Better Ingredients for a Healthier Lifestyle

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Hi everyone I'm Olga Villaverde and I Amber Milt. Welcome to The Balancing Act. It is morning, right? Yes it is.

Everyone out there is having their breakfast. So guess what's on today's menu. What do we got? we've got a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

I like that. That's right, we've got all kinds of things that are gonna help everybody start their day. And guess what. What's up? We're going to switch things up when it comes to milk. Are you nuts about milk? I love milk but milk does not love me back.

So we're going to move things over and switch it up for you to help get to that vitamin D without may be hurting your... Oh yeah I need that. You know what else goes great with milk. What? you know I like it sweet. So we have writing the love with yummy honey and fruit spreads from Smuckers, it's great you've got all that same delicious taste without all the sugar. Hey ladies I'm just spreading the love today. All right you see I need my husband to talk to me like that.

Better Ingredients for a Healthier Lifestyle

That Ralph he's such a sweetie. I love him. Plus we're going to continue our mortgage 101 series and I know that's huge for you because you're in the process of getting a house. We are and it's been such a big deal. It is but it's big and when you get and you get to that moment, oh! I told my husband he better start doing push-ups because he's gotta carry mama right across the threshold. She's coming home. (laughter) That's right and today we're coming home and got so much more for you and it all starts..

Right now. (Music) Approximately one in 10 adults suffers from restless leg syndrome. A neurological sleep related movement disorder, which is associated with unpleasant sensation in the legs and an uncontrollable overwhelming urge to move them. But now there is a revolutionary drug-free therapy for the treatment of RLS called Restiffic. Here to talk about this innovative product is Sandie Yeaman who suffers from RLS her husband Paul and Dr. Daniel Olson who specializes in podiatric medicine. Thank you all so much for being here.

And Sandie you must be thinking finally a drug-free way, something that is helping me but before you talk about that, tell me about what life was like before. Life with restless legs is miserable. It absolutely controls every aspect of your life, from your waking moment in the morning, till you try to go to sleep at night. It is, just exactly how you explained it, it's uncontrollable, you absolutely have to move your legs. We couldn't go to church, we couldn't go to visit our grandchildren, we couldn't, I couldn't be in the car for any length of time. I'd be, "stop the car I got to get out, I got to stretch my legs" and you know you could move them but it starts all over again. When I was pregnant, I had restless leg syndrome for just a few months and for me it was really tough at night and it was hard to sleep. Was it the same for you? Absolutely, I didn't sleep, you just can't.

I would be awake all hours of the night or maybe I do a little catnap and then I I'd wake up because my legs were restless again. I had difficulty sleeping in the same bed with my husband. He had a he put a pillow down between us because I'd moved my legs and I'd be kicking him and I'd be all over the bed. Paul in an effort to help your wife you searched the internet and your persistence really paid off. I found Restiffic foot wraps on the Internet.

There was a drug free possible treatment for restless legs. She was very skeptical about it but it doesn't involve drugs and she took so many different drugs, they basically just didn't really solve the problem. She couldn't sleep at night. She catnap during the daytime, she was always in a lesser good mood. She just didn't really have energy to do things that she wanted to do. She's great outside gardening and stuff.

Didn't have the energy to do it. These were Restiffic foot wraps, changed her life and in doing so changed my life as well. Sandie was a skeptic, Dr. Olson, I'm sure you deal with a lot of people who feel the same way that she did. Now tell me how it works. Restiffic is an FDA cleared medical device that's a foot wrap, that applies pressure to the foot when someone's at rest.

Like when they're reading a book, or watching TV, or of course trying to go to sleep. That's a great point. You know I couldn't read a book before but you know when I put these on, they're very comfortable, they're easy to put on.

You know I can do it, Paul sometimes helps me put them on and they actually feel good. And I hear that from my patients who, you know suffer for so long and the medicines often don't work or they have severe side effects. So they're just looking for some alternative treatment. It should be noted that, you don't use them while you're walking around it is a sedentary device.

So it's not just for bedtime either, you could wear them while reading a book, watching television you know that nature. That's a great point. I wore them on the airplane.

I had just a touch of restless leg and I could feel it coming on and I pulled him out of my purse, because I carry them with me. And aren't you glad you had them? Absolutely! And I put him on the airplane and they were gone I took them off before we landed. That's great, what a quick fix and you said you need a prescription.

So you can get these at any pharmacy? Any traditional pharmacy of course but again also online. Go to but again you need that prescription, so it's important for the physicians out there to understand we finally have something for a restless leg syndrome that is drug free. It's very safe and very effective. And you two are doing so much more now. Tell me how life has changed. Well we're able to travel.

