Blakely's Broken Leg

By: Whitney Bjerken

(machine beeping) - [Dad] Blakers, where are we going? - To the doctor to get my cast off. (girl laughs) - [Mom] She won't be doing gymnastics this summer though. Where are we? - At the doctor. - What doctor? - The cast doctor? - The cast doctor? Do you have a cast? - No, not yet. - Oh, not yet? We're gonna get rid of this old thing? - Mmm-Hmmm.

- Okay, what color are you gonna get? - Purple. (woman gasps) - Purple? I love purple. - And pink. - Alright. (keys jangling) I'll see ya in there. - Okay. - You're gonna do the brakes, okay.

You're ready? - Yes. - Here we go. - Good. Hi, Dada. (girl gasps) (elevator bell chimes) - [Man 1] Purple? - [Woman 1] The one on the bottom? - Do you want glitter on it? (woman gasps) - Yes, please. - What kind of question is that? - Okay, so basically what we're doing is we're just taking the Ace straps off and then securing it with a cast.

- Yeah. - So right now we have-- - When you take the Ace off, is there anything on there? - There should be cotton there. - Cotton. - Yeah, the splint underneath it. (inaudible) So it allows for swelling to come out on top. - Like this? - So now... Yes, see the cotton? - Oh, yeah.

Blakely's Broken Leg

- So what this will do differently to what she's got now is, she's got support posterior and on each side and now she's gonna have on all four directions. - Okay. (girl sings) - [Man 2] I might have to ask you to help me, Dad. (woman laughs) (inaudible) - Will it stay on? - Hmmm? - Will it stick on? - Yeah, that's good. You can relax that way. I want you to be relaxed as possible, okay? (paper rustling) And in a minute, I'm gonna have Dad help me lift your leg up so I can wrap around and around like that, okay? - It's here, okay? - That's the goal. First we're gonna get all this..

- Wow, we never knew what was under there, did we Blakers? - Well, I did. - You did? - I kept looking-- - Okay, now, so you can keep this. - Alright. Just for a rainy day. Or maybe you won't have to use it at all.

- Hopefully not. - Oh, so that, you're not even... You just put more on it? - Yeah, we're not moving nothing. I'm satisfied with the way everything is holding, so it's just basically to tighten everything up.

(Mom and Blakely whispering) - This will close in a sec. - Feels like somebody is rubbing me. - You look like a mummy. (man laughs) - You do look like a little mummy. - Mummy leg. (inaudible) - So Dad, I want you to put those on. - It's gonna be big.

(girl giggles) Something rolled off over here, okay? - I know. (girl giggles) One, two, three. (girl giggles) - I'm ready. - Yeah, blue. (girl giggles) - Please get to hair and makeup real quick. (girl laughs) - You just gotta know how to laugh. - Alright, Miss Blakely.

- Oh, there it is. - Here we go. - Purple. So daddy's gonna lift your leg up. - You just sit still, okay? - Okay, wherever you... I'll make adjustments however you lift up, Dad.

I'll start up here since you're holding that way. (girl mumbling) - Are you excited? Oh, it's beautiful, and purple is my favorite color, too. Ah, wow.

That is so cool. - So, Miss Blakely, you might feel it get a little warm. It won't hurt you, it's just setting up. Making the cast, but it gets warm.

- Feel it tickle me. - It's tickling? - Hmm-Mmm. - Okay. - Are you ticklish? - Yes.

- Oh. - So we know where to tickle. - That's really getting hard, right? Look at that.

Alright, can I switch down here? - Mmm-Hmm. - Wow, Blakers. How long does it take for it to set? - About five, ten minutes. And seeing that we already got everything in place, it's just a over-wrap. - Yeah. So it'll be a good bit heavier, it looks like. - Yeah, maybe I could stop right there.

I don't have to use... - It does feel heavier. Glitter! - Is that the glitter? - That's the glitter.

- Oh, goodness. (woman laughs) Who knew we could get glitter. (girl mumbles) It's like an art project, Blakely. It's starting to lighten up a little bit. You're gonna have gold sparkles. What do you think, Joey? Are you gonna like gold sparkles? (inaudible) You like it? What do you think? (woman laughs) - Just like I said we'll have you back... Don't forget that.

- Sure. - Sparkly, sparkles. - Can you rub this part? - Some of them are just gonna be in little clumps. What do you think, Blakely? You like the sparkles? - Uh-Huh. - That makes it kind of fancy, huh? - Hmm-Mmm. - Is that hard yet? - Knock... Hey, it is hard here.

How does it get hard here? - Just when it dries. Leave it alone, let it set 'cause when it dries, it gets hard. - Awesome. (woman laughs) - Wow.

Give me a thumbs up, Blakers. We got sparkles. - Yay! - Alright, Dad, so listen-- - Blakers, what do you think? - Awesome. - You're going to have to keep that baby dry, too.

Is it hard? I'll tap up here. - Because it... - Wow.

- It hurts my knuckles when I knock like this. - It's really hard, isn't it? - [Woman 2] Stay real still for me, okay? - Oh, you wanna get one of those? - Thank you. - Yep, y'all take care.

(woman laughs) - Thanks. - Bye, guys. - Bye. - Here, I'll hold it. Wait to eat it in the car, so you don't have to drive... - Are you crashing into the wall? - No.

(girl giggles) - Good? - Uh-Huh. - Got it? Let's go this way. Strong girl-- (inaudible) - Hello, daddy. (upbeat diner music) - How is it? - Good. This is an awesome day.

(girl giggles).

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