BARBIE PET CARE CART Assistant with Paw Patrol + Puppy Dog Pals + Crush from Finding Dory

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- [Assistant] Family Fun for Everyone! - [Crush] Dude, I need a checkup! Like come on man! I need a checkup! - [Mr. Engineer] Assistant, I really think he needs a checkup. - [Crush] Yeah dude listen to that man talkin'. I need a checkup! - Okay. Hey everybody, today we got the Barbie Pet Care Cart.

- [Mr. Engineer] That's right Assistant. We're gonna put it together and have some special pets come visit you okay? - Yeah let's open it! - [Mr. Engineer] Okay Assistant, you ready for your first patient? - Yeah! - [Mr. Engineer] Oh look it's Lickles! Wiggles' little brother. - No it's Tickles. - [Mr.

Engineer] Oh it's Tickles. Oh. So you've got him. Now let's show me some of the things about that cart, okay? - Okay.

So it comes with these glasses. And this light, I think. - [Mr. Engineer] A lamp for your head so you could look down their throats right? - Yes. - [Mr. Engineer] And then it comes with a stethoscope. - And it comes with the bottle and temperature.

BARBIE PET CARE CART Assistant with Paw Patrol + Puppy Dog Pals + Crush from Finding Dory

- [Mr. Engineer] Oh you might need to check. - And some clippers.

- [Mr. Engineer] You might wanna check Tickles' temperature right? - Right. - [Mr. Engineer] So let's see what is wrong with Tickles. Hm, with your Barbie Pet Care Cart.

- Barbie Pet Care Cart. Look. - Don't let him bite you! Oh he probably won't bite you, will he? Okay, what does it say? - He has a strawberry collar diagnosis! - [Mr. Engineer] Oh he's got a fever 'cause he's got a strawberry collar on, huh? - Yeah and he needs to hydrate with some special medicine. - [Mr. Engineer] Oh okay. You're Barbie Pet Care Cart comes with lots of different types on medicines right? - Right. So I'm gonna get his medicine ready.

- [Mr. Engineer] So you've got a dog bowl down there. - So I gotta, put some of that in. And some powder. - [Mr.

Engineer] And that'll make him feel better. How do you feel Wiggles, Tickles? - He hasn't eaten it yet. - [Mr. Engineer] Oh, okay.

(cheerful music) Wow. How's he doin'? - Wait let me take his temperature. - [Mr. Engineer] Take it one more time.

It's some quick acting stuff right? - He's cured! - Good job! Throw me Tickles! (upbeat music) Whoa! - Never throw your dog. - [Mr. Engineer] He's happy, yeah! And then you've got. Show me how your cart rolls back and forth. So it rolls back and forth.

So you push it wherever you need to. And then on the next, there's another layer there, right? So we turn that layer, or that. And look it's got hidden drawers inside of it. With more medicine and more things to fix your doggy right? - Wait, Wiggles, come back! - [Mr. Engineer] Wait, you've got another patient right behind you. Let's see who it is okay? Okay Assistant here's your next patient.

Look, it's Crush from Finding Dory and Finding Nemo. - Finding Dory. - [Crush] Dude like I totally don't feel well. - [Mr. Engineer] Wow that kinda almost sounds like him doesn't it? - [Crush] Totally dude! Like I'm not feelin' so hot. Can you like, give me a checkup and stuff? - Okay. - [Crush] Yeah like hurry, dude! Dude! (laughing) Dude I need a checkup! (laughing) Like come on man! I need a checkup! (laughing) - [Mr. Engineer] Assistant, I really think he needs a checkup.

- [Crush] Yeah dude, listen to that man talkin'. I need a checkup! - Okay, okay. - [Crush] I'm a turtle! I won't live forever man! Give me a checkup! (laughing) - Okay, okay. So I'm gonna give you this turtle formula I'm gonna put in this bowl. - [Crush] Dude that one sounds like, totally, awful man! Dude! - Would you rather eat a bandaid? - [Crush] Like totally. I guess.

(laughing) - [Mr. Engineer] Assistant, you need to fix Crush! Hurry, you've got a big line of patients. - Okay, okay. - [Crush] Dude like I need to get back out and do some strokes.

Like swimmin' dude. I like to do the back stroke. - So I just pour this on your shell and then you'll be all good. - [Crush] Dude that felt totally awesome! Throw me in the water right now! Throw me in the water! - I gotta put your bandages to stop. And now I'll see if you're good. - [Crush] Totally dude. - Go swimmin' and practice, and come back later.

