Burning Mouth Syndrome-BMS - Sharon H-Part 2

Author: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

(Music) I have now been here nine days, and I would say it's nothing short of a miracle, as far as I'm concerned. I had been suffering from burning mouth syndrome for the last two years. It started out mild. It kept getting worse and worse. In the last four months I've been in excruciating pain.

For those of you who aren't aware of burning mouth, or sure if you have it, it goes through many stages. Mine started with a really burning tongue. I was having to use Diet Coke, which is a totally wrong thing, ice cold Diet Coke, to extinguish the flames, but it changed many times in the last two years. I've had stinging teeth, I thought I had abscesses on my tongue, I thought I had abscessed teeth, my cheeks are raw, my tongue is numb from the minute I wake up in the morning. Luckily, I never had any pain while I was asleep, but the minute I woke up my tongue went numb.

My teeth are singing. It's just a whole encompassing pain factor in your mouth and the pain killers, they're really nerve deadeners that they use, give some relief, but in the last four months, I've been at 10, taking two really strong doses of painkillers, so it wasn't helping at all. So for me I'm now off of one of the painkillers altogether, and I will be gradually coming off the other one because it has to be gradual, but for me the pain level has gone down to anywhere between a two and a four. I have been all over the country to all the top doctors and nobody was able to really help me except by giving me pain nerve deadeners. I've talked to neurologists. I've talked to the whole gamut, and BMS specialists everywhere, and in the last four months it was just getting worse and worse, to the point where it was really almost unbearable.

And so within nine days here, i've seen a marked improvement. I mean I've gone from a level 10 pain all day to maybe a 2 to 3, maybe at most a 4. For those of you who are suffering, I think you know what that means.

Burning Mouth Syndrome-BMS - Sharon H-Part 2

I used to have a 4, like a year ago. I haven't seen a 4 in a long time, and I think it's a crime that those of you are suffering from burning mouth, are not aware of this, and it's much more involved, and that you can be helped with it because it is debilitating, and your life changes from it, and I feel like I've got my life back. So, if you're suffering from burning mouth, I'm sorry I didn't know about this a year ago.

I would have come a year ago, and I wouldn't have had to go through the hell that I've been through in the last year, because he could have stopped it earlier, but I'm just thrilled that I found him now, and that I'm being helped now, so give him a call. (Music).

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