Boost Energy and Fight Weight Gain (Watch)

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I used to have these fine lines around my eyes and in the mirror and I kept thinking in the mirror who was this old woman so the problem with wanting to sleep so much I'm always been so tired and exhausted in the past year I really started to feel like my age was catching up with me and I did have really bad depression 2 o'clock 3 o'clock I'd have my know crash. I could just fall asleep at my desk I needed a nap immediately most people think that looking and feeling tired lacking focus muscle aches and pains obesity heart disease and even cancer are simply natural problems that develop as we age nothing could be farther from the truth today from our studios in Los Angeles California we'll look at a Nobel Prize winning scientific breakthrough that may end Aging as we know it now let's join our host Jessica Heidenreich hello and welcome many Hollywood celebrities and leading Silicon Valley billionaires are on a mission to change aging as we know it and extend our lifespan today we're going to find out why they're spending hundreds of millions of dollars on high-tech research which longevity scientists and doctors believe will increase our lifespans and keep us healthy well into old age these scientists believe they can crack the code of Aging they claim we can live to be 100 years old without a single sick day always healthy and feeling fine one cutting-edge company called nanoceutical solutions is already delivering to the public a tiny miraculous molecule the discovery was so important that it won the Nobel Prize and had 75,000 additional articles written about the miracle molecule today we're going to find out what's behind the media buzz and how you can benefit from it Meet doctor McGilvery known as Dr. Mac the director of clinical research for Nanoceutical Solutions He's a board-certified physician practicing ER doctor, member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a medical authority who has conducted over 50 published clinical studies And if all that wasn't enough he also owns and operates his own health and wellness clinic Dr. Mac believes that chronic disease typically associated with aging can be delayed or ended altogether with a healthy lifestyle nutrition and this remarkable miracle molecule What we are most proud of at Nanoceutical Solutions is the research and development that we've been working on for the past five years it involves two long difficult words but it's two words that can change your life nanotechnology and glutathione which has been described so far as the miracle molecule a polypeptide that is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by free radicals peroxides lipid peroxides and heavy metals it's a major protective mechanism against oxidative stress for example, it protects red blood cells from hydrogen peroxide a toxic byproduct of certain metabolic reactions however glutathione is in more accurate scientific terms really the mother of all antioxidants and it's the most important molecule in your body that you've probably never heard of until now but don't feel bad frankly many physicians don't even know about this remarkable molecule even though our body produces glutathione naturally our nutrient lacking diets global pollution, toxins, drugs, alcohol, bacteria, viruses, radiation and aging all deplete your body's natural glutathione supply the bad news is our body simply does not make enough glutathione to battle the world's massive and daily toxic attack on our bodies that's why we created a nanotechnology system to deliver an external supply of glutathione into the body glutathione is essential to our body's defense system our body's own supply of naturally produced glutathione is simply not enough to fight this toxic attack and keep us healthy as we age our cells are dying because of killer free radicals created by oxidative stress so over time our body's organs and systems weaken and we start developing chronic diseases our sight, hearing and strength fade our arteries clog, our brains fog, and we stagger, sieze up suddenly everything is falling apart with each cell dying our body becomes that much weaker this cell death creeps up on us one day at a time until suddenly we start to experience system-wide catastrophic failure aging hits us in the face when we experience everything falling apart in our body at the same time because all of our systems are interrelated and they work together to keep us healthy now we can fight back on a cellular level with nano glutathione and help to stop oxidative stress imagine preventing ourselves from dying by removing toxins, mopping up the pollution, and disarming the free radicals before they attack our body's tissues imagine ourselves and our organs are all functioning properly together wouldn't that allow us to age without any sick days As doctor Mac pointed out, glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant and we know that this miracle molecule can fight oxidative stress and disarm free radical killers in the body and now we can boost glutathione levels in our body to help us fight back against today's toxic attack of chemicals in our food and water oxidative stress and free radicals which are extremely harmful to our health and 100% contributes to aging it is capable of preventing damage to important cellular structures and it's our molecular guardian against free radicals, toxins, peroxides and even heavy metals also collectively known as oxidative stress this oxidative stress is the leading cause of the problems we think of as aging like obesity, wrinkles, and more serious health conditions like immune disorders, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's disease from all the research we have conducted and reviewed we realize that glutathione is simply too important to limit it's amazing benefits to just celebrities and the super-rich when we realized that we had to make glutathione available to working people we knew we had quite a challenge on our hands we had to change the delivery system from an expensive IV treatment at a medical center into an easy and affordable at-home oral delivery treatment however we knew oral treatment with glutathione had been linked to questions of its biological availability in the blood system simply put we didn't know if it would work effectively without being delivered by expensive IV treatments or injections we knew celebrities and the super-rich could go to medical glutathione IV treatment centers because they can afford $500, $1000 or even $2000 a month and more for glutathione IV but we also knew that this would be too much of a financial burden for most working people we knew we had to make it orally available so we could dramatically lower the cost and make it affordable for the average person easier said than done that's when we turned our attention to nanotechnology our goal was simple make food a thousand biologically available with an easy-to-use at-home oral treatment the idea was simple but making it a reality was anything but we researched tested and developed an oral nanotechnology delivery system for years just five years ago it was impossible to even supplement with glutathione because it was only made in the body and not produced externally why is a glutathione defense system so important to keep us looking and feeling younger scientists tell us that aging is changes in our body that start on a cellular level the first step in aging is cell death we start out with billions of cells but each day when we breathe air pollution, drink water with carcinogens, eat junk food, smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs even prescription medications, we kill ourselves and over a lifetime we kill millions of cells and that causes aging its aging because cells make up our organs so when we kill enough cells we experience a decline in the functioning of our organs like our kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, brain and nervous system I enjoy going to the gym but I always hated the way people used to stare at me because of my skin outbreaks they would avoid me like I was contagious or something for years I tried everything to clear my skin including prescription drugs and nothing worked then I discovered nano glutathione and I decided to give it a try well after using it for about three weeks I was shocked at how my skin had cleared I went to my dermatologist and she was surprised to see the results and to hear that I wasn't taking any of the prescription drugs she gave me I told her I'm only using nano glutathione and in three weeks I was stunned when I noticed my skin was completely clear the first time in over nine years I had clear skin oh my gosh great news. Well along with having better sleep habits which is I can thank the glutathione for that and more energy.

