Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia cured by Dr.Raghavan

Author: Dr.Raghavan Ramankutty

It was lighting-bolt like pain, on right side of the face. Question: Was it on the right-side of your face? Patient: Its been long (disease started in 1974), I don't remember exactly now. Question: What was the type of pain? Patient: Lightning-bolt like pain The pain was so severe. If I open my mouth I could not close it. It was difficult to eat (chew & swallow) food.

It was painful when my tongue lifts. Question: Where all you went for treatment? Patient: I went to so many doctors. I went to a neurologist in Trivandrum (Kerala). I also went to another doctor in Ernakulam (Kerala). They gave me an injection in my left face joint. For several days I did not have any pain. We thought it may be some problem with my teeth and showed to dentists. I was prescribed analgesics.

I had pain relief for few days. After that the pain re-appeared. It was prescribed by ENT Dr.Verma from Kottayam (Kerala). My disease (trigeminal neuralgia) was diagnosed by Dr. Chembanam Varghese. Question: How did he find it? Did he do any scan? Patient: No, he assessed it on the basis of our communication for long-time period about the nature of my pain. Question: When were you diagnosed? Patient: The disease was diagnosed by the end of 1983. That doctor told me to try Ayurveda, although he is a allopathy (modern) doctor.

He prescribed Macetol tablet 3 times daily. But when I had that medicine I developed dizziness and I was bedridden. Then I decided to try Ayurveda. Several persons recommended Dr.Raghavan here. Then I heard about a lady called Valsa. She had similar pain like me and she was treated by Dr.Raghavan. She did Shirovasti treatment for 1 month and her pain reduced in a very shot time.

Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia cured by Dr.Raghavan

I consulted Dr.Raghavan for the first time in Dec 1987. Dr.Raghavan examined me and said that I need treatment for 7 years for my pain to disappear. This is how I started treatment under Dr.Raghavan. When I reached Dr.Raghavan I had pain on both sides of my face. I was unable to eat and swallow food.

When I get pain my tongue will become thick (immobile). I cannot pronounce some words intelligently. Question: Where you told the cause of your disease. Patient: There was no particular cause. One day when I went to sleep I experienced a sudden pain.

I woke up shouting. My mother came running to my bedside enquiring the cause. It was before my marriage. But the pain disappeared. It re-appeared after two days.

We doubted a dental problem, or some pain in the face joint. When I showed the dentist one of my teeth was shaking. We thought that was the cause of my pain. (Since there was no relief), I went to a (neurologist) in Ernakulam and he gave an injection in the face joint.

After some time pain re-appeared in another location in the face. Question: What treatments did Dr.Raghavan give you? He prescribed an Ayurvedic ghee. In the evening, I think he did acupressure therapy ( marma sandwanam) on the two sides of my face, on the face nerve. I got instantaneous relief. Question: Where you admitted for Dr.Raghavan's treatment? Patient: No, I was not admitted. I came to Dr.Raghavan in the end of 1982. I was admitted on 2nd Feb of next year only. When I met Dr.Raghavan, he initially prescribed herbal water extract from ammukuram (ashwagandha) and puncture vine (nerinjal).

Question: How long you had this herbal water extract? Patient: I had it for several years, since I met Dr.Raghavan. Question: Did you get any difference from having this herbal water extract? Patient: Initially no. When I consulted him for the second time he gave me an Ayurveda ghee.

Since I had this medicine my pain started reducing quickly. After this Dr.Raghavan gave me Ayurvedic massage. He also used a machine that generate electric impulses. This gave me a lot of relief. Question: How long where you admitted for treatment? Initially I went to stay for a night whenever Dr.Raghavan was available (in our city for consultation). I was actually admitted in his Munnar center (in Kerala) on 3rd Feb 1983.

I stayed for treatment for 6 months. He did full body Ayurvedic massage. I had pain in different parts of my body, in my leg nerves etc. Question: How often you got these pain? Patient: Due to pain in my face, I never noticed pain in other parts of my body. Only during the Ayurvedic massage I realised the problem.

I had problems of varicose vein. Dr. Raghavan said I have to do Shirovasti and Oil Dhara.

I did Shirovasti for 12 days. Question: Did you get pain relief after admitted treatment? Patient: Actually my body felt loosened after treatment. Pain started reducing only after 7 years of treatment, just like Dr.Raghavan told me in the beginning of treatment. Question: How many times where you admitted? Patient: I was admitted 4 times. Question: What did you experience after 7 years of treatment? Patient: My pain reduced.

I was able to talk normally. But my pain did not disappear. Usually I experience pain during my menstrual cycle. It starts two days prior to my menstrual cycle. The pain is restricted to my face region. The pain all over my body had disappeared with Dr.Raghavan's massages.

I have pain only on my face nerves and tongue. After Dr.Raghavan gives massage, the thickness of my face reduces and with that pain gets relieved. I am aware of this process.

So I get repeated massages from him. Question: Do you get therapy even now (from Dr.Raghavan in 2008)? Patient: Yes, even now I get occasional (Ayurvedic) massages. Question: Has the frequency and amplitude of your pain reduced now compared to the beginning of treatment? Patient: Now, I do not have pain all the time. I get pain only when exposed to sunlight or heat for long time. I also get when I bend and do activities, like cleaning the floor with broom stick.

Question: Do you get therapy every sunday from Dr.Raghavan? Patient: Yes. As soon as Dr.Raghavan does therapy now I get immediate relief. Question: What is your current status? Patient: 95% of my pain is relieved. (Smiles!) Dr.Raghavan saved my life, otherwise I would have perished! I always tell Dr.Raghavan that as long as he is alive I will be alive.

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