Botswana: Diagnosis, HIV

By: Harvard University

0:00:13.369,0:00:15.650 I come from a village called Pilikwi. It's near Serowe. Yes several and I was ill.

I have a headache. And after that headache in 2 or 3 days the herpes come out from this side. When I went to the private doctor he told me it was the sign of HIV. I was confused because that time, it was the time when this HIV 0:00:57.960,0:00:59.540 was not normal like these days.

So my doctor talked to me. After he tested and saw that the test came out positive he sat with me and talked to me first, after that he told me I am HIV positive. 0:01:17.340,0:01:19.990 When I was still talking to them, someone told me about AIDS Research Trials at Harvard. The staff at Tsepho, they are very friendly, very polite. They talk to people very nicely.

So I met Dr. Westler for the first time. So he talked to me and then he helped me very nicely. And he's the one who gave me the medication for the first time.

Botswana: Diagnosis, HIV

These days, because more people have been affected. 0:02:07.430,0:02:09.069 Now, these days, the medication is there, People are taking the medication. So each and everyone has hope that maybe I will live,yeah, longer.

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