Burning Mouth Syndrome-BMS - Sharon H-Part 1

By: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

(Music) My name is Sharon. I'm from out of town, and I flew in, and I've only been here a day and a half, and I think it's pretty miraculous. I came here to Dr.

Jaudy to have him help me with my burning mouth syndrome, it's called BMS, but it's burning mouth syndrome, and I've had it for two years now, and it just gotten worse and worse. I don't know if people can understand, but your tongue goes numb, your teeth tighten. There's a burning sensation.

Sometimes that goes away, sometimes it's a numbness in your tongue, sometimes there's catching saliva, and actually, if you look in my mouth, I don't think you'd see anything, so I think it's... From what I can tell and what I've been told, I've been to numerous doctors in the last 10 years, probably 10 or more. I've been to Boston Mass, I've been to Mayo, I've been to a doctor at USC, I've been to dental, I've been to dermatology doctors, a specialist and everybody seems to think, and it's certainly a lot of neurologists, and they all seem to think it's a neurological mix-up, misfire, and the basic thing that they have told me to do is to take more pills, and in that time I've tried, aside from quanapin, which seems to help a little, I probably tried 10 other nerve deadeners, and ended up taking tegretol, which was the only one which didn't hurt more, and in the last day and a half, I have had a completely different explanation of what's causing the burning mouth, and where it may be coming from, and Doctor Jaudy has been able to lower that pain level, amazingly, in a day and a half, and I will have to say that the staff here is amazing. They did absolutely everything they could to get me in immediately, and since I've been here, to take care of all my needs by seeing me once or twice a day, or more if needed, and Dr. Jaudy has been amazing at trying to explain to me that this is a neurological function, but by doing neurological treatments that is coming from other places in my body, and he has been able to lower my pain level greatly, I would say, and so much so that I have been able to go off some of my other medication in a very small dose, and so not experience the really excruciating pain I was in before I came, so I'm hoping to stay here for another week, and then come back as needed, and hopefully... And he's been able to show me other things that may be causing this that other doctors and clinics have totally missed, which is a little shocking to me, but I don't think it was anything they looked into. I think they certainly did it as a neurological situation, and obviously it's much more complex than that. Dr.

Jaudy is very thorough, very knowledgeable, very amicable, very easy to talk to. His staff is wonderful, and even on the phone, when I made the appointment, I found him unusually amenable to trying to work around my situation, and since I've been here, I think he's been very thorough in explaining to me what's going on, and what's causing it, which really nobody had ever done before except in a very minor way. So, I think he's different from all the other doctors I've seen because he's really tried to go to the cause of it, and explain to me, at every juncture, what he thinks is causing it. He did extensive blood work, which nobody ever did before, which has shown a couple of things that may be exacerbating it, whether they're causing it or not, we don't know yet, but they're certainly exacerbating it, and he is really tuned into what it takes to lower this, and is amazingly attentive, always asking questions on how I am, my pain level and how it feels, and nobody really has ever done that before or taken this much time to really analyze what is causing this, and I've had it for two years, have been all over the country, and I'm taking a lot a medication, and I've been in excruciating pain, so I am very thankful that I'm here, and it's only been a day and a half so I would tell any BMS person that is suffering from this, anywhere in the country, this is the place you need to come to because this place seems to have the answers of what really causes it, and what it is, and hopefully, how to get rid of it.

Burning Mouth Syndrome-BMS - Sharon H-Part 1

Because, like me, they probably looked it up on the Internet, or they asked doctors, and they ended up going to more neurologists, or more people who thought they were BMS specialist. I would tell them to forget all those, and just call right here, and fly here because this is a whole different approach that seems to be working amazingly in a day and a half already. (Music).

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