Biotherapy and nephrotic syndrome | Bioterapija i nefrotski sindrom

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Non-profit organization "Nosce te ipsum" presents My name is Vlado Trebovac. I’m from Prijedor (BiH). I have a kidney disease, glomerulonephritis. Biotherapy and glomerulonephritis manifested as high proteinuria (nephrotic syndrome) The main symptoms of my illness were high proteinuria and water build-up in the body.

Six years ago my proteinuria reached even up to 12. Glomerulonephritis (GN) is a kidney disease characterized by kidney glomeruli inflammation, but it may affect tubulointerstitial area and small blood vessels as well. GN may present itself clinically as hematuria and / or proteinuria, nephrotic syndrome or nephritic syndrome, as well as acute or chronic renal failure. Every proteinuria (clinical albuminuria) exceeding 3.5 g / 24 h is called nephrotic syndrome. Medical therapy I became ill in 2007. I was treated by classical medicine.

During the medical treatment, I needed to spend a lot of time in bed, Also, I become very nervous. During 2008 and 2009 the disease took me over, and I simply lost any hope that I’ll be able to work ever again. Decision about treatment Three years ago I found out about therapy held by Mr.

Ivan, and in 2011 my wife persuaded me to come to the therapy for the first time. Biotherapy Experience For four years I was treated by classical medicine, and then I came here in year 2011. Immediately after the first treatment proteinuria decreased from 12 to 8, and then I found out that the reason for my improvement is biotherapy. Biotherapy result After the first biotherapy treatment here in Zagreb I felt much better psychologically, and I wasn’t nervous any more. Prior to the treatment I was feeling very cold, but after the therapy I no longer felt that way.

Biotherapy and nephrotic syndrome | Bioterapija i nefrotski sindrom

I attended therapies regularly from January 2011, when my proteinuria was 12, and it surprised me that after the first therapy it lowered to 8. After one and a half month, I repeated biotherapy treatment and proteinuria decreased from 8 to 5. Now after 6 therapy sessions proteinuria decreased to 1,5. Biotherapy and brain stroke with coronary disease (coronary arteries) Also, along with my primary disease, I had a brain stroke. A year ago they implanted three stents in my body. During that time I regularly came to biotherapy treatments in Zagreb, and I can affirm that both of my diseases have disappeared, and now slowly my primary kidney disease is disappearing too. New life I thought that I would never be able to work again. However, after arriving in Zagreb and receiving biotherapy treatments, after five years of not working, a month ago I started working again! You can imagine what this means to a man who practically said goodbye to normal life.

Although I am 57 years old, I practically became a pensioner. But after first month and 6 biotherapy treatments later, I am able to work. Psychologically I'm very well, happy, satisfied, and so is my whole family. We thank Vlado Trebovac for sharing his rich biotherapy experience with us. Translated by Marina Pirš This video is only for information only.

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Biotherapy and nephrotic syndrome | Bioterapija i nefrotski sindrom

Non-profit organization "Nosce te ipsum" presents My name is Vlado Trebovac. I’m from Prijedor (BiH). I have a kidney disease, glomerulonephritis. Biotherapy and glomerulonephritis…

By: Biotherapy | Bioterapija