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On this week’s Best Docs Network we’ll feature ENT Dr. James Ludwick, hair restoration specialist Dr. Rashid M.

Rashid, gynecologist Dr. Maurice Leibman, plastic surgeon Dr. Greg Bancroft. It's a call that's telling me I'm here to serve. It's a need to make a difference in the world. 24 hours day or night these healing hands will make it right. Looking in their eyes I know that I'm changing lives, changing lives, changing lives for the better, for the better, changing lives.

Hi again everyone, I’m Kandace Krueger along with Jim Knox and we’re back once again with another edition of the Best Docs Network featuring some of the best physicians in the Houston area that are changing people’s lives. Exactly right, this is the place to come to find one of the best doctors in the Houston area, like our first best doctor, gynecologist Dr. Maurice Leibman. I started having heavier periods where I would have to you know make sure that I was near a restroom and you know kind of got to be about every hour to two hours I would have to check, have excessive bleeding and so I would not wear anything that would you know have the ability to you know show any type of accident which again is very embarrassing. It’s a very common problem. It affects about one in five women. A lot of women think they just have to put up with it and that’s part of being female and sooner or later it will stop but in fact it goes on for a long time and it interferes with their work life, their exercise life, their sex life.

It started getting irregular too. It wouldn’t always be every four weeks. I mean sometimes I would have it three weeks, sometimes five weeks so I couldn’t even anticipate if we were going on a trip or you know. Again in the old days, ten or fifteen years ago it was very common for the gynecologist to say well let’s just do a hysterectomy. This new minimally invasive technology was developed called endometrial ablation referring to ablating or removing the lining of the uterus. And Dr. Leibman gave me the alternatives and said it’s a very short procedure.

Best Docs Network Houston November 11 2012

I trust him wholeheartedly, I mean I’ve known him for you know twenty plus years and I would trust my life with him. She certainly didn’t want to have a hysterectomy so then we talked about this minimally invasive procedure that involved no cutting, no hormones. She was really interested. And so came in here, cannot stand needles, cannot stand any procedures. I was in and out of here for sure in an hour and I mean obviously I did get put under.

The recovery is very similar, it’s going home, taking a nap, having some pain medication and usually that night there is some cramping but the following day almost everyone is up and about and doing what they need to do. And went home, slept for maybe a day off and on and I was back at work the next day and ever since then I’ve been perfect and feel wonderful. Kimberly who loves to travel due to her job could hardly walk due to severe foot pain until she met Dr. Gabriel Maislos. To find out more about Kimberly's story and other life changing stories log on to We have young, young people who are already having thickening of their heart muscle, they’re already not quite having normal function and it’s the earliest signs that there’s a problem there, that the heart’s working against a large, extra load that it normally wouldn’t have to. When I originally started to even look into this after I had talked to my friend, I was probably between 335 and 340. I had been that for 10 or 15 years – been over 300 pounds for at least 15 or 20 years.

We’re giving them back some of that control in that one area where they’ve had a problem. But it’s a dangerous area, you can’t walk around at 310 pounds and think everything’s going to be okay for very long, it’s not. There’s been times when I’d lost weight before, I’ve gotten down to 225 before but 6 months later I’m back at 300 and that was always my issue. And after you do that 2 or 3 times you know why do you want to do it again because you know what’s gonna happen.

I actually had a buddy of mine that did the surgery probably a year before I started looking into it and he had had great results. His weight loss was incredible from what I’d seen and I’d known the guy for several years, so and he was completely, completely happy and excited with everything, so that’s when I started looking into the surgery myself. Buck has lost 115 pounds in about 6 months after having a sleeve gastric. I mean that’s a good, good outcome. So far we’re only partway through, we’re gonna expect more weight loss beyond that. Although he’s clearly getting down towards his ideal body weight which is what we’d ideally like to happen. I started off at 335 or 340 January of 2011 and it’s what February of 2012 and I’m at 186.

