Behind the Scenes of The Thyroid Secret + Q&A

Author: Thyroid Pharmacist Izabella Wentz

- Guys, Dr. Izabella Wentz here, this is actually my very first Facebook Live event, so I'm so excited to be here with you tonite. We're going to go behind the scenes of The Thyroid Secret today and we're gonna, I'm gonna answer some of your questions, so I know many of you in my tribe have already seen The Thyroid Secret documentary series, and I hope that you've been really, really enjoying it. I've got so many positive, letters and messages from people that have watched The Thyroid Secret, one of my favorites was from a woman who, after watching episode five, which was the food episode, ended up changing up her diet, and by episode nine, she said she was feeling significantly better, and this was so powerful and I'm so excited about this. Just to see the impact that the documentary series is making, so if you're on and if you're watching, I'd love for you to say hello, tell me where you're from, tell me your name, and also let me know if you've seen The Thyroid Secret, what you thought about it, and if you've already watched or haven't watched it, there's a link in here that will give you a place where you can go ahead and watch it. So, exciting, this is really exciting, I'm seeing you guys coming online here and coming on board, thank you for sending me all the hearts and all the love, I really do appreciate it. I wanted to share with you a few different things I learned over the last year as I was traveling the country, recording The Thyroid Secret. The reason I decided to record this documentary was because I know that there are so many people suffering with thyroid disease, and there are ways that people can get better but, it just sort of has been this, this secret that's kept among the elite people in natural health, or people who can really afford to see fancy doctors, and I don't think that's fair, I feel like every single person with a condition should have access to this information, this is why I wrote my book called Hashimoto's The Root Cause, and why I write on my blog about all the different things that I've found to be helpful, for thyroid disease.

I created The Thyroid Secret because I wanted to get this message out in a big way, and I don't want to be the only like, crazy woman talking about how reversing thyroid disease is possible, that there's more you can do than take thyroid medication, so I decided to team up with a hundred of my favorite thyroid and natural medicine experts, as well as 60 patients with thyroid disease who've been able to recover their health. And through the process, you know I went into it thinking that I like, knew everything about thyroid disease, and obviously I've had my share of success in reversing my own thyroid condition as well as helping thousands of others do the same, but there's so much innovation coming out day after day, that I've learned quite a few things, I'm really excited to share them with you. Here I see Jacqueline, hi Jacqueline from Long Beach, California. Hello, nice to see you, and Sarah, STL area, so she was on a mission trip when it first started, so she's watching it again March 1st, that's awesome Sarah, March 1st is when we're gonna start off the world premiere, I know some of you guys have already seen the initial behind the scenes premiere sneak peek of The Thyroid Secret, because you're a loyal subscriber of my community, and I hope that you found that really, really helpful, we've done some upgrades since that time for The Thyroid Secret, so we've taken all of your feed back and changed things up a bit, so we're now gonna have a schedule page where you know each and every page when something's released, and we're actually releasing the episodes at six pm, eastern time, so to allow for your adrenals to rest and relax.

