Back Pain Tips & Exercise - Dr Willie Ong Health Blog #32

Author: Dr Willie Ong

Hi. This is Dr Willie Ong. For this video, I would like to share some tips on how to reduce back pain. Back pain is a very common condition. You get muscle pains at the back.

Normally, there are spasms at the back. So you need a light massage. You can put a hot pack to loosen the muscles of the back. Aside from this, you need some exercises and stretching exercises. And I'll be sharing with you some tips on this.

First, you can do this stretch. Point your fingers on one side. Then you point your fingers on the other side. You can do this for around 8 counts. Try to feel the stretch when you point your fingers. The second exercise is when you swing your arms.

You can swing it like this, full stretch to one side. Then you swing it again on the other side. You can do this 5 times up to 8 times per side. And the last stretch is when you bend your knees and try to put your hands on your thighs. Okay, bend your knees. And try to twist your shoulder like so.

Back Pain Tips & Exercise - Dr Willie Ong Health Blog #32

Twist it until you feel the stretch at the mid back. Then you stretch it on the other side again. Do this several times. Try not to overdo it.

You can do these exercises in the morning. For example when you are driving, you feel back pain. Or when you are doing computer work, you also feel back pain.

You can stand up and do these exercises maybe twice in a day. Of course, if the muscle pain doesn't go away, you need to see your rehabilitation medicine doctor or orthopedic surgeon.

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