Breast Cancer Recovery, Your Partner & Your Sex Life

By: Breast Cancer Answers®

Mia Curtis: Well, you have to worry about yourself and your health first and unfortunately, you have to put your partner aside because you are number one. That is not a very easy thing to do. We, as women, tend to put our husbands or partners on a pedestal and when you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you have to be put on the pedestal and if they choose not to recover with you so be it. So I will give you an example, I have recently met with a woman diagnosed with breast cancer, who went through a double mastectomy and was completely shut out from her husband, not only on a psychological level but also on a physical level, which is so devastating when you are going through the cancer journey.

What can we do as the people walking through the journey to make the sex life with our partners as good as good as they can be or what would we do when our partners do not know want to follow us in that journey. Well, my friend went to therapy and her husband chose not to, and she kept recovering and he still chose not to. So my advice to everyone is, to seek professional help for yourself first and then also as a couple. It is very difficult when your partner does not want to look at you and does not want to touch you.

It makes you feel invalidated and that is not a very nice feeling because we feel that already when we were diagnosed with breast cancer. I know from my own personal journey, there were issues in our relationship that needed to be addressed and I am happy to tell you that there is help out there for you, if you are going through the same issues.

Breast Cancer Recovery, Your Partner & Your Sex Life

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