We've also added in some more helpful protocols throughout each episode, Kathy, hello from Portland, how are you doing? There's Jess from Manchester, UK, wow! Tara from Houston, nice to see you and Sarah from Sydney, wow, so Sarah hasn't seen the documentary yet, so she's going to be tuning in I hope, on March 1st because it's changed lives already, Yvonne from Ohio, and Taylor from Ohio, how are you girls doing, and my wonderful neighbors, donna from Swansea, Nina from Oregon, Paula, hello Paula, Erica, Erica wants to know, what are the signs of a bad thyroid? That's a really, really good question, so if you have an underactive thyroid, or an overactive thyroid, basically you're gonna have a problem with your metabolism. When you're either speeding up your metabolism too much, as in an overactive thyroid, where you're having palpitation, anxiety, panic attacks, you're losing too much weight without trying, or you can have an underactive thyroid, where you're just not losing weight, no matter what you do and you're very, very tired and you're having apathy, depression and brain fog, those are some of the main symptoms that people report and of course you can do testing for this as well, and we can jump into that, there's Carol from Memphis, Donna says, hi love, thanks for everything you're doing to help us, it's my pleasure, Mary, hello from San Antonio, Texas, we've got some Texas in the house, my husband is actually from Texas, so I always feel like it's my second home, I recently was there and may have picked up a couple pairs of boots, which I'm really, really excited about. But getting back to The Thyroid Secret, so last year I traveled all around the country, to interview the world's top one hundred experts in thyroid disease, and I had a chance to connect with about 60 patients. I learned some really, really tremendous insights on this journey, one of the things that I learned was actually from a thyroid patient, he talked about that the, one of the biggest, most helpful things for him, was to relax and put his body in a physical relaxation state, this makes a lot of sense because stress is one of the most common things that can cause thyroid disease, as well as exacerbate it, so for any of you guys watching, if you have a problem with thyroid disease, a really, really important thing to consider is your stress response and how you're reacting to stress and figuring out if you can do something to reduce your stress. Tonya from Edmonton, hello Tonya, and let's see we have Vicky, she's asking, what do you think about low dose naltrexone for Hashimoto's? Low dose naltrexone is a really, really helpful medication, for those of you that haven't heard of it, naltrexone is an FDA approved medication that was originally used for addiction, there was a doctor named Dr. Bihari that was working with people that had addiction problems and he was trying to give them the smallest dose possible of this medication to help them and prevent side effects, and he was working with compounding pharmacists to get this tiny, tiny dose, one really interesting thing he noticed is, with this tiny dose, it helped the people's addictions, it helped the people feel better, and they also didn't have side effects.

Another thing that he noted, was that it somehow seemed to modulate the immune system. Now, it can be used for any kind of auto immune condition, as well as cancer, some of the reports from people specifically with Hashimoto's, were that low dose naltrexone can significantly reduce thyroid antibodies, and even help some people get into the complete remission range, once they just start utilizing this therapy, it's something that has to be taken from a compounding pharmacist and you do have to have a doctor's prescription for it, but it's very, very inexpensive, usually it's $20 to $30 a month, and it's virtually side effect free, so this is something that can be taken, every night at bedtime and the biggest side effect really is gonna be vivid dreaming, for some people the dreams can be scary, for others the dreams can be very pleasurable and even some people say they have erotic dreams, which some people like, nonetheless these dreams go away within about two weeks or so once you start the therapy. We do cover low dose naltrexone in The Thyroid Secret in episode three, so I hope you'll tune in for that. Marie wants to know, what's the remission range of thyroid antibodies? So generally there isn't an actual definition of remission for Hashimoto's specifically, so various people have sort of made up their own ranges, generally a remission, in what I consider the remission is, if somebody is no longer showing symptoms of the condition and if they have a significant reduction in their thyroid antibodies. People have said under 100 is considered remission, or under 35 is considered remission, for me, you know if I have somebody that starts off with a thyroid antibodies in the thousand range, and they get into the 300 range, for me I still consider that remission, so I often think of it as more of a journey, not necessarily a destination for a lot of people. Yvonne says she can't wait for The Thyroid Secret.

Behind the Scenes of The Thyroid Secret + Q&A

Yes, so it's coming in in less than a week, I really cannot wait, I've been behind the scenes, kinda reviewing all the footage, and making sure that it's really, really good and making sure that all of our websites is working and working with our fabulous team to get this all ready for you guys, I'm so excited with the transformations you're gonna have once you watch it. The, another thing that I learned traveling the country, was about a really innovative therapy that I was not aware of before that can actually regenerate thyroid tissue. So, in most cases we found that it's really easy to prevent the damage to the thyroid gland, I shouldn't say really easy, but once you eliminate the root cause of the condition you can prevent the damage to the thyroid gland, and a person may never need thyroid hormones. In some cases, some people can actually wean off of thyroid hormones with lifestyle interventions and the root cause approach as well, but it's not always, doesn't happen perfectly every time, and it may take some extra time.

Dr. Tami Meraglia shared an innovative therapy, known as stem cell therapy that can actually help regenerate thyroid tissue, we cover that in episode three as well, of The Thyroid Secret. Greg and Rachel said they really enjoyed the series, I'm soo glad to hear that, let's see here, how do you feel about the Epstein-Barr virus related to Hashimoto's, Melanie wants to know. This was another one of my really big takeaways from The Thyroid Secret, when the studies show that thyroid, our thyroid gland can, can produce disease once, because of certain infections, and there's three different ways that this can happen.

