Brain Health Today EP. 1 - The importance of Brain Health

By: Cerebrum Health Centers

Hello and welcome to Brain Health Today. I'm Nicole Fisher, I'll be your co-host for the show. My Master's and PhD work are in health policy, and I'm health a policy advisor on Capitol Hill. And I've joined this show because I think it's imperative that we be talking about brain health and where science and data are today. And where policy's going in the very near future. I'd also like to introduce you to my co-host, Ryan Kaminski. Hello.

How are you doing today? I'm good. How are you? I'm doing good. It's good to be here. So, as a health policy advisor, I know why I'm here, wanting to talk about the future of brain health, and how we're going to tackle this as a country.

Why is this so important to you? Well, it stems back to a few different items. The first is this is meant to be a thought leadership, content-driven program. So this will be aired weekly and slowly get to a daily routine. And the reason why we set forth to do this is with thought leadership, it's bringing people together. With one purpose, so that people aren't siloed on all these ideas, cuz siloed ideas end up going nowhere. They're so vertical, they're not horizontal, they don't have partnerships. And if the true goal is us united into one goal of brain health today and where we are and what our stance is, then our projection in the future will be something that is collaborative and successful.

Exactly. So you specifically, I know, have worked both as a professional athlete and you've worked with athletes since then. You've worked with veterans. You've worked a little bit with me on the hill. Can you tell me a little bit about what it is that as you're wanting to bring these worlds together, you really see is the next step. Yeah, I think the correlation, and thank you for that, I think it's how they relate to each other and how it's going to be brought together. It's hard to bring people together if you don't understand both sides. One side is very drastic.

Brain Health Today EP. 1 - The importance of Brain Health

You are the performer, you're the athlete. You spend very little time diving into the details or the results of an injury. And then the other side is almost all scientific, all I think kinda institutionalized and you don't relate whatsoever to the athlete and what they're going through and their time constraints, and their injuries, and all their pressures. So, yes, I think, not to an extreme, I know both sides, but I understand them enough where I can bring the right thought leaders together. Right. Sure. And so one of the things I know that's also really important to me, and to you, and we've had this conversation many times, is brain health and this holistic term. And we've talked a lot about, although we have mentioned athletes or veterans specifically, really brain health stems from the things we eat, the air we breath, the environment we live in.

And you can even look to other countries where we're seeing brain injuries. In India, it stems from car accidents on most occasions. Here, we often think about sports and yet we don't have research on women's brains and brain injury from sports. So there's so many gaps in the literature and in science and so I think it's really important for us to talk about brain health as a whole and it's so great to have this platform.

You know, I think you used the perfect word. I think you hit the nail on the head. It is holistic brain health today. Today, with the name of it, it's what we're dealing with now, what we've come up, what data.

It's time to move forward. We've researched a long time, and I'm no scholar, I'm no, I'm no doctor, I'll leave that to you. But what we're doing is we're looking at the diet, we're looking at the gut. You can look at the injuries, but you also have to look at the holistic health care that's going on. You have to look at women's sports. You have to look at women's data. You have to look at the WHO.

This isn't just US of America. The WHO's main concern for a brain injury would be accidents among youth. And then, they actually don't have emergent care to take care of something that's so simple here that we do.

So it's exciting. I'm ramped up about it. I'm hyped up about it. And I think it's gonna be a great driver for collaboration. I can't say collaboration enough. Right. Well I'm very excited for all the work to come, all the guests we have lined up for you this season. And all the various topics that really encompass that holistic brain health and where research, science, data, and lives are today.

So be sure and join us next time for Brain Health Today.

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