Broca's Aphasia (with english subtitle)

By: Mohamed Taryam

Tt was a case of 44 years old male who had head trauma and develop broca's aphasia and broca's aphasia it has 3 features first the patient present with comprehension speech second is poor repetition and third he or she is not fluent In this video you are about to hear a real conversation between the patient and the doctor but you will appreciate the quality of the voice when he is trying to say the name the medication whenever the doctor is about to mention the patient name I purposely deleted the voice to protect the confidentiality of the patient Doctor: Do you have constipation? Patient Yes. Doctor: when is the last time you went to the toilet? Doctor: 3 days, the syrup are you complaint to it or not? Patient:i finished it, Doctor: you finished it or not Patient: i finished it. Doctor: would you like me to represcribe for you Patient: i want.... Nebulizer... Doctor: Nebulizer? Okay, do you want any investigations? Cahah in english means cough, and Imsaq means Constipation Patient: Cough.

Doctor: Medication for Constipation? Patient: i want vitamin Doctor: alright ,i will order vitamin.. Patient: K didnt understand... Doctor: 32 Patient: Where did you study medicine? Doctor: Me? In Iraq Patient: This guy? Doctor: Doctor Mohamed (Me) you know him? asking the nation he knows him and replied that he knows me Patient: i checked blood sugar for diabetes Patent: 94 Doctor: 94 today? Patient: Yes... Couldnt understand.... Above 90 is accepted in blood sugar Doctor: Blood Sugar? did you check today? patient: blood sugar was 94.

Doctor: Excellent. Patient: normal range? Doctor: blood sugar till 110 is accepted Doctor: from 60 to 100 is good Doctor: i am gonna prescribe syrup Doctor: do you prefer pills, or syrup? Patient: i want... B complex. Doctor: Syrup or Pills? Patient:Pills Patient: i want nebulizer Doctor: All done. Doctor: Syrup for constipation as well, vitamin you will find it in the pharmacy Patient: i want Nebulizer.... Doctor: Nebulizer Doctor: do you have chest tightness? Patient: Yes.

Doctor: Okay. Could not understand Could not understand Couldn't understand Doctor: Nebulizer you dont have to use it, unless it is necessary if you have cough, shortness of breath Doctor: do you have cough? i see your fine you dont have cough Doctor: no problem i will prescribe cough medication Patient: one more thing. Doctor: tell me.

Broca's Aphasia (with english subtitle)

Constipation medication Doctor: your using them? Doctor: Effect is between half an hour.. 15 minutes to 30 minutes Patient: Thank you... We have I nice case of five years all girl follicular tonsillitis and i will provide a link have a look and thank you very much for watching this video and don't forget to subscribe. I.

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