- [Crush] Dude! Oh, I'm just chillin' while swimmin' dude. Chillin' and swimmin'. - Are you good? - [Crush] Yeah dude.

Whoa! Whoa dude! This is awesome! Totally awesome peoples at home! What, whoa! Just kiddin', I'm fine. Bye dude! - He's gone. - [Mr. Engineer] He was a mouth full. All right, who's our next patient Assistant? - We have none other than, it's Bingo! - [Mr. Engineer] It is Bingo! All right Assistant we've got to fix Bingo. What do you think's wrong with him? - I don't know. Maybe I should take his temperature.

- [Mr. Engineer] That's a good idea. - [Crush] Dude it's a great idea. She like totally knows how to doctor with her Barbie Pet Care Cart. Whoa dude. - [Mr. Engineer] That turtle's back again Assistant.

- Yeah. - Check Bingo's temperature. Wait a minute, you're checking his temperature with some scissors? - No. - So scissors comes with it. So wait a minute, real quick, let's look at all of the things that come with it. So you've got? - These three formulas. - [Mr. Engineer] You got three formulas.

And what else? You've got some scissors, throw them to me Assistant. - Don't worry, they can't cut. - [Mr. Engineer] That's right. - They're safety scissors. - [Mr.

Engineer] They're safety scissors. So here are the safety scissors, right there. What else comes with it Assistant? - It comes with with this bandaid kit. - [Mr.

Engineer] Oh it's a Barbie bandaid kit. Now do you think this is only for girls, or do you think boys would like this too? - Boys would like it too. - [Mr. Engineer] I think so. - And it comes with a shot. But don't worry, it doesn't hurt. - [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah, let's see that.

- Put that in there. - [Mr. Engineer] You could probably even put some water in it, and make it like spray water right. - Yeah. - [Mr. Engineer] So like that's cool. - I need to give you a shot, sh. (laughing) - [Mr.

Engineer] All right, does it come with any kind of tweezers or anything? - Yeah! Like I said, in the video it comes with. - [Mr. Engineer] Oh and it has that microscope too.

- Yes. And it comes with these two things. - [Mr. Engineer] So it comes with these two things right here. So it comes with this thing for temperature and tweezers. And it has a microscope! Show me that microscope. - Where is it? - [Mr.

Engineer] It's right underneath Bingo. - Oh that's right, I forgot. - [Mr. Engineer] And here is the.

- [Together] Microscope. - [Mr. Engineer] I used to use a microscope as an engineer, did you know that? - You did? - Sure did.

- I'm just getting all neat and organized for my next patient. - [Crush] Dude, the patient's right there! His name is Bingo, dude! - Oh. - [Crush] Like take care of Bingo man. - Do you want him to swim with you? - [Crush] Can he doggie paddle? (laughing) - I don't get it. - [Crush] He's a doggy. Can he doggie paddle, dude. Like doggie paddle. - [Mr.

Engineer] All right, let's check out Bingo and see if he's okay. Bingo! So you're checkin' Bingo's temperature. - It's above the charts! - [Mr. Engineer] No way, you better take care of him! - You're starting to sound like Crush.

- [Mr. Engineer] Really? - Yeah. - [Crush] He can only hope he's that cool dude. Like I'm the coolest sounding turtle ever. Maybe I should be Mr. Engineer turtle. Oh yeah dude.

- [Mr. Engineer] He's pretty strange. All right Assistant-- - I know what I need to do. - [Mr. Engineer] What do you gotta do? - Since it's above the charts, maybe this collar's too tight.

So I'm gonna loosen it up with these scissors. - [Mr. Engineer] Oh okay. So the collar's too tight, causing him to have a fever. That is revolutionary medicine. I've never heard of that before. Usually you take like Ibuprofen or somethin' like that to lower a fever. - No.

- [Mr. Engineer] Why don't you check inside of his nose, swab it, and then look at it under the microscope, right? - Okay, so I'll get a sample of his nose. - [Bingo] Ow, ow.

- [Mr. Engineer] And look at it under the microscope. - Put it in here.

- [Mr. Engineer] What do you think Assistant? - That didn't help, what I did with this. Sorry.

- [Mr. Engineer] Uh oh. So why don't you go ahead and give him some more medicine too. - Yeah. It says, this one's doggy, turtle, and this one, kitty.

Hm, maybe I should do a mixture of all of 'em. - [Mr. Engineer] Maybe. - I'm going to do a mixture of all of 'em. - [Crush] I see you dude, I see you. - Crush! You're all cured. Why don't you just go back to the ocean? - [Crush] Maybe I will. - [Mr.