One of the ways is through the bystander affect, this is an auto immune theory of when there's a virus or another type of infection inside of the thyroid gland and our body tries to get rid of that infection by blowing up the home of where the infection lives, and unfortunately this ends up being the body attacking the thyroid gland. Now, Epstein-Barr virus has been identified more frequently in the thyroid glands of people with thyroid disease compared to those that do not have thyroid disease, and I used to always recommend for women to get, men and women to get tested for reactivation of Epstein-Barr virus and that you can do this through early antigen antibodies to thee virus to see if the virus is actively replicating and kind of creating trouble within your body, and then I would recommend various therapies to get the virus to stop replicating as quickly. Now in The Thyroid Secret, in episode eight, we cover this in greater detail and I actually have a wonderful nutritionist, Terry Cochran who's become a good friend, who's making some tremendous discoveries in how to treat Epstein-Barr virus with nutrition, so she recommends something known as the wildatarian diet, as well as an herbal protocol with various nutrients and supplements, we cover that in episode eight in The Thyroid Secret and that was, that was a, tremendously helpful thing that I learned during this journey. Melissa says, after five months on the autoimmune paleo diet, my antibodies dropped from over 900, wow, and the test couldn't actually measure any higher, so that could have been, you know, the highest it was measured, down to 300. That's amazing, congratulations. Auburn wants to know, do people stop taking thyroxine after remission? So in some cases people can get off of thyroxine right after they get into remission, in other cases we may have to work a little bit harder to induce getting off of the thyroid hormones. One of the ways people can do that is through using therapies like low dose naltrexone is through using cold laser therapy as well as using stem cells. Now, we cover this in episode three of The Thyroid Secrets.

Any recommendations for conceiving quicker while having Hashi's, it's taking forever? So Carrie, you really need to watch episode seven, which is the pregnancy and fertility episode, of The Thyroid Secret, so we have a dedicated episode that talks all about how to get pregnant if you have Hashimoto's, how to prepare your body for pregnancy, we talk about the best strategies to reduce your likelihood of having miscarriage, of having children born with disabilities, having post-partum thyroiditis, we also talk about what you want to do if you do have post-partum thyroid issues, so I really excited for you to tune into that, the link to sign up for the thyroid secret is in the description of this Facebook Live event. Do you discuss Graves disease? Melanie we do discuss Graves disease, so we have an amazing, amazing expert, Dr. Eric Osansky, so he is a Graves expert, and he's a doctor that was able to induce his own Graves into remission through natural therapies, and we do cover that in the Thyroid Secret, low dose naltrexone is also a helpful therapy in that, and pretty much every episode will cover Graves disease, Hashimoto's and low thyroid function, we also cover nodules, thyroid cancer, post-partum thyroiditis, pregnancy, thyroid disease in children, so really, if you have any kind of a thyroid condition, or if you know anybody that does, I highly recommend that you take advantage of this and actually if you guys are on your Facebook, if you could share this broadcast with, on your page to let people know about The Thyroid Secret, that would be really, really helpful for us in spreading the word about it. What's the best diet for underactive thyroid, Andrea wants to know? There are a lot of different diets that can help, some of the diets that I found to be most helpful are gonna be the gluten free diet, the paleo diet and the auto immune paleo diet. What's really, really exciting, in episode five we had a whole episode on nutrition and I also did a cooking tutorial with my dear friend Magdalena Wszelaki, and some of the people started just changing their diet right after that episode, one woman wrote in and said that she was able to feel better by episode nine after changing her diet right after watching episode five. Donna wants to know, when will this be on? The Thyroid Secret is coming on on March 1st, I really hope that you check it out, there's a link in here to register for it, and it's gonna be broadcast every day over nine days, we have a different episode for every single day.