It’s like being reborn. Before I guess I just kind of just muddled through life, no excitement, just do what I had to do to get by, no energy, no fun. Now, I mean excitement, fun, romance, social life, things I didn’t have before. He changed my life, it’s a whole new world every day. Many of us live with pain, but you don’t have to, PAMA’s here to help. Whether it’s sports injuries, arthritis or joint pain, the physicians of PAMA are dedicated to your wellness and getting you back to pain-free gains. So what are you waiting for, go to and find a physician or orthopedic specialist who can help you stop pain and live life to its fullest again. PAMA, pain freedom, go to

Self-image is crucial to our overall health and our next best doctor plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann helped one patient achieve the look she desires. Tameka had a hemangioma also and this was affecting the soft tissue of her jaw but also the jaw itself, the bone itself that was involved in actually causing the rest of the growth of the bone so her chin and jaw did not grow properly. So we had to advance it to lengthen it. I was told at 10 I would be scarred for life.

I was told that they wanted to actually cut pieces of my buttocks and my legs and kind of hide the birthmark. And I just said I don’t think it’s a birthmark. I’d just notice when I would get angry the lower half would just light up red so I said birthmarks don’t do that. What we did with Tameka was we actually did a osteotomy. Her chin was more like this, very far back and we did something we call a sliding genioplasty where we interorally made an incision in the soft tissue and then made a bone cut sliding the lower segment forward and fixing the position in place with plates and screws. When I came out of surgery I couldn’t see anything.

I had to be bandaged lower half and I think I had a sling over my head for a while too. He actually did more than what we had planned. He said once I got in I saw what was going on. I had to make adjustments to kind of balance your face. In two weeks when I got to see my face, I cried. I’m sorry.

The vertical dimension from her nose to her chin was abnormally long. We kind of divided the face up into thirds and the distance between the bottom of her nose to the chin was disproportionatly long in relationship from her mid face to her forehead. So you know, balance is important. Prior to the surgery, I know I wasn’t as outgoing. To know that you’re always different and just the stares.

And not just the stares from children but actually adults. Just as a child up until the surgery, I just got tired of just being stopped or being looked at funny because I was different. The confidence to hold my head up again, just to be accepted again. Even I’m different to be accepted. You can’t take that back from me now, so it’s an amazing feeling.

Fatigue is a very common problem. What are the causes of fatigue? Well, sleep disorders can cause fatigue. For example if you have sleep apnea where you gasp or choke at night that can cause you to be tired.

So can snoring, so can fragmented sleep where you awaken a lot during the night. All of that can make you tired as well as not sleeping enough hours. Taking naps can interrupt the quality of your sleep at nighttime and therefore you’re going to need another nap because you’re tired, so reducing your naps will help a lot.

Certain diseases can cause disease, for example thyroid problems, anemia, diabetes and hypertension. These should be checked up on at your physician’s office. If you’re on certain medications some of them can cause fatigue especially some of the medications we use to treat hypertension. Depression and stress are common causes for fatigue. For example people who are stressed out a lot they’re going to have bad sleep and they’re just going to burn up their adrenaline during the day being stressed and they’re going to be real tired. Depression and sadness will cause you to be sleepy and tired throughout the day so getting those diseases treated can help a lot. So, if you’re tired of being tired think about the things I’ve talked about and try to get them checked out.

I lost a couple and the rest of them started getting loose and it was something that took about five or six years to happen. It just suddenly came on though. Yeah, George, his teeth were in an end stage in that they were decayed and he also had periodontal disease, bone loss around his teeth.

His teeth were chronically infected, they had become loose. Also, there was a cosmetic problem with his teeth and George is a very outgoing person and likes to smile and has a great smile and so his smile just didn’t suit his character not to mention the health of his teeth. It was really driving him down. I was king of getting to the point where things that required real chewing particularly in the back of my mouth was getting more and more difficult. With George what we did was removed his teeth. Now in him we focused on his lower jaw and from a financial standpoint many individuals decide to maybe focus in one jaw versus the other. Now granted with him we could have done both of them simultaneously but for whatever reason and oftentimes it’s schedules, their busy work schedules, also finances that they’ll sometimes stagger the case to suit them better and with George we focused on his lower jaw and we removed all of his teeth upper and lower but we put the implants immediately in his lower jaw.