You know we go to see our grandkids, we've traveled a bit now, we actually went to a movie for the first time. We've gone to the movie before but I could never sit still through it. I'd be up and I'd be standing in the back of the theater and so you know I just quit going but now you know we went and actually sat through the whole movie. That was great. It's life-changing for me as her caregiver and for anyone out there that is it, whose mother, whose wife, whose husband, whose son or daughter that's suffers from it, they go through with them. I mean it's agonizing to see them in pain like that and when this came along these Restiffics changed her life and my life as well. Even our dogs are happy (Laughter) because you know of course they like to sit in our lay in my lap and they couldn't, they would be up there for a moment and as soon as my legs would take on a life of their own they'd be gone.

Yep under the couch. Well thank you guys so much for coming and for sharing your expertise and for sharing your story. Oh thank you for having us. Your Welcome.

For more information about Restiffic go to or visit our website (Music) Okay, full disclosure. My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home. It's exciting but let me tell you it's also been such a process. So these mortgage tips been really helpful and today we're focusing on helping our veterans which I love. Here's Olga.

Welcome to our Mortgage 101 miniseries. Over the next few weeks John Alexander and David Villarreal from Affinity Partnerships are with us. Sharing their financial expertise.

And today, pointers to help veterans looking to buy a home. As veterans you've earned benefits that you can take advantage of. Good morning to both of you. Good morning. Thanks for being here.

You know this is really special because it is important to recognize our veterans, to thank them, god bless them all and they do qualify for a VA home loan. Right? They've actually earned the right for a VA loan. So if you've gone through and you've served and you've got been honorably discharged you'll have an opportunity to get really low down payment opportunities as well as low rates for mortgage. And David one of our viewers had a great question and I want to share that with our other viewers. He asks, "Where do I start looking for a VA home loan?" Well I think it'd be ideal for your viewers to go to And what would they find out there? They're going to find a select group of lenders that are specialized in the VA loan mortgage process and that's where you need to start.

A lender that has a specific type of talent for serving our veterans. And any final words for veterans out there that might be looking to get that home? You know absolutely, they've earned the right to have those loans and they need to shop, there are a lot of people who promote and say they've got great opportunities for veterans but you know what, shop around. Use VA Lone Ranger go to other opportunities for places to find a VA loan and best of luck. They've earned it. They have earned it and we thank them again. Thank you gentlemen again for that information, great stuff.

And if you'd like to learn more, you can go to or you could always go to our website You know it's so great when we can help all those people who protect and serve our country. I want to say thank you to all of you who are out there doing that and speaking of serving, we've got chef Ralph over there in the kitchen and he's serving up some sweetness. He's got fruit spreads naturally sweetened with honey. It sounds delicious. I'm spreading the love.

That's right baby with Smuckers fruit and honey fruit spreads. Let's make all meals more memorable. You know doctor says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and why not start it off right. I got some waffles here what happened inside the waffle, peanut butter, bacon and my Smuckers fruit and honey concord grape fruit spread. It is absolutely incredible. You would think that these fruit and honey fruit spreads are only for breakfast but I say oh no no no no let's talk about lunch. Right here, I've got lunch in a jar.

What's going on inside of here? I've got quinoa, the triple berry Smuckers fruit and honey fruit spread. A little bit of spinach, roasted chicken a little bit more of the spread on top. Put a top on it take it out the door and away you go for lunch.

It's fantastic little secret, I make the balsamic vinaigrette a little bit of the triple berry, fruit honey fruit spread, it's awesome. Now that's breakfast, that's lunch, what about a little me time? How about a little bit of cheese board? That's happening right now. I've got grapes, strawberries, cashews, KVA cheddar, brie and goat cheese covered with fruit and honey strawberry jalapeno fruit spread. It is absolutely perfect and a great way to spend the afternoon.

How about dinner time? Ding ding. Right over here strawberry makes an appearance. I took a double thick pork chop seasoned with a little salt and pepper in a non-stick pan. A little bit of oil seared it on both sides. Added to that pan a splash of white wine, a little shallot and my favorite secret recipe the fruit and honey strawberry fruit spread. Into the pan it goes, the pork chop finished its fruity and delicious.

A little tart, a little sweet, sometimes like me and that but elfine, the dessert, the big classic. How about some of these blueberry cupcakes. These cupcakes they get a little surprise inside. After they were done, we let the cupcake cool. Then took a knife, hollowed out the top and added some of the fruit and honey blueberry fruit spread inside.

Took a little bit more of the spread, took my icing whipped it all together, put it on top took my blueberries rolled up in some whipped egg whites, rolling through sugar and this is a cupcake that won't disappoint. So there you have it fruit and honey fruit spread, every meal all day long. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, it's all good and if you want to learn more about Smuckers fruit honey fruit spreads go to or our website and don't forget to share your favorite recipes with us. Remember this has been a quickbyte but chew slowly. Man that spread in the kitchen looks good.