Uh let's see, Andrea says thank you, Denise asks, do you talk about Hashimoto's and leaky gut? Yes, absolutely so one of the key things that can cause Hashimoto's is a leaky gut. And this is something that if you can address your leaky gut, you can oftentimes get your Hashimoto's into remission, so I highly recommend checking in The Thyroid Secret, we have a whole episode dedicated to gut health, this is gonna be episode eight, and pretty much the whole episode talks about Hashimoto's as well. Hashimoto's, as you guys know, is if you've been following my work, is the most common cause for hypothyroidism in the United States, and in most westernized countries, so some of the developing countries, iodine deficiency is still the issue, and still the cause of hypothyroidism, in the United States, in Australia, in the UK, in South Africa, we're seeing that it's primarily Hashimoto's that is the cause for thyroid disease and this is anywhere from 95 to 99 percent of the time. If you have an underactive thyroid, you have Hashimoto's. Michelle wants to know, do you feel hypothyroid/Hashimoto's, Graves are contributed to, from viral infections? Yeah, absolutely, so both Hashimoto's and Graves can be connected to viral infections, potentially inside of the thyroid glands, we do cover viral infections in the The Thyroid Secret in episode nine, and share some of the protocols that can help you get into remission if that's been your root cause, I oftentimes will tell people to think about doing a health timeline, where they go through and think about some of the events that led to them having a thyroid condition, and this would be going through any times of illness or stress that you might have had in your life and writing this all out. A lot of times people will notice that as they're going through this exercise, they'll be able to identify a triggering event, and that really helps to figure out what you need to do about it.

Nina wants to know, how do you know if you have a leaky gut? So if you have a thyroid condition, I would just assume that you have a leaky gut. Some of the symptoms that may make it more obvious would be constipation, diarrhea, bloating, acid reflux, any kind of stomach pains, but in reality, about half of the people that have leaky gut are just not gonna have any symptoms at all. Do you address weight loss in one of your episodes, I'm gluten free now, but I can't seem to gain weight, Amron. So this is a really, really common problem, in people with thyroid disease and actually one of the reasons could be due to having parasites, or having gut infections like H.Pylori, so we do cover that in the gut infection, anybody, in the gut episode, anybody that's had a long term kind of dietary change that hasn't produced remission, usually there's just gonna be a gut infection on board for that person, so working with my clients over the last few years, when I've done gut testing for the ones that didn't get better after a gluten free diet, or hit a plateau in their healing, about 80% of them had a gut infection. And tests are not a 100% reliable, so this is something to consider too. Corrinne wants to know if we address anxiety/depression in the series, Corrinne, we do we actually have a whole episode that's dedicated to anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, actually mental health misdiagnosis that are caused by thyroid disease, so episode two is gonna be featuring all of that, we have the wonderful Trudy Scott that's gonna be sharing some of her best practices, we have Dr. Kelly Brogan and Dr. Hyla Kass, as well in that episode and we all come together to talk about some of the strategies that can be really, really helpful for addressing depression and anxiety.

Let's see, can Synthroid increase weight and hot flashes, Karen wants to know? So in some cases, Synthroid can potentially cause us to make more reverse T3, which can then lead us to more weight gain, so I always encourage people who are on Synthroid, to and if they're not feeling their best to explore other options. Natural desiccated thyroid is a great option, as is Kampana T4 and T3, we talk about that in episode three of The Thyroid Secret, we go into depth about the various type of thyroid medication therapies. Tracy wants to know, when is the show? So this is gonna be happening on March 1st, so mark your calendars if you want to sign up, there's a link here to do so, and you'll be able to watch each episode on the day that it comes out, March 1st we have the introductory episode talking about the series and the overall overview. In the second episode we talk about the symptoms of anxiety/depression/brain fog. The third episode we start talking about some of the therapies on how to get back to your health, so we cover innovative therapies like cold laser therapy, natural desiccated thyroid, low dose naltrexone, as well as some other surprises. In episode four we start talking about toxins in our environment that can trigger thyroid disease, as well as how you can detoxify.

Episode five is when we start jumping into food as medicine, and some of these nutrient depletions. Episode six, we get into adrenals and the stress and thyroid connection, this has been one of the favorites from a lot of the people that watched it during our initial release, episode seven focuses all on fertility and pregnancy, and just because you guys are watching, I also have a sneak episode that we kind of release in there as kind of a bonus, and it's an interview with me about Hashimoto's. In episode eight we cover the gut connection and the infection connection, so what are some of the gut issues or what are some of the infections that can contribute to Hashimoto's and how to heal the gut.