I’m feeling fine now. I’m back to the point of eating anything, that’s no problem. We’ll continue on. I’m not quite through with all the procedures but just about.

And that is a misconception that we’re seeing right now with the advertising where it talks about get this all done, completed in one day. Reality is the final is usually done later down the road once the body has fused with the implant and the textbook answer for that is at least three months. But it can be as long as anywhere from three to six months but standard of care is to keep the patient in a provisional, a prototype if you will, for a period of at least three months. According to my experience no question about it, don’t be waiting on it. The earlier you start some treatment, clearly the better.

If you’ve had a doctor help change your life we’d love to hear about it. Send us an email at Jill came to see me for hearing loss and while she was hear she also told me she had some allergy problems and then also snoring and feeling like she had insomnia and she couldn’t stay asleep during the night, she was tired during the day, wake up with the dry mouth. I think you have sleep apnea, I’m going uh, what’s sleep apnea. He said well sleep apnea is where you don’t get any REM sleep and you don’t sleep well. Are you tired a lot? I said I’ve always been tired.

We obtained a sleep study and found out that she had you know a lot of sleep fragmentation from snoring and from sleep apnea. He said well we’d like to do the second test of course that would diagnose the fact that you do have sleep apnea. So, went in another night, electrodes but I had a mask this time and I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning, you know it was like wow, I mean jeez, it was like I am so rested! So he didn’t have to do a hard sell or anything with me I mean.

He said you need a BiPAP machine, we decided that and this is why and he sat down and explained everything to me. If you have the other effective treatment option, and you decide to have surgery and this is something I think we’re going to do that’s a good chance of making it better, then let’s do it. But for some people that’s just not their best interest you know and she’s happy. You know, Jill sleeps every night, has no complaints, she loves it, it’s safe, it’s effective, guaranteed to work.

Are we going to beat that with a surgery? No, we’re not. My co-workers at the time noticed an immediate difference. I mean I didn’t tell them what was going on but they noticed an immediate difference in my demeanor and my approachability. If that therapy makes you feel great I just think that your opinion of that therapy is going to change.

Right? Now if you can’t use it or you’re claustrophobic and you have an obvious anatomic problem then sure let’s go down this other path and we’ll make you better but better and perfect aren’t the same you know. It’s made a great impact, it’s really, the only thing I’ve missed and this is going to sound crazy, but I’m used to having 22 hours in a day as opposed to 16 or 17 you know and I can’t get as much done as I used to get done because I’m sleeping but the tradeoff is great. For more information on any of the great doctors you’ve seen on today’s show, it’s much more than a television show because you can head to the website, That’s right and now we’re going to get to know our next best doctor. It’s radiologist Dr. Stephen Rose. To be a comprehensive breast center doesn’t mean having a nice building and a nice name on the center. There’s a lot of people that have done that.

What makes your comprehensive breast center is working with other physician’s specialties together to do the best that you can possibly do for each patient. It’s important that when we find an abnormality that the radiologist understands the pathology, knows what to biopsy, when to biopsy and then can communicate that back to the referring physician, communicate it to the patient and communicate to the pathologist what our concerns are. This is what the beauty is of a comprehensive breast center. So, it really means working together as a team. Working with your breast surgeons, working with the pathologist, working with the radiation oncologist, the plastic surgeons and we work as a team.

When people come to TOPS company, that’s a breast center or if they come to one of our Memorial Hermann breast centers what they’ll see is a group of dedicated breast radiologists. So when they come to one of our centers, you’re dealing with a radiologist who is focused on finding cancer at the earliest stage. And one of the things that we talk about as a group we want to disrupt as few lives as possible while finding cancers at their earliest stage. That’s our mission statement. Someone comes in and we have a finding on the mammogram or they come in with a lump and they need an ultrasound. In many facilities this is performed by a technologist, the doctor may or may not ever see the patient. If they do see the patient they only look at the area of interest. It is our policy in our practice that the radiologist comes in on every patient.

