Best Treatment For Citrobacter Freundii Imbalance

Author: Candida Crusher

Greetings! Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for checking out my video. I'm the author of a book called Candida Crusher. We're going to keep going on with the Citrobacter series, so we're going to talk about best treatment for Citrobacter. This is a bacterial problem.

Like many bacteria, there are hundreds of species in your gut, and this one can become really imbalanced and create an overgrowth. Now, Citrobacter is often by default very resistant to different types of antibiotics. Whether you're taking Cephalosporin or Fluoroquinolone or something like Ciprofloxacin. Many different types of antibiotic drugs are given to patients if they come back with a positive for bacterial infection like Citro. Citrobacter is quite smart. Like many bacteria, it actually gets smarter and smarter with many successive generations.

Particularly if you take pharmaceutical antibiotics to try and counter this. Some little known advice that people aren't given with antibiotics is never keep taking drugs concurrently for the same infection. It's dumb. Why the hell would you do that? Why would you keep taking another drug? Doctors will say, "Well let's try this one. Let's try that one." What the hell are you doing trying all these different things for? All you're doing is just digging a deeper hole for yourself to fall into that you'll never climb out of eventually.

I've spent too much time in my practice trying to fix up the mess created by "Let's give this a try" kind of practitioners. Be very careful. The first shot is the best shot. If you found you've got an infection, of a bacterial overgrowth, be very careful the first time you do a treatment. Consider carefully. Maybe you should take a natural treatment before you consider a pharmaceutical intervention.

Best Treatment For Citrobacter Freundii Imbalance

Because it's a lot easier to ramp things up than it is to ramp things down. Once you've done a lot of collateral damage, you've busted up a lot of beneficial bacteria, you've created a drug resistant form of bacteria, what the heck are you going to try and do to really clean up this mess? My opinion, not that I want to blow my own trumpet: Check out CanXida Remove. This is a product I designed which is proving to be highly successful for the eradication of lots of different types of bacteria. I'm also finding it excellent for resistant types of bacteria like Citrobacter. Why is that so? Because it's a very compound product that contains many different types of antimicrobials in it. Some people will say, "Oil of oregano is the best" or "Tanalbit is the best" or "Plant tannins are the best" or "Grapefruit seed extract is the best." What I did is I spent quite a lot of years doing stool testing on patients, and I've really worked out that many patients come back with bacteria or overgrowths like Citrobacter freundii. I've worked out with the stool panels, we can have a look at the back of the stool test and we can actually see the susceptibility panel. We can see what Citrobacter is very sensitive to, and that was a big part of how I created my product, was looking at thousands of stool tests over a period of a long period of time and working out the best combination of antimicrobials to counter this, and the results are certainly coming back.

We're getting really good feedback from many people now with Citrobacter infection that we're slowly turning these infections back to normal. Be careful what you take. Even if you just take one antimicrobial like oil of oregano, you may develop a resistance against one particular type of thing. Just be careful not to routinely take the same natural product or pharmaceutical especially, again and again. It's not a good idea. When you take a very good antimicrobial and you've got a big Citrobacter problem, you'll find initially a big counter response of the body. This can be described by some people as die off. A good product like CanXida Remove will create a strong effect to counter bacteria like Citrobacter.

That could include for up to a week, initial discomfort, but that will very quickly disappear, and you'll notice a big change in the comfort of the digestive system. So, rule number one: Think carefully about taking a pharmaceutical drug for a Citrobacter problem. Number two: Why would you take the same medication time and again or keep changing it to different types of medications, whether it's pharmaceutical or natural, to get the effect you're looking for. Number three: your first shot is your best shot. So, when you've got a problem, take something good straight up front, low dose to get used to it, and to test what your reactions are, ramp it up, and then high dose. Take the sustained high push for several weeks, maybe three or four weeks, and then back off and at the same time you can take a good digestive enzyme/probiotic product. Something like CanXida Restore for example can be taking concurrently with Remove, or could be used at the tail end to finish things off and to tidy up the gut. Of course, retest.

So if you're positive for Citrobacter, check it out again to make sure that you've nailed this thing. Check out my other videos where we'll talk a little bit about diet and Citrobacter coming up now. Thanks for tuning in.

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