So of course I'm moving around more and it's helping with the weight loss my clothes are fitting much better feels amazing to look at this size and then grab this size and I think this one is a fit but oh my goodness these that you everybody has those pair of jeans in their closet that they're gonna get back into and they never do. I did. I'm back in those jeans there is a reason that glutathione is one of the most talked about supplements in the healthcare industry glutathione is produced naturally in the human body so it's not a synthetic or artificial product. It's 100% organic and a natural antioxidant that's used by every single cell in the human body with a wide range of scientifically proven health benefits but creating an external supply of glutathione that could be made biologically available for use in the body involved years of troubleshooting and the exploration of numerous pathways to make it work today five years later I'm very pleased to announce that Nanoceutical Solutions has a powerful external delivery system for glutathione for the first time ever, it can be orally delivered into the body in bioavailable, nano sized molecules what does that mean? orally bioavailable nano sized molecule simply means that the molecules are so tiny they can be absorbed through the mouth's inner tissue when you place drops under your tongue and hold there for 60 seconds or more this is a major breakthrough until now glutathione could only be delivered with an IV or injection because your stomach acids will destroy it if you took it orally and swallowed it now glutathione and all of its incredible benefits is exclusively available in this brand-new revolutionary, fast and easy under the tongue oral supplement all of us here at Nanoceutical Solutions are thrilled about this breakthrough because we know it will help millions of working people to live a healthier and happier life at an affordable price well prior to taking the glutathione, I'm not sure I would have ventured the steps just knowing that having to come back that my knees would have hurt and I would have been looking for you know an Advil or you know a motrin or something to try and relieve the pain but since the glutathione I don't have that pain anymore. So we went to the Mayan ruins and up the steps we went and you know we enjoyed it, and I didn't have any pain afterwards having less pain and more energy, it's definitely given me a more positive outlook on life like I said it makes me want to go and do more and be more active and get out and explore new things and you know take trips and travel because I know I have the energy now and I know that I'm not gonna dread doing something because I'm not gonna have the pain associated with it thanks to starting the glutathione if you're curious about exactly how glutathione works, let me explain every cell in your body is like a machine and early on when the machine is brand new it usually runs pretty well well think of the Machine aging over time as oxidative stress now think about glutathione that's normally in the cell as well as a mechanic so every time the machine breaks down the mechanic fixes it doesn't let it stay in disrepair so that the machine stays running effectively through the years of its life or longer when you take away glutathione, you take away the mechanic and so the machine starts to break starts to fail and it doesn't get repaired and so now you have cells throughout your body in your eyes, in your muscles, in your heart, in your neurologic system that start to break down we know it is the process of aging that's why the nano technology associated with glutathione is so exciting we can put mechanics back into all the cells of the body to not let them get in a state of disrepair so as Dr. Mac points out it's really this toxic attack that damages our bodies day after day that causes chronic disease and this is what we call aging the fact is that aging and developing diseases are not one in the same if you thought looking older, feeling achy, slower metabolism, getting fat and feeling sickly was a natural unavoidable part of growing old think again scientists and doctors know that aging and developing chronic diseases are partially determined genetically and influenced by environmental factors therefore the conditions we associate with aging can be delayed or they can arrive prematurely most of us want to delay the negative impact of aging as long as possible after taking glutathione one thing and I would say one of the biggest things that I notice is that my crow's feet, some of the fine lines I had my forehead have completely gone away so one of the surprising results is that my pores have become smaller my skin feels tighter.