And then in episode nine, which has been really by far the most heartwarming episode, we share some success stories from thyroid patients around the country, and that was really, really fun 'cause I got to travel around and meet quite a few of my fabulous readers who've had success in recovering their health. Cheryl want's to know the time for showing. So, each episode will be released at six pm eastern time , so I don't know what time zone you're in, but you want to do some math backwards, if you sign up through the link, you'll be able to get an email that allows you to put the event into your calendar so that you don't miss it, this is what I like to do because, you know it's really easy to miss things and this will help you get that on your calendar. My endo said that synthro is better than the natural desiccated thyroid. Marie, I some cases that may be true, but not in every case, so some people just do better on natural desiccated thyroid, and I would encourage to explore different options for yourself, to figure out what works best for you. A lot of endocrinologists haven't really been trained in using natural desiccated thyroid hormones, and so they may say that this is something that is, that is, that Synthroid is superior, but this is not the case for every patient, in fact through my experience as a pharmacist, over the last ten years, I've pretty much seen that it seems to be the opposite, that most people don't do their best on Synthroid and they seem to do better on natural desiccated thyroid hormones, like naturethroid, WP thyroid, or Armour.

Janet says you're awesome, oh thank you so much Janet. That means a lot to me. Lily wants to know, is naturethroid a good medication? Yeah, I think it's one of, a really one of my top medications that I recommend for thyroid disease, WP thyroid or naturethroid, this has T4 and T3 in the bio-identical ratios that we would normally make for ourselves, so a lot of times I'll see people who get on these medications and they feel significantly better compared to when they were on T4 medications alone. Not to say that T4 medications like Synthroid levothyroxine won't work for everybody, but for some people they just seem to do much better on the natural desiccated thyroid options.

Janet wants to know sugars, yes or no to get antibodies down? Yeah, we do recommend getting off of the sugars, 'cause sugars can cause a lot of the blood sugar issues, and that's gonna be a big trigger for thyroid disease, so if you can get off of sugar, that would be really, really helpful for your condition. The other thing is too, aspartame and splenda can be triggering for auto immune thyroid disease too, so that's something to please keep in mind. What are your thoughts about tirosint? Tirosint is actually one of my favorite T4 medications because it's cleaner and it's better absorbed so , it has very few fillers, and many people with thyroid disease will find that it's much easier to absorb. Another fun fact is that, this was a medication that was studied in Italy, there was one study showing that thyroid patients were not absorbing their thyroid medications when they were having their meds with espresso.

And of course, as pharmacists, I was always taught to recommend that patients wait 30 minutes to an hour to eat or drink coffee after taking their thyroid hormones because that could prevent absorption. With tirosint, the Italian researchers found a way that patients could still take their meds with their espresso and the meds would still be absorbed, so if you're having a hard time with your medications and just not feeling your best, tirosint is an option that could be helpful. Marisa says thank you for your guidance. Thank you so much Marisa, it's my pleasure. Sonia wants to know, should you stick to gluten free diet? Yes, and also gluten free and dairy free is a really great starting point for people with thyroid disease, this is what you want to do. Valerie wants to know, is taking iodized salt enough for the thyroid? You know actually iodized salt can be problematic for the thyroid gland, so I do recommend doing additional things, selenium can be a very, very helpful supplement for people with thyroid disease, we cover a lot of different supplements to support your thyroid in the episode five on nutrients. Thoughts on camel milk, Wendy wants to know this. So I wrote an article on camel milk, a few months ago, and it was pretty popular article, camel milk has really interesting properties because it can be helpful with helping the gut, as well as potentially helping with thyroid antibodies.

I have seen people benefit from it as far as getting rid of food sensitivities and there's been a lot of studies with it in the autism community as well, so that's something that I recommend checking out. Let's see, we have questions, questions, Janet says I've been sharing and promoting your series because you have shared so much, oh thank you so much for sharing, I really appreciate it. And if you guys are watching this and online if you could share this little broadcast on your Facebook page that would help us get the word out about The Thyroid Secret. Allison wants to know about Stevia. Okay, so stevia, is it good or is it bad, right? And it's kind of complicated and it depends on the person.

