Burning Mouth Syndrome-BMS - Sharon H-Part 4

By: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

(Music) It's been three years since I've been coming here, actually in the first of May, and when I first came, I was on 12 painkillers a day, and in excruciating pain. Able to function, well, I thought I was, anyway, I'm not sure that I really was. And here, three years later. I'm on no pain medication.

And whereas I couldn't eat hardly anything, I have a condition called burning mouth syndrome, and everything was affected by what I ate. My mouth was sore. I felt like I had canker sores. I thought I had tooth pain.

I thought my tongue felt like it had a knife going through it. I had all these symptoms. Obviously, none of this was really happening, but my nerves were telling me that that's what was happening, so I was not able to eat anything with spices, or citric or anything like that, and now, three years later, I'm glad to say that I'm still gluten-free and sugar-free under Dr.

Jaudy's prescription, which I don't find any problem doing at all, but I now can eat everything again. I can have garlic, I can have onions, I can have fruit, I can... Wonderful orange today I had from Palm Springs. Oranges and lemon, vinegar, all these things I didn't eat at all. I probably had forgotten what food tasted like, and now I'm able to do it.

Burning Mouth Syndrome-BMS - Sharon H-Part 4

And you know, I feel great. I sleep well, I'm up all day, I don't have to rest in the afternoon. When I came to see him, I was coming home at 4:00 to 6:00 to rest, or 3:00 to 6:00 to rest. I couldn't stay out late at night. I would stay out until nine or ten o'clock or nine o'clock, and then go home, and now my husband and I are out to midnight again, like we used to be. So my life has changed totally. When I first came in, I couldn't tolerate any kind of smells.

It just upset my mouth, and I went into amazing pain right away. Even wildflowers in Colorado bothered me, let alone any perfumes, or scented candles, or mint gum if anybody was chewing it next to me. Now I can tolerate most of this. Wildflowers don't bother me, I can walk in and out of a perfume counter. I can't stay, but I can walk in and out without being affected too much. I can get my nails done again, I can get my hair done again, so it's been a total transformation. Dr. Jaudy has been incredible and his wife Dr.

Tina, their care is amazing, and there has never been any day, any moment when I have called them, that they haven't returned my call immediately, even if he's in Europe. Luckily, I don't need him quite as much as I used to. There was a month where I think I called him twice a day, and that was part of the time when he was in Europe. So you know, just getting through that month, and he got me through it. I live in Kansas City, and the first year I came out here about six times, and then I came about four times. He's always there for me.

It's a wonderful experience. I recommend it to anybody who has any problem that he could possibly help. It is absolutely life changing. I am quite sure that he has saved my life.


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