Can Laser Hair Removal Help With PCOS (Help W/ Hirsutism)

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Hi guys! This is Eva from Bay Harbour Med Spa! And, um, today's topic or question is for women who suffer from PCOS and the question was, if I have PCOS, will laser hair removal help me? And the answer is absolutely categorically yes. But I have to explain something to all of you out there that suffer from PCOS. So you don't have a misconception and a understand it wrongly. Here is what happens. If you suffer from PCOS you know it because you were diet knows by a doctor by doing tests and ultrasounds then by all means since you were diagnosed and you know it, you have been put on appropriate medication so hormones and that indeed will put you in a situation where the medication the hormones will actually start taking care of the hormones which actually creating more hair growth in your reproductive organs.

And that's what is part of the problem with PCOS which is a cyst irregular periods, heavy periods, excessive hair growth, because the cyst and the PCOS itself stimulates male hormone which indeed it's all sort of messed up, stimulates more hair growth. So the reason I am speaking about this is because if you understand when, when you go for laser hair removal and you already know that you have PCOS then you most likely are in treatment and therefore you understand that the hairs that you have now will be destroyed with laser hair removal. However, it is very very important to understand for people the laser hair removal is not a one time treatment. You require a series of twelve treatments. It will take a while to get rid of your hairs.

Laser hair removal has to be done every five or six weeks on a regular basis. That is one. The second thing that is important to understand to those of you who think that you have PCOS. You have not been diagnosed yet by test or by a medical professional with PCOS but you symptoms are there then it is important to understand that until you take appropriate medications laser will hundred percent kill and reduce and eliminate your hair growth.

Your excessive hair growth you have. However, if you do not take care of your hair growth medically, you will continue growing more hairs because that hormones are there in your reproductive organs and they are unbalanced and so you produce more male hormone and therefore stimulate more hair follicles in regrowth and so you can kill follicles but then they would be new follicles that would be stimulated and you know I don't want to bore you with it but I just want you to understand something. Under normal circumstances on a square inch of skin. We have about one-thousand hair follicles. If we are not hormonally imbalanced. If we have no PCOS, if we have no other hormonally issues.

Can Laser Hair Removal Help With PCOS (Help W/ Hirsutism)

We have no diabetes. If our thyroid is working perfectly, if everything is perfect and we have some hair issues it will be usually that only about ten percent only about one hundred hair follicles in one square inch of skin. So we have about one-thousand hair follicles but only one hundred of those hair follicles will be active during their lifetime. Well, when one-hundred are active, there not all active on Monday and then go to sleep on Friday. There, you know, some can be active now. Some can be active in ten years. Some can be active in twenty years, and that's an entire process and when you say well, why or how can that be, I tell you how! if you take for instance your mother or your grandmother and there is no problem with hairs but when your mother was young or your grandmother was young, she had some sporadic hairs and she knows they did electrolysis and she got rid of the hairs. But now that you mother, your grandmother is a much older person, and let's say she's in her 80's or 70's.

Suddenly, they are hairs coming out on her upper lip on her chin, which she never had. Well, that's those hundred follicles that you remember that I said are active in people who don't have any hormonal disturbances but through different cycles of our life, the hormones act differently and of course actually so you know that when you are seventy or eighty and you suddenly start growing hairs which you never had, it's because you're progesterone. Your female hormones are down, and the testosterone is a little bit higher than the progesterone. And the male hormone is a little bit more dominant and it's that male hormone that is stimulating the hair growth and when you get older you get hairs that usually white. So this is how it works, when I say there's about hundred hair follicles that can be are not necessary that can be active. However, when you have a PCOS or you have any other hormonally imbalances, remember I said there's about one thousand hair follicles on a square inch, any part of this one thousand can be active. So if you do today laser hair removal, and you have only let's say two hundred seventy five follicles that are active out of that thousand, but if you don't take care of it, another two or five hundred can become active, as you progress.

Why? Because there hormones are imbalanced and the hormones are stimulating these follicles that are normally dormant but they are being stimulated. This is why it's important that when you are diagnosed with PCOS that you take the appropriate steps whether it be medication, birth control, hormones, etc. And you address it so that you don't make all this dormant hair follicles to become active. In case if I have somebody and that happens, very very often, that I have a young woman or middle aged woman or whatever that be come to my clinic and you know, after thirty five years, there's one of two things that I already know and I it's quite sufficient for me to take down history of a person but also to look at the person so if I look at a woman that comes here, and I look at the structure of her body and I look at the pattern of her hair growth and then I look at the usually she will be overweight when you have PCOS you will have excessive hair growth, not only here, but you will have excessive hair growth here, here, between your breasts, on you will have a hair growth like from your umbilical cord down a line, you will have a hair growth on your lower back going across like this, you will have some hairs here, you will have hair excessive hair growth on your legs etc, this is a sign to me and so very often it is me who addresses that issue with a woman that comes here and I say okay, I believe that you have PCOS, I believe that this is what you have. Yes, I can treat you. Yes, we can start doing laser treatment because all these active hair follicles that you have they can be destroyed only with laser hair removal however I want you to go and see your gynecologist, your physician.

Have the test done and then take the appropriate steps and the appropriate meds to curb and stop male hormone the negative hormones that stimulate your hair growth to allow it to stimulate those hair follicles that are sleeping. So the answer is and I hope that you understood it, yes, laser hair removal is the only method to get rid of existing hair and to get rid of future hair that you have permanently however it's not a one time treatment. So I hope I clarified it. Until next time. Ciao, Ciao, Thank you! Bye! Eva!.

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