So stevia can actually be helpful for reducing blood sugar. Good thing if you're a diabetic, not such a good thing if you tend to have low blood sugar. Stevia can help to reduce blood pressure, again good thing if you have high blood pressure, not such a good thing if you have low blood pressure. Which a lot of people with thyroid and adrenal issues do have. So that's something to consider, I always recommend listening to your body whenever you use a product and again, it's gonna depend on the person. Let's see..

We're getting so many great questions, thank you so much you guys. Terry says hello, how are you doing? Donna wants to know, I pre ordered your book when will it be released, so my new book called Hashimoto's Protocol will be released on March 28th, I'm so excited I've been working on this book for quite some time now, excited to get this information out into the world, this is gonna be a 90 day protocol to help you recover your symptoms right away, so regardless of what your root cause is, this book has a plan for you to help you feel better, I piloted the information that's in my book with over, with over a thousand people now, and 65% of them started feeling better within the first two weeks. So, I'm hoping that this book will help you tremendously on your journey. Best supplements to raise cortisol? Sharon wants to know, so low cortisol is an issue in many people with thyroid disease, in fact, whenever I work with clients who don't get better with nutrition alone, we see that a lot of times they have low levels of cortisol, more than 90% of them do. Now cortisol, people think it's a bad thing but again, it's one of those things that we need in just the right amounts, it's an important hormone within our bodies. When we don't have enough of it, it's problematic, just as when we have too much. To raise cortisol, as long as you don't have blood sugar issues, one of the things you can do is do licorice drops, so this is a supplement where you would take five to ten drops, about 30 minutes to an hour before a low cortisol reading, and that can be helpful for raising your cortisol levels throughout the day.

I have additional protocols in my book, Hashimoto's Protocol that get, dive deeper into what your specific root causes are and how you go, like what you're specific lab results are because really the protocols are gonna depend on some testing when it comes to the adrenals. I also have an adrenal protocol that goes over, that goes over kind of the fundamentals that you need to do to get your adrenals back in balance. Karen says, waiting patiently for the 90 day Protocol. Well, glad to hear that Karen, yeah I'm trying to get the publisher to release it faster, I'm like why so long, why so long? But they've been doing a fabulous job making sure that it's that it's turning out wonderfully and they've done such a great job editing it and making sure that it's top notch and making sure that it's approachable as it could be.

So I think it'll be worth the wait. Jennifer wants to know, how do they diagnosis Hashi's? So, one of the ways to diagnose Hashimoto's is through doing thyroid antibody tests. These tests are known as thyroid peroxidase antibodies, TPO antibodies and thyroglobulin antibodies or TG antibodies, these can be done with your physician, and most of the time will be covered on insurance. There's also more advanced tests you can do, like thyroid ultrasounds, or fine needle aspiration if you've had a thyroid nodule that you need biopsied, but these tests are gonna be a little bit more down the line if you have negative thyroid antibodies. Let's see, top three things to try, Sodrima wants to know, that's, what a beautiful name, so the top three things to try that I always recommend for people with thyroid disease are gonna be a gluten free diet, that's gonna help 88% of the time, a selenium supplement, people will find benefit from that within just three short months, the attack on the thyroid gland will be reduced by about half, and then anxiety goes down as well.