Engineer] All right, so is that ready? - Almost. Now I just need to stir it up, with these tweezers. And I need to put some powder in it. And here it goes. - [Mr. Engineer] Oh you're wipin' it all over.

- No-- - Bingo's nose. - He's eating it. - [Mr. Engineer] Oh he's eating it, good job. Just check to see for temperature one more time. To see if he's got a fever.

(tranquil music) - He's good. - [Mr. Engineer] Good job. - [Crush] Dude look.

I'm a carrier turtle. Oh I dropped. Oops, sorry dude. - [Mr. Engineer] That Crush is crazy. All right we've got one more patient Assistant, let's see who it is okay? - Okay! Skye! - [Mr. Engineer] Assistant, it's not just Skye, it's a pirate Skye. - It's pirate Skye.

- [Crush] Dude pirates? No way! They're like all in the ocean. I'm outta' here dude. Like pirates? Like-- - Crush! Go back to your home! Go back to your pack! - [Crush] You're in my home dude. We're like in the ocean like right now.

Bye! - Okay. - [Mr. Engineer] All right let's check and see what's wrong with Skye Assistant okay? - Okay.

- [Mr. Engineer] All right, let's see what's wrong with Skye. - [Crush] Dude! (laughing) That was my ball! Oh dude. I feel way better. Gotta go. - [Mr.

Engineer] That Crush, he's silly. All right let's see what's wring with Skye. - Wait, it looks like she got a cut. - [Mr. Engineer] Oh really? - Wait.

She says she got cut on some coral. - [Mr. Engineer] Oh no! - Happens to me. - Crush! - [Crush] It happens to me all the time dude! Gotta watch out for that coral, like. What's happenin'? - [Crush] Ah, whoa dude! Like, I'm a turtle! - [Assistant] Crush, stay out of my office! - [Crush] What, dude! - Crush! - Okay. - [Mr. Engineer] You better fix Skye Assistant.

- [Crush] Yeah dude don't worry about me. - Crush! - [Crush] Don't worry about me 'cause like-- - Crush! Crush! - [Crush] That's my name, don't wear it out dude! (laughing) - [Mr. Engineer] All right Assistant, you need to fix Skye. - Okay. I know you're coming Crush! - [Crush] I'm way over here dude! - [Mr. Engineer] So you need to put something on Crush's foot.

I'm sorry, on Skye's foot. - [Crush] I don't have a foot. - Crush! - I'm just saying. - Crush! - [Crush] I'm just saying, I don't have a food dude. These are like fins and stuff like right here, you see 'em? Whatever, gotta go.

- At least he left. - All right. So Skye's paw, you need to put some cream and then put a bandaid on it right? With your Barbie Pet Care Cart. - Wait, what did you say you scratched it on? He scratched it on some rainbow coral. Those are the worst kind. - [Mr.

Engineer] Rainbow coral? Get outta' town, really? - Really. - [Mr. Engineer] All right well let's fix her up okay? - Crush I really need you! What is coral, rainbow coral? - [Crush] I'm not sayin' dude. You hurt my feelings. You said I wasn't wanted around here. Now you need my help.

- We need you! We'll give you a free pass to.. - [Crush] What is it dude? - Two. - Like what dude? - A free pass to Finding Dory and Nemo. - [Crush] Dude I like get royalties from it 'cause like I'm the star. Dude I'm like all in it. I was like swimmin' upside down. And like, woo, I'm gonna do my turtle stroke. Hey dude, I will help just because I'm totally awesome like that.

You need to totally put some anti-coral cream on Skye's foot, spin her around three times, and blow her a kiss. Bye dude, gotta go! Whoa! (laughing) - [Mr. Engineer] All right so put the cream on, on Skye's foot. - Which one should I do? - [Mr. Engineer] The anti-coral cream. I think that's the purple one, right? So let's put that on her foot. - The anti-coral cream. I'll pour it in the bowl.

- [Mr. Engineer] And then you wipe it on her paw. You gotta spin her around three times and blow her a kiss. (cheerful music) Good job, good job Spin her around three times. - [Crush] That's one, two, totally number three. Good job.

Now blow her a kiss. Blow her a kiss. Blow her a kiss. You can do it, you can do it! Go ahead dude! - I did it! - [Crush] Oh. She should be better then dude. Bye, what! - [Mr. Engineer] I think Skye's better, what do you think? - Yeah! - [Mr.

Engineer] All right people at home. So we had some with the Barbie Pet Care Cart, right? - Right. - [Mr. Engineer] And we had lots of people come help. We had, Rolly, or Bingo. - That's bingo. - [Mr. Engineer] We had Tickles.