We scan every patient our self. Yes, our technologist looks, but we scan every patient. My strong belief is and I think statistics prove that is that when you have specialists doing this you get a better result.

In our practice that’s what we do. That’s the whole focus of our practice. You know it’s a very special group of people from all over the country from very well trained facilities and so it’s an exciting group to be part of. Office Wayne Shultz weighed an unhealthy 554 pounds until he met Dr. Robert Marvin. To find out more on Wayne’s story and other life changing stories, logon to

When you talk about Ceci she’s talking about issues that pretty much any lady who has had several children will talk about that they just feel that their stomach never quite went back to the way it was before. I’ve been active all my life and in sports throughout high school, my collegiate years ran track and field and competed in Ms. Fitness USA competitions and had a flat stomach for pretty much most of my life. I had three beautiful girls but with the pregnancies I had three C-sections also and so having the flat stomach before and not able to achieve that afterward was kind of like you know a punch in the stomach, you know so to speak and I wanted to do something about it. And you can do all the exercise in the world, you can diet all you want and you will still find ladies that still say I just bulge a little bit more than I remember. And why do they? It’s because that tissue, that connective tissue there in the stomach has basically been kind of stretched out like a balloon that’s been overinflated or a rubber band that’s been pulled too far and it never will snap back to the way it was before. I need to start you know doing for me now, you know just getting my body back to the way I wanted it to be and I really didn’t think of plastic surgery but I did my research and I’m glad I did, I’m just so happy that I did.

You know, you see all the effort you’re putting in, you want to see the results and that’s frustrating for any individual to do something and not see the results from it and that’s where she was. But then after the surgery, once you get that tightness back and fix the tissues that were stretched out by pregnancy then it just adds that you know whole measure back to exercise that she wanted to have from before. The flat stomach, it is there. We’ve gone on two cruises already and I’ve been in my bikini.

I haven’t been able to do that in a long time, since before my competition so that was back in 1999 so I hadn’t been able to do that in a while. I’m full force working out, doing ab exercises, working out with my husband and running, jogging, just doing all the things that I used to do but now I can show it off and I can wear a half tank top you know to work out in you know it’s like things I didn’t think I would be able to do again. Thanks to Dr. Bancroft, yeah. Now it is time to introduce you to one of the best hair restoration doctors in the Houston area, it’s Dr.

Rashid M. Rashid. Hair loss has many causes. Ninety percent of hair loss is the genetic type that we see men balding, females will get it as well. A small percentage have immune mediated hair loss and scarring hair loss.

We do a lot to try and screen those patients and treat them in other ways because they can’t be candidates for this procedure. Well, FUE is an extraction of a follicle unit one by one. It involves careful aiming of the device at the unit and extracting it one by one. It’s very time consuming and tedious but done properly it will allow for great healing and great results. Again, the other method is a giant scar, ear to ear incision, very, very bloody and fast. It’s fast and easy but it’s just a horrible thing for the patient to go through versus this method. It’s much more delicate, intricate and overall the results are great. If you’re talking about FUE and it’s something you’re interested in doing, you need to have at least a good amount of area in the back of your scalp to donate.

It’s the same criteria as the strip surgery criteria. Important things are things you shouldn’t have or should try or if you’re considering, you know you don’t want to be a patient with a lot of medical conditions. You can’t really be on a blood thinner, you can’t be a diabetic, you can’t really have thyroid disease. Now that’s not to say that if you have these you can’t do the procedure. There are people who have these conditions and do the procedure but your odds of success are much lower. In general you want it to be an overall healthy person who undergoes this procedure. It is elective, it is cosmetic.

You know the recovery time for this procedure is dramatic compared to the other procedure. The other procedure you’d have this giant stitch, it was painful, it would stay in for two weeks. In this procedure usually you have a band aid on the back of your scalp, band aid comes off in a day maybe two days and you can go back to work the next day. If you’re okay with the band aid, a lot of people are, just get a band aid and go to work the next day and that’s like nothing happened.