And then a magnesium supplement, so a magnesium supplement can be really, really helpful in managing any kind of cramps, any kind of anxiety, insomnia, constipation, and this is something that should be taken at bedtime and apart from thyroid hormones. I will be doing another Facebook Live about some of the top supplements used in thyroid disease, so stay tuned for that you guys. Let's see, what vegetables do you suggest, Sonia wants to know, really any kind of vegetables are gonna be great for the thyroid gland, there's a big myth about goitrogenic vegetables, and I just want to dispell that myth, goitrogens are not necessarily problematic for people with thyroid disease, especially when they have Hashimoto's, so this is one of those myths so you can have your broccoli, you can have your cauliflower in most cases it's not gonna be a problem for people with thyroid disease. And Janet wants to know what selenium/magnesium supplement do you recommend? Selenium with thionine from Pure Encapsulations is one of my favorites, and then magnesium, I like magnesium citrate from Pure Encapsulations, if you tend to be more a constipated and anxious. If you tend towards more diarrhea, magnesium glycinate might be a better option for you and from the same company. And then, what milligrams? So, for the selenium, you want to do anywhere from 200-400 micrograms, from the magnesium, it's gonna depend on the version that you're getting, and you would want to follow the package instruction, anywhere from one to four per day. Let's see what other questions do you guys have? Is going gluten free beneficial even when you have advanced Hashimoto's and virtually no thyroid left? Sarah, absolutely, because what's happening in Hashimoto's is we have an auto immune attack on the tyroid gland, and this comes in stages and the very first stage, we're gonna see this attack, in the very beginning stages we're gonna see this attack but the thyroid will still be in tact, as the condition continues to progress, we're gonna have more and more of the thyroid gland destroyed and once the immune system is done destroying the thyroid gland, or sometimes in the process of it, it'll start attacking other parts of the body and one of the key things you can do is to figure out your triggers and root causes and gluten is very much a common root cause and a trigger for Hashimoto's in 88% of the time, in my experience, and for other types of auto immune conditions, so a lot of times when you get off of gluten, you're gonna see your symptoms improve and you're gonna prevent the progression of your condition. Hey, and I some cases, about anywhere from 10-20% of people can completely regenerate thyroid tissue by going gluten free, certainly not everybody, but we have had enough success stories, and there's enough research to support this, that I highly suggest it for everybody with Hashimoto's and thyroid disease.

Let's see... Do you cover Lyme disease? Tara, we do cover Lyme disease, we cover that in episode eight when we focus on infections. Sharon wants to know, tips to help with fatigue. So, one of the most helpful things for fatigue is gonna be the supplement known as thiamine. Thiamine at 600 milligrams per day, can help reverse thyroid fatigue within about three days or so, if you go to and search for thiamine, you'll be able to see my article on that, and which form I recommend. And does levothyroxine really have gluten in it? Kylie want to know, Kylie, sometimes, some brands of levothyroxine may have gluten in it, I do have a blog post on that goes over which of the levothyroxine versions have gluten, which ones do not, and so you want to search for gluten on the blog post. What does it mean when you have Hashi's and suddenly go hyper? So, when you have Hashi's, you can actually go hyper. One of the things that happens in Hashimoto's is, we have thyroid antibodies that attack the thyroid gland and as these antibodies attack the thyroid gland, we're gonna see a destruction of the tissue and thyroid hormones getting rushed into the blood stream.

Now this is known as Hashitoxicosis, and this can cause symptoms of a hyperactive thyroid. We can also see that a person may switch from Hashimoto's and Graves disease back and forth, this is not as common, but this is very much a potential mechanism because the immune system basically stops attacking one part of the thyroid gland and then switches over to another part. And then, Carey says hi dad, so that's nice that her dad is on here too. And TJ says gluten free has helped, but I'm sorry I lose weight drinking coffee, that's wonderful to hear that you found out something that is working for you. I think coffee for me is beneficial, talk about that. Is everybody absolutely sure that coffee is wonderful? So yeah, coffee is another one of those things for some people it's really, really great, for other people who have shot adrenals, it might actually benefit them to get off of the caffeine and get off of the coffee for a time period, other people might have genetic polymorphisms that mean that they do not respond to caffeine well, so it's gonna depend on you and really one of my biggest goals for you guys with The Thyroid Secret and the work that I'm doing, is so that you can find out and tune into your own body and figure out what the subtle messages your body is trying to tell you because when you really come down to it, your body is, you know designed or has evolved to protect you, this is why the thyroid gland evolved, and our thyroid gland is our environmental sensing gland, this is something that helps us figure out if our environment is safe, and if we can be out in the world creating or to help us figure out if our environment is threatening and in that case, the thyroid gland helps us withdraw from the world, and helps us protect ourselves by helping us carry on extra weight.