I feel like I have more of a natural shine and honestly I wear less makeup with the years of research and testing on nanotechnology and boosting glutathione levels we now have the ability to battle the daily toxic attack on us and keep our bodies healthier longer that's why there is a growing worldwide frenzy over this miracle molecule that has been proven to work and documented in thousands of world-renowned scientific reports and medical journals most people think that looking and feeling tired lacking focus, having pasty looking skin, bowel issues, digestive problems difficulty sleeping, mood swings, muscle aches and pains, obesity heart disease and even cancer are simply natural problems that develop as we age nothing could be farther from the truth aging does not have to bring disability these are all problems that originate in the worlds toxic attack on our bodies and are the result of oxidative stress but now we can fight back. We can deliver bioavailable nano glutathione to the body and best of all this life-changing breakthrough is now affordable for all people not just Hollywood celebrities and the super-rich what I noticed right away was increased energy last year I began to have fatigue and aches and pains I never had before but with nano glutathione I'm jumping out of bed in the morning I have this incredible surge of energy and I also noticed that my metabolism sped up I'm losing weight fast. Every day I feel leaner and stronger nano glutathione has been a miracle. I can do as much now as I did my 20s and the results are fantastic Dr. Mac isn't exaggerating. We checked with several clinics and found IV glutathione treatments can cost $1,000 or more a month here's an example of the lowest cost treatment center we could find right here in Los Angeles at this clinic a 2,000 milligram IV treatment of glutathione cost one $169. Not a bad deal but that's only two thousand milligrams for $169 now compare this to the six thousand milligrams of glutathione you get in one bottle of nano glutathione that's equal to three complete medical clinic IV treatments and they would cost you $520 now you get the most powerful antioxidant known to man working for you it's a pharmaceutical grade product that is manufactured to the highest standards in GMP manufacturing facilities and proudly made right here in the United States that's why nano glutathione is truly incredible news in the past year I really started to feel like my age was catching up with me I started feeling sluggish and and just lost that vigor and excitement about life and then I started taking glutathione and suddenly my energy levels started going up I noticed the way skin and hair started looking great, my muscle tone went up I felt stronger and I just had a lot more vigor to go out and do things to head to the beach and go body surfing and havefun don't be fooled by all the other glutathione pills and supplements that you swallow they simply do not work. Your stomach acids destroy the glutathione before it gets into your system today Nanoceutical Solutions is producing revolutionary new nano sized glutathione a new clinical study has now proven that nano glutathione is absorbed into the bloodstream 100% scientific proof that it can be absorbed orally under the tongue in fact a recent clinical study has shown that the absorption of nano glutathione is so fast that within 90 seconds of putting it in your mouth, 83% of the glutathione is already in your bloodstream and hard at work glutathione is such an important breakthrough that Christian Aikman and Sir Frederick Hopkins were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering it and now this Nobel prize-winning medical discovery can help protect you from killer free radicals and give your body a comprehensive tune-up so it keeps running like new as a whole my skin has improved it's less irritated because I do suffer from rosacea the glutathione I think has really helped decrease my rosacea's redness the bumps sometimes which can resemble acne are not as apparent I've actually gone several times without makeup and been able to go into public without being completely you know embarrassed or you know conscious of the redness that I normally have on my face well I would definitely say glutathione has improved my skin as a whole I have to give it 100% props because I as a person have noticed so much change in just my skin, my mood, my sleep, energy level.

