Brain Adjustment Therapy? - Cranial Adjustment

Author: Dr. Jason West

Do you have post-nasal drip or sinus problems, sinus headaches? How about hormonal headaches? Then this treatment that we're going to talk about in this video is for you. It's about endonasal or nasal specific adjustments, it's all about how we can move the bones in your skull to increase space, it's like a brain adjustment, it's something that my grandfather taught my dad, my dad taught me, an amazing clinical treatment, I can't wait for you to see it. Hi, Dr. Jason West with one of the treatments that you probably haven't heard about that's amazing. I'm going to show you a little clip about it and then describe it but this is actually a way to help cranial function whether you call it a nasal specific or and endonasal but it's a way basically to adjust the brain, affect the nerves, affect basically brain fog, help with headaches.

Anyway, check this out. Hey guys, in just a minute, you're going to see see a really neat treatment that we've been doing in the office for decades for allergies, for chronic sinusitis, for ringing in the ears, for anything associated with brain fog, hormone headaches, it's really neat. Now in the comment line, I forgot to mention the video, if you'll type in brain, I'll send you the free report on this amazing technique we've been doing in the office. I'm bringing you a hundred years of healing. Check this out. I'm Dr. West.

I'm just editing our new video which is on something called endonasal technique which is a way that you can gently adjust the cranial structures and I walked coming down the hall and Christine's like, "Hey, you got to talk to Morgana, you won't believe what happened and so Morgana, today is your second visit and she came here not feeling good, I'm not going to go into that but she had something and I'm like, "Hey, let's reset your nervous system by doing this cranial adjustment and we're going to tell everybody what happened." So normally, I have such bad tinnitus in my ears that I can't even sit in a room by myself without really kind of losing my mind because it's so loud and within five minutes of getting the treatment, I didn't have it anymore at all. It's completely gone. And what about this morning? -- This morning, when I had the treatment? -- Yeah, did you have any ringing ears today? I did before the treatment. I was sitting in the waiting room and it was pretty bad and before, I couldn't even sit in a room by myself and now it's completely gone. -- So we have, this is for allergies, it's for taste, it's for headaches and it's for ringing in the ears, so we'll see you guys on the next video, we're going to thank you for doing this for me. Hey everyone, Dr. J and Nicole with the Daily Dose Vitamin H stories of patient, hope and outcomes, change in one life at a time and we had a kind of unusual request so Nicole came into the office and she said, "I want to record the procedure so I can send it to my dad." So Nicole tell everybody what is wrong, what were you suffering from? I have trouble with allergies so that I would end up with nasal polyps and so Dr.

J here does this wonderful thing called a sinus adjustment or endonasal where he goes up in and pops the polyps where I can smell and taste for quite a while. So she said, "Hey, I want to show it to my dad, he's having some sinus problems." And I want to tell everybody there's actually a really neat way to adjust the cranial sutures in your head, it's something that my grandfather taught my dad, my dad taught me. It's not something that I learned in school, it's just one of those things where you learn and do things after being in practice for a hundred in one years and obviously, it wasn't me 101, our family's been in practice for 101 years and so we do the endonasal where you literally take the sutures, there's a little tiny blue Mostro tune just second, what it does is, it gaps and sutures, it's really helpful for allergies, it helps with taste, helps with chronic headache problems, it really helps people to breathe and it's awesome and Nicole said you got to do it for my dad so we're going to do that. Anything to add? It also relieves aside the pressure on your ears. Yeah, really good for ears and your aches as well so we'll get it set up and we'll add that and you'll see it in just a second and we'll go from there. We're getting set up to do that endonasal, we do a blood pressure bulb, a sphygmomanometer, we hook it to a little bit of a finger cop, it's a little bit of a lotion on it, we take a blunt q-tip, push it straight down into nose, just a little bit a couple pumps and what it does is, it makes those sutures gap and it's just awesome for sinuses, for allergies, for ear problems, for taste and for chronic hormonal headaches because this can affect the pituitary gland. I'll show you guys in just a second.