Ralph, you better save me some of that and up next we're going to learn how macadamia nuts are taking non-dairy beverages to the next level. So if you want to avoid that milk don't mooove. See what I just did there? I'm milking it. Sorry it's punnie morning, stay with us guys. (Music) Choosing plant-based diets that are good for you and also good for the earth is becoming mainstream. And as a result sales of Dairy Milk have turned sour. More than half of Americans are drinking non-dairy milk alternatives with sales reaching into the billions. Here to talk about the next big movement in moo free beverages its founder of Milkadamia Morgan Roy.

Hey Morgan. Hi there. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Now tell us a little bit about why everybody is jumping on this bandwagon of drinking dairy free milk alternatives? People tend to think that non-dairy milk drinkers are drinking it out of necessity.

They might be allergic or the lactose intolerant, but in reality 9 out of 10 non-dairy milk drinkers also drink dairy like me. So I guess it's out of preference but it's also the health benefits. Tell me about the health benefits. Well there's a Harvard study that says that dairy milk isn't the only or even the best source of calcium. For example in a glass of macadamia milk that's 50% more calcium than a glass of dairy milk but with three times less calories.

Okay and there's a lot of different milk alternatives on the market. We have soy milk, coconut, almond but tell us about this new nut milk in town. Yes, the newest nut milk is macadamia milk which we call Milkadamia. Milkadamia. And it's new but it's not that new. The nuts been around for thousands of years. It's a native plant to Australia. Australia? Correct.

Not Hawaii? No, it's native to Australia. Okay. My brother actually runs our farm and we're very proud to be producing a native product of Australia. And what it tastes like? Oh and the taste is amazing. Can I try? You may. Okay you talk. The key is that we use raw nuts, not roasted, like some of the other nut milks do so that allows a natural subtle buttery flavor of the macadamia to shine through.

It doesn't overpower your palate, it complements the flavor. And it is delicious. Good. This is so good.

Tell me how you farm it, because this is unique. Right? That's actually probably the most important thing to us. As I said my brother runs our farm, we have thousands of trees and we have coined the phrase free-range trees. Which means, tree supporting life, not trees on life support and what that actually means is that we're not bound by an irrigation system. We don't have to draw from the lakes or the streams or from our underground aquifer like some of the other nut milk's have to do. We just take whatever falls out of the sky and just a natural sunshine because we're growing our nuts in the native place where first discovered.

That is pretty cool. Now if I want to cook with this or bake with this how does that work, do you use it just like you would any other milk? Just like any other, just like milk, you can depending on your taste preference or what you're cooking, we have unsweetened. Which is very good. We have originated and we actually have l'arte da which is more for the coffee. So you can have, put it in your cereal, you can bake with it, make smoothies with it, mac and cheese but you know what I like to do with it? What? I like to pour a big bath and just sit in it. You babe in the milk! And you can do that all while staying GMO free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, carikean free, all sorts of frees.

That is awesome. So you can drink it and bathe in it. Thank you so much Morgan. For more information about macadamia nut milk, go to or go to our website That's not even the best way and I have to tell you, macadamia nuts are some of my absolute favorite.

So now that I can get some delicious nut milk right in the store. Ummm, thank you and speaking of things that also might make you nuts. If it's the summer heat, we don't want you to lose your cool Jeni Isenman is here with tips on how to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Check this out. Ready to chill out and beat the heat? I'm Jenny Isenman with some tips to keep your vehicle running cool in the dog days of summer. The radiator is the heart of your car's cooling system.

You knew that right, I mean who doesn't? okay fine I didn't. But turns out it's responsible for preventing the car from overheating. So you can check this yourself but you should know a couple of things. For starters, never open a hot radiator cap. If the coolant looks milky or rusty, make an appointment at your local Sears Auto Center. If the radiator is the heart of your car's cooling system, the oil is the lifeblood of your engine. You knew that too right? You're looking for two things. One does it come up to the full mark and two how dark is it.

As long as the oil is a yellowish brown and stays between those two lines, you're okay. Here's a handy rule of thumb, dark oil needs a change and milky oil needs a mechanic. Next on the list, check the hoses. Look for any visible leaks cracks or peeling.

The coolants not doing any good if it's not properly circulating through the hoses and extreme heat can damage a worn hose. Planning a road trip this summer? Don't get stuck on the side of the road or in the middle of nowhere. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge. Make sure it registers cool.

Lastly, when the mercury rises the car's, battery strength drops. Your battery case shouldn't be bulging, cracked or leaking. If it is, it's time to replace it. Sears Auto Center will check your battery no charge. So schedule an appointment for a free performance snapshot evaluation, every time you bring your vehicle in for service. For more information go to or (Music) (Music) Oh my goodness, how about those fruit spreads? Aren't they fabulous? They look delicious. All right do you think he's gonna save us some? I hope so. I want some breakfast.

Rafael save us some. Mama's getting hungry. Okay and in the meantime make it a great day and head to our Facebook page and our website and of course you can always follow us on Twitter we've got lots more there. I think just because of the Rafael, I'm gonna get more than you.

Thanks for watching everyone, we'll see you next time. Ah hey that's not fair mama mama (Music).

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