Tickles, Tickles. Tickles what are you doing? You knocked Skye off, like. Ah Tickles! - [Crush] Dude he totally needs to like control himself. Like me watch, I'm gonna do a spin.

Whoa, that's the coolest spin ever dude! - [Mr. Engineer] Okay everyone, I hope you like this video. - [Together] Bye! - Hey Assistant! Our friends at Just Play sent us this toy hospital.

- Wow, that's amazing! - It is amazing! Let's open it up and see how we can use it in our hospital. - Look it's the Doc McStuffins Care Cart. - Okay Assistant, let's put it together.

- Yeah. Look it's a Doc McStuffins Care Cart. And it even comes with Findo! - Oh it's great, let's check him out Assistant. - So this is heart right now.

Nice and big. - Wow. That's great. - And it's even singing a song.

- All right let's hear the song. ♪ Welcome to the hospital ♪ - Oh, we're so cool Assistant! - Yeah. - All right, what else? What's in this drawer Assistant? Whoa! - Now we need to take his temperature. Great. - Looks good. How about you check his eyes and his ears? Good job. - Now we need to do an x-ray.

- All right. Good job. Put it in the drawer. Wow! Is that his x-ray Assistant? - Yeah. Maybe. - All right let's check his heart.

- Okay. - [Toy] I have the doggy diagnosis. - Whoa that's cool! What's the diagnosis Assistant? - [Toy] Now that's a great sounding heart beat. - It is, you have a broken leg! - Oh.

How about checkin' his blood pressure Assistant? - Okay. Let's check his blood pressure. - [Woman] How does it look Assistant? - [Assistant] Great. - [Woman] Good job. - [Assistant] Now let's check his heart beat. - [Toy] It looks like you have a boo-boo. You have sandy-nose-atosis. - [Assistant] Let's check his heart beat.

- [Toy] How are you feeling today? I'm happy to help. (twinkling music) How are you feeling today? (heart beating) Now that's a great-- - How does that sound? - Great. - Good! You wanna check him, put in the other x-ray? - Okay. - All right. Awesome! - Could you help me with the neck checkup? - [Woman] How about we press this button Assistant? - Okay. - Everyone needs help sometimes.

I'm happy to help. - Now we're gonna do an EKG. - [Woman] Wow. How does it look Assistant? - Great.

Maybe we should call the ambulance. - I don't know about that Assistant. Let's see what some of these buttons do. (bouncing chime) Whoa! What about the pink heart? - There's a toy in need.

We need to go. - [Woman] There's a toy in need for sure. It's Findo. And the buttons change? Wow. Listen, listen to the heart beat when we pull the EKG tape. - [Toy] Your heart beat sounds really strong.

- [Woman] Wow. - Thanks. Now, let's do the diagnosis alarm. (squeaking) (laughing) - That was funny! Look it's a cart! I can push it wherever I want! Come on Findo. - Assistant, what was your favorite part? - It was, the EKG. - Oh cool. Do you hear the heart beat? - Yeah.

- What other parts did you really like on the Care Cart? - The button. - [Toy] There's a toy in need. We need to go. - Wow. (squeaking) Nice. What about the song at the top? - Yeah! ♪ Welcome to the hospital ♪ - All right! What else do you like Assistant? - I like the blood pressure, the drawer. - Yeah. - This.

The whole cart. - I do too. - And if we had the stuff, maybe we could buy a hospital kit, 'cause there's room for it. - Wow, down here? You mean you could put a hospital bag? - Uh huh. - You're right. I love how these come out. And you can switch them.

I love that about this. - Here. - Are you gonna take my temperature. - [Toy] Could you help me with the next checkup? (laughing) - 98.6. - People at home, what was your favorite thing about the Care Cart? Tell us in the comments. And please remember to subscribe here, to the Engineering Family. And please remember to subscribe, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

And I hope you like this video just like the other one. And thumbs up, and our secret spelling word is gonna be, Hospital. - Hospital.

H-O-S-P-I-T-A-L, hospital. - Type hospital in the comments. Bye everyone, see you next time on the Engineering Family. - [Together] Bye! - [Mr. Engineer] Hey there everyone. Thanks for watching our video. Now make sure that you subscribe to the Engineering Family so you could see lots of cool videos.

In fact, there's another cool video right there, that you could select and watch it, and I think you're really gonna like it. Is it Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol, Surprise Eggs, Frozen, Blade, Masha. There are so many videos to watch, bye! (upbeat music).

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