And so, key here is sending your thyroid gland these safety signals and figuring out how to communicate with your body, symptoms like acid reflux for example, are oftentimes gonna are your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. Now this could be a, this could be because you're eating something that you're sensitive to like, gluten or dairy, or this could be because you have an infection, like H.pylori or even SIBO, or you know in some cases, and this is something that I learned on The Thyroid Secret, is when you're actually not speaking your voice and you're holding back some things, that can actually cause acid reflux, and then once you, once you kind of get into better alignment with your body, you can start seeing these symptoms resolve, and so for me, acid reflux, this is how my body likes to tell me that things are out of balance, and initially getting off of gluten and dairy helped me do that, and for the first time ever, I had during The Thyroid Secret, I had a flare up of that, and it was actually because I wasn't communicating something. So, once I was able to get that out, no more acid reflux. So this is something that I really want you guys to kind of get in tune with to figure out what works for your body, and what doesn't work for your body. I could tell you from a statistics standpoint that 88% of people feel better gluten free, and that 88% of people feel better dairy free, so this is a really good starting point for you guys, but you may have to kind of dial in a bit deeper, so once you get off of these foods, you'll start to pick up on your body's subtle messages of hey, this food is not working for me, hey this, this situation is not working for me. Brynn wants to know, do I give up gluten if a test said I was not positive? Yeah, the tests we have, we're gonna see a lot of false negatives on them, and really the best test, in my experience for Hashimoto's has been to just go ahead and get off of it for three weeks and see what happens.

So I actually had a negative tests for celiac disease, and all these negative tests and within three days of getting off of gluten and dairy, I felt significantly better and a lot of times this happens across the board with many of my clients and my readers, people that have been through some of my courses, 88% of the time, people feel better, so I highly recommend that you do take this change and take this time to do it for yourself, you can always go back to eating gluten if it doesn't work out for you. Mariana, do you recommend B-12 supplements for fatigue? Yeah B-12 can be really, really helpful. I like the methylcobalamin and the hydroxocobalamin version. Let's see here, so many great questions you guys. Wow, moving so fast, what's the best way to overcome Epstein-Barr virus? Is there a time frame, I'm doing lauric acid, vitamin B,D, Selenium, and several other supplements. So, Angela one of the things we cover in The Thyroid Secret in episode eight, one of our clinicians Terry covers a wonderful protocol that she has developed for people with Epstein-Barr virus that recommends her wildatarian diet and some fantastic supplements as well, so I highly encourage you to check into that.

And, Debbie says, people just don't understand what Hashimoto's is and do not understand the struggle, any advice? Uh, honestly have them watch The Thyroid Secret, so I know a lot of people have wrote in, they've watched The Thyroid Secret with their family members, this is designed for you guys to be able to sit back at home in your pajamas with a glass of tea and sit on your couch and just watch the documentary series. I try to make it really fun and entertaining for everybody and kind of switch things around fast to keep your interest and many people have reported watching it with their family members and spouses and the spouses are now on board and now they are starting to get it. So we go through what it feels like to have thyroid disease and what some of the struggles are in pretty much every single episode of the series, so if you can get your family members just to watch one episode, I think that would really help you and your family get on the same page and help you recover your health because we know that people who have supportive family members have the best potential possible outcomes. So, I've got to run now, I have some dinner, fun dinner coming up with my hubby here. Thank you guys so much for tuning in and for being witness to my first Facebook Live event, it was a lot of fun to have the opportunity to chat with you guys and seeing all of your wonderful comments coming through. Please be sure to check out The Thyroid Secret series, it starts on March 1st, I really think it will help you greatly on your journey. I can't wait to hear the feedback that you get from watching us, please share with your friends and loved ones and anybody that you know that might have thyroid disease, and go to the link here we have to go visit The Thyroid Secrets so you can sign up for this important series. It's gonna be free online, just for nine days, so we're hoping to get this message out into the world into a big way, so that people don't have to struggle with their thyroid disease.

And yeah, let me know how you guys like this Facebook Live event, if this is something you'd like to do every now and then and hang out and just chat, it's been a lot of fun for me, let me know if you liked it. I have a couple more ideas up my sleeve, one of the things I'd love to talk to you about is some of the top supplements for thyroid disease, if you guys want to talk about top tips for fatigue, let me know in the comments what some good topics for future Facebook Live events would be. So again, so nice to see you guys, bye Cindy, bye Sonia, thank you so much for your kind words, and I really hope that you check out the series, I hope it helps you.

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