Benefits of Cranberry Juice: Is It Healthy?

Author: Natural Cures

Have you ever wondered about those added sugars and preservatives found in the fruit juices that you buy at the supermarket? It seems like that drinking those types of juices would be just as harmful as soft-drinks. While they aren’t that harmful it’s best to read the labels and make wise choices. For example, a natural cranberry juice is great for your health. The cranberry is a small but great-tasting fruit that many native American tribes used frequently—not only because of the great taste, but also because it’s rich in antioxidants and helps in hydration. Try giving a glass to your children at breakfast.

They’ll probably drink it before they will eat broccoli and spinach, and that’s fantastic because cranberries actually have a higher nutritional value than either of those two green vegetables. Today, we’ll focus on the many benefits of drinking natural cranberry juice. First, did you know that cranberry juice is high in calcium? Drinking half of a glass every day will strengthen your bones and teeth. That’s especially important for anyone suffering from brittle or fragile bones. Again, because some companies add calcium to their brand of cranberry juice, try to choose the one with the least sugar content. Although you might think the brand with the higher calcium content would actually be better, don’t be fooled—the natural cranberry juice provides sufficient calcium to prevent major issues. You only want the purest, most natural juice available.

Its sugars should be natural and not added. Secondly, cranberry juice has properties that fight both cancer and other tumors. It does this with the polyphenol compounds which have been known to slow the growth of tumors in the breasts, lungs, colon and prostate. Where tumors are found, normally blood clots are also present.

Cranberries has salicylic acid which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, cranberry juice battles blood clots and tumors by reducing inflammation. If you consider the flavonoids that cranberry juice contains, you’ll discover that it inhibits harmful cell growth in our bodies.

Benefits of Cranberry Juice: Is It Healthy?

So, both the flavonoids and salicylic acid work together to hinder the spread of cancer cells and the growth of tumors. Next, when added to a healthy diet, cranberry juice can combat obesity. By drinking cranberry juice, you’re helping to flush your system of accumulated fat. Remember to maintain your exercise routine, which will help you get rid of unwanted fat, eat a balanced diet, which will cut down on your fat intake, and drink cranberry juice, which will supplement the first two. Accumulated fat is not the only thing that cranberries flush from our system. They also rid our blood of toxins—thereby reducing the risk of liver disease. In addition to all of these benefits that we’ve already listed, cranberry juice can also support a healthy heart. Those same flavonoids that inhibit harmful cell growth can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Because they serve as antioxidants, these flavonoids, help keep your arteries clear and free from substances that block them, like lipids, calcium, and cholesterol. When our arteries become blocked, the blood flow is restricted. The more that happens, more areas in our bodies don’t get the proper amount of oxygen. That leads to the threat of major heart issues such as strokes and heart attacks. One little known fact about cranberries is that it contains an important chemical compound for good oral health. Proanthocyanidin reduces the production of acid and simultaneously keeps harmful bacteria from adhering to our teeth. So, drinking cranberry juice can fight gum disease as well as plaque build-up. Don’t forget that we’re talking about the natural cranberry juices without a lot of added sugars.

Drinking cranberry juice with added artificial sugars won’t exactly promote good oral health. Doesn’t all of this great information have you thirsting for a cool glass of cranberry juice? Since cranberry juice has a lot of natural sugar, it can be a little too sweet for some people. If you’re one of those people, try watering it down or making a smoothie with it. As a substitute for your favorite soft-drink, try this healthier option: Ingredients 2 cups of cranberry juice 1/2 cup of seltzer water Ice cubes as desired Instructions Add all of the ingredients together and stir them well.

Immediately you’ve got a healthy, refreshing summer drink. If you’d like, vary the amount of cranberry juice according to how sweet you’d like your drink.

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Benefits of Cranberry Juice: Is It Healthy?

Have you ever wondered about those added sugars and preservatives found in the fruit juices that you buy at the supermarket? It seems like that drinking those types of juices would…

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