There are other ways to do this, they’re not permanent. You know whatever you do you’re going to do it everyday versus our method is permanent. But we like to make sure the patient is informed about their options before they actually undergo this procedure.

Now once you do this procedure, you’re done. There are no pills, there are no creams, there are no topical medicines and you have your own hair. You can go swimming, you can do what you want with it.  After undergoing a mastectomy Colleen turned to Dr. Evan Feldman to help change her life. To find out more about Colleen’s life and other life changing stories, logon to

What is snoring? Snoring is noise that is created by the airway going through your nasal passage and oral passage. If there is obstruction then the air is turbulent and creates noise when it goes through those passages. I came to see the doctor because I was a lot of snoring. My wife they have a lot of problems you know, we can’t sleep and a lot of snoring.

I feel tired in the morning when I wake up you know. So when we examined Mr. Gonzales we found that he has a very obstructed oral passage so his tonsils are enlarged and he also has an elongated soft palate. We also looked at his nose and we found that he has a crooked septum combined with enlarged turbinate which also contributes to narrowing of the nasal passage which also contributes to his snoring. After the surgery the first day I took all the medicine and all that and the first week I lost some weight because they put me like on a diet you know and only ice cream and liquids and all that and I lost some weight like ten or twelve pounds.

It’s good for me for my health also. After surgery he’s a changed man, he’s a completely different man. He’s lost weight because he’s able to exercise, he’s able to breathe better, he’s able to sleep better. He’s also rekindled with his wife which you know he can be more intimate with his wife and you know they can share more time together which is very important.

Oh it’s good very good because my wife is very happy, is one of the main things. She says I’m not snoring no more, just normal. And also my health, I feel better than before. Many of us live with pain, but you don’t have to, PAMA’s here to help. Whether it’s sports injuries, arthritis or joint pain, the physicians of PAMA are dedicated to your wellness and getting you back to pain-free gains. So what are you waiting for, go to and find a physician or orthopedic specialist who can help you stop pain and live life to its fullest again. PAMA, pain freedom, go to

Cynthia came in before her wedding to lose areas that were difficult for her to fit into her dress and for her honeymoon. She knew that the cool sculpting was something that she could have permanent loss that was noticeable and that was not invasive. My procedure was right before, well three months before my wedding and I really had been working out hard trying to get into that wedding dress and look perfect. So, I needed little areas around my back, my little back fat would not go away and so I asked that that be taken care of. Most patients will have a noticeable permanent loss of fat. It reduces the fat by freezing the fat cells, crystallizing them. Your body then takes it away with an inflammatory response and over a several month period you’ll have noticeable effects. We wanted something that didn’t have long lasting side effects and so that it had minimal downtime and so people can do this on their lunch hour per se.

In addition we wanted something that was cost effective and it wouldn’t cost as much as a surgery as well. With the cool sculpting what it helped for me is the fact that like it’s not painful, it’s non-invasive and you really see results in two to three weeks. I mean I am a little impatient so it was one of those things that I wasn’t really willing to wait for but I would for three months. The thing is I saw results in two to three weeks and continue to see results three months later. So, there’s that factor, and I mean the painless thing is very big so I like that. Ultimately it’s something that if someone’s not looking for a large area for liposuction per se, then this would be perfect for that.

It doesn’t take the place of liposuction by any means but it certainly can work with it in addition to after treatment or those patients that just don’t want surgery. When he was able to do it and it was amazing, like I mean just for my second to last fitting, there was a huge difference. They were able to actually take it in around my bust line so it really was significant, so it was really cool. Well that’ll do it, that’ll wrap up another edition of the Best Docs Network featuring some of the best physicians in the Houston area that are changing people’s lives. And of course you can find out more information on any of the great doctors that you’ve seen on today’s show because it’s much more than a television show, head to the website, You bet and if you have a question or a comment or if there’s a doctor that’s helped to change your life, we want to hear from you. Send us an email at That will do it, we will see you next week.

Best Docs Network Houston November 11 2012

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