Brain Adjustment Therapy? - Cranial Adjustment

Works a lot better if you do both sides, just not one even though at times, most people say, you know I don't bring out the right or I don't bring out of the left, if you do both sides that works better so let's do the other side. Alright, Nicole take a deep breath in, open your mouth, stick out your tongue. So that's the endonasal adjustment, it's been something we've been doing in the office for about 70 years with really good outcomes and as weird and spunky as it looks, it's one of the most requested procedures that we do and I love doing it because it really helps people to achieve and maintain optimal health. So what was it that you just saw? Well frequently, people come in the office, they have post nasal drip, they've got chronic sinusitis, they've got allergies, basically, they can have polyps, basically, they cannot get oxygen into the system through the normal pathway so they turn into a mouth breather, they can't breathe very well at night and you know, oxygen is one part of that three-legged stool for health so you have good food, you have good water, and you have oxygen. I guess the fourth leg would be sleep but if you have those, your outcomes for health are going to be really really pretty good. So is there a different way to help enlarged the sinus tissue or open up those pathways, get quote a brain adjustment unquote or affect the pituitary gland, chronic ear aches? And the answer is, yes. And I was taught this through my father who learned it from his dad, it's one of the neat things that we do in the office.

So here's how you do the procedure, you have the patient lay flat on the table, you take a sphygmomanometer bolt or a blood pressure cuff, you put a little finger cot around it or a little dental plastic, half of the plastic finger you tie it on really tight, you put a little bit of lubrication, I like to use either ultrasound gel or a little bit of liposomal glutathione, I think glutathione is really good for the nasal passages but it does kind of smell just a little bit so if people are sensitive to smells, any type of lubrication. You have the patient lay flat on your back, you take a blunt medical q-tip and you gently push it straight down into the nose, you have the patient take a deep breath in and then open their mouth which relaxes some of the cranial sutures, you do a quick quick couple of pumps and then you pull it out, it's important that you do both sides. Now let's talk about the rationale behind doing it, there's a whole bunch of movable systems in your skull and for years and for almost forever, everybody thinks that those sutures don't move but we know from research from John Upledger who was a medical doctor at Michigan State that he studied people that had passed away, right after they passed away and he looked at through electron analysis and some x-rays and some movable different types of imaging and the cranial sutures in your head actually are like little zippers, they come together and they move, they're very small movements, like a thousandth of an inch but they move and they gap and there's blood pressure, excuse me, there's blood vessels and there's nerves and those lymphatic fluids that are going through those connections and if they get locked from either trauma or basically non-movement, what happens, it has an enormous influence on the body, it can affect neurotransmitters, it can affect cerebral spinal fluid, it can affect basically how you can breathe in and out of your of your nasal passage, it can cause earring problems and so if you can release those again by doing that specific technique. When you blow up the balloon, what happens is, you have, and I'm exaggerating, but you actually have those connections come apart and as weird as it feels, you know, people say it's like they're diving down into deep water or they get pressure in their nose if they're underwater, it always has a tendency to make the eyes water, people ask if it hurts and I always jokingly tell them it doesn't hurt me at all, thank you for asking, I'll be totally fine during the procedure. I know the patients asking about them, it does have a tendency to make your eyes water for 3 to 5 seconds, every once in awhile you'll get someone have the real bloody nose because it can actually pop polyps and stuff, I've had that happen, I've seen my dad do it, where you put the balloon in the nose you quick inflates and pops the polyps.

The testimony that you've seen that's actually on our video blog, actually restores that patients taste and then they'll go for a time period, they'll lightly have some allergies, the allergies build up, the polyps build up, they can't taste anything, we did the procedure, their taste comes back on. Also in the video testimony, we talked about ringing of the ears. This is one of my favorite things to do for that tinnitus feeling or that tinnitus sensation where the inner ear drums are heard and they're buzzing and they heard, maybe it doesn't bother people so much during the day but at night, it really hurts their eardrums, if you do this endonasal, nasal specific adjustment that was taught to me by my grandfather to my dad to me, it has an amazing ability to affect brain function, to help with ear conditions, to help with chronic sinusitis, post nasal drip, hormonal headaches, a lot of women that have headaches and increased acne during the hormone cycle, this doesn't seem to affect the pituitary gland and reset that and so for literally about any condition, if you go back in the Facebook archives, you'll actually see me doing, practicing what I preach and I just think it's a really good idea every once in a while to do a cranial adjustment. Hopefully, this is a treatment that you haven't heard about it, it's amazing therapy for chronic sinus problems, for headaches, for ear aches, for taste, it has many applications. If you've got value out of the video, please like us and click the little bell so you know when our next video is coming out. This is Dr.

Jason West.

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