daily treatment. Behind the scenes there are people working on your plan. Taizo: like you. And medical physicist work in conjunction with your planning process. The physicist makes sure everything is correct for the machine.

Taizo: thank you for saying this. When you think about radiation and all the medicine, it's great to think there's a team behind that -- and i have to ask, communication is open? it goes back and forth and you talk a lot. Yes. We all have to collaborate for the treatment and what works well for the patient. Taizo: my grand moat grandmother just went through radiation treatment and it was successful. It made her feel better. It's nice to explain the process.

For you as a personal experience, what is it like to be able to work with a cancer patient and help? you made me feel better. How does that make you feel? so it is difficult, but it's also is rewarding. I started as a therapist and i moved into the specialized field. I had family members go through cancer, and it's hard. To know there is somebody that understands and will treat you as they would treat their own family members, it's warming. Taizo: so well said. It's beautiful. We're going to have more information.

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