All of it! I've had great success with our new nano technology glutathione treatment especially in my patients who suffer from low energy, obesity and just not looking or feeling like they used to when they were young now they report way more energy, losing weight and looking and feeling better than they have in years and the scientific research shows that glutathione can help us fight the war against the worst life-threatening conditions so before using glutathione I had a hysterectomy and after having the hysterectomy my hormones were off balance and because of that I started losing hair, having dry skin and having different mood swings being depressed, and I did have really bad depression I've seen a physician for it as well since using the glutathione I do feel a little bit more healthier yes my skin is better. It's getting better and so is my hair I'm hoping that that will be better and definitely with the depression and being happier I've been joking around, my husband saying that I'm in a better mood it's just been really exciting trying something new and being happy and I know my family enjoys me being happy and not so depressed remember we told you that a 2,000 milligram IV treatment of glutathione cost $169 at this clinic in Los Angeles with nano glutathione you get six thousand milligrams of glutathione in one bottle that's equal to 3 IV treatments which cost more than $500 so hit the next step button now and take advantage of this incredible first-time buyer offer you'll see that nano glutathione cost pennies on the dollar compared to expensive IV treatments and here's the best part you get the same pure natural and potent glutathione proven to work and clinical tests and scientific studies it's guaranteed to work or your money back so you're not risking anything at all if you're not 100% happy with nano glutathione return it for a full refund you have nothing to lose but I know you'll be happy you ordered it when you see and feel the incredible results and if you're wondering about the side effects here's the best part one last thing. My patients often ask me if there are any side effects to glutathione well there is one well-known side-effect glutathione can actually lighten your skin in fact celebrities and the wealthy use they're powerful IV treatments to lighten the skin, repair discoloration, red spots and other pigment issues they even use it for the removal of wrinkles and even scars glutathione injections can eliminate minor skin imperfections and create an overall better skin look and texture by reducing the appearance of red spots and any rough patches resulting in a more even skin tone these Skin IV treatments are only prescribed by doctors and well-qualified dermatologists and let me tell you they also charge a pretty penny for them they cost up to $900 for just two IV treatments a week that's $3600 dollars a month so this is an expensive skin care procedure think about it. With nano glutathione you can now get the same effects for just a fraction of the cost listen our product has been tested and retested to perfection the manufacturing and delivery system of our nano glutathione formula is proven to deliver maximal results right below this video is the next step button hit the button and fill out the form on the next page to start looking and feeling younger than you ever thought possible don't miss this opportunity to try nano glutathione and discover for yourself why it's causing such a revolution among billionaires and Hollywood celebrities who want to stay young forever so my lifestyle is absolutely insane just like everybody else's I have four kids. My husband and I both work full time and so by the time we get the kids off to school and race to work and come home atthe end of the day before glutathione we were exhausted you know we just kind of hit that wall so the one thing I've noticed since I've been on glutathione is that my energy level is consistent all day long when I get to that 2 or 3 o'clock spell I still feel like I did at 9 o'clock in the morning and I can keep going. I've been able to cut the energy drinks, the Red Bulls, the cokes at 2 o'clock after I've had my fall and I'm down to one cup of coffee in the morning and I'm lucky if I even finish it and now I can say that honestly our family our kids get the very best of us because we can keep going throughout the day you know when we get home it's not that five o'clock lull I mean we're able to enjoy our kids.

Boost Energy and Fight Weight Gain (Watch)

You know crawl on the floor and play. Get dinner by the time we put the kids to bed, I'm still ready to go so the problem wanting to sleep so much and always been so tired and exhausted this has changed tremendously because now I wake up feeling good because I've had a great night's sleep I'm able to work going throughout the day I'm not wanting that nap during the middle of the day when I go home I'm able to spend time with my children instead of crawling on the couch and falling asleep in a ball just it's made a huge difference with the whole family relationship I'm able to now ride bikes and go swimming with them in the pool and interact with them more I've always wanted to do that but I never had the energy this is a lifelong thing for me I've always been someone that needs a lot of sleep and lots of naps but I don't need that anymore the glutathione has it's been a miracle for me...and my family I feel like I'm only like 30 years old. I have so much energy and a lot of strength I noticed my strength in the gym when I go and work out, it's like doubled in the last four months since I started using the glutathione 2 o'clock 3 o'clock I have my crash. I could just fall asleep at my desk I needed a nap immediately and obviously being a working mom I cannot go to sleep at work on my desk so I would resort to things like monsters and Red Bulls and extra cups of coffee my normal day would start with 2 to 3 cups of coffee in the morning to get going and then you know midday another 2 or 3 Red Bulls to get me just to get through the day now I'm skipping the afternoon nap.

I'm skipping the Red Bulls. I'm skipping the extra caffeine you know I'm just having a normal one cup of a day of coffee versus needing several cups I think my energy is great now with the product I have noticed that I have enough energy to go full day at work and then still go home and function a full afternoon with four kids I think since starting the glutathione it's really changed the vicious cycle that I was going through of no sleep, low energy and all of those things attribute to other health factors and of course taking in too much caffeine or stimulants is never healthy for any individual well since taking the glutathione I'm finding that my sleep is more restorative and I am more alert and more awake and more ready to go when I first get up in the morning I don't find myself wanting to hit the snooze button and get that extra 5 or 10 or 15 minutes that I was prior to taking the glutathione so there's definitely an improved quality of sleep improved restorative sleep since taking the glutathione and as such it makes a difference in my day because I'm rested and I'm ready to go I'm not dragging and you know when you get a good night's sleep it makes your whole day just 100% better I get through my day. I'm more productive at work.

When I get home I don't want to just collapse on the couch I want to you know tackle a spare bedroom that needs to be organized or you know go out in the garden and you know mess out there and plant trees or you know fool around with the flowers I just have more energy throughout my entire day so when I get home I'm still full of energy which is something that is new since taking the glutathione.

Boost Energy and Fight Weight Gain (Watch)

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