Back Pain, Scoliosis, Atrial Fibrillation - Andy V-Part 2

Author: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

(Music) Hi, my name is Andy. I started seeing Dr. Jaudy just about one month ago. I've seen him for 10 visits, and in that time the changes have been profound. I came to see Dr. Jaudy for back pain that I suffered with for most of my life, 30, 35 years, and after seeing chiropractors numerous times and massage therapists, I wanted to... Who I thought treated the symptoms. I wanted see if I could find a way to get to the source of this trouble.

I followed a few friends who came here with great results, and I'm happy to say that what I've experienced here is nothing short of miraculous. I have a scoliosis in my spine that is sixty or seventy percent straightened out. Where that twist was, when it would go out, it would take my breath away, and I felt as if my energy were blocked. I could still function, but it was a terrible feeling, just my energy was blocked is a good way to say it. After doing brain applications here with Dr. Jaudy, and organ remapping, these issues have started to resolve themselves. My upper back is as loose as it's been since I was young, 30, 35 years ago.

My atrial fibrillation is virtually gone and we have the printed readouts to prove this. It's, it's amazing to me. The low back pain that I experienced when I woke up in the morning, actually, I didn't sleep through the night because the pain was bugging me. It woke me up a lot. I'm sleeping unbelievably well right now, and that in itself affects how I feel every day, all day long. It's made a huge difference in my life and I'm very, very happy. One of the things Dr. Jaudy noticed about me in my workup, was that I had mentioned I had atrial fibrillation, and I think he was also, he was probably most concerned about that, and explained to me how that the brain neural pathways really control the heart.

There's no injections, no pills, no medicine, no nothing. My a fib is virtually gone. He's measured it again. I have the readouts to prove it.

Back Pain, Scoliosis, Atrial Fibrillation - Andy V-Part 2

It is, again, it's nothing short of miraculous, and what a relief that has been. Its... I can't deny it. Its there in black and white.

We have the printout of it now, and that, I think, is what he is most pleased about with me. That was my major obstacle. I don't even think I had a, really had a clue as to how potentially dangerous that was. The treatments I've received here are very, very subtle. It would be hard to describe, but its nothing invasive. It has been movements. It's been actual, some gentle manipulation of my organs that access areas of my brain to start them... I guess it starts it re-firing again.

I'm not sure of the details, but it works. After the manipulations, after the activities, he has provided me with I'm some computer-based exercises that support the things he did to me here. I don't remember feeling this good since I was in college thirty years ago. He improved all facets of my life.

Sleeping, my eating, my hydration, the way I exercise. He's paid attention to everything, and he's addressed everything, and I, I still have to say this treatment is nothing short of miraculous. I'm amazed at the results. My wife has noticed change, my friends have noticed the change, and I feel fabulous. I'm sleeping great, I'm eating great, I'm feeling good all day long, alert, happy. It's like a new lease on life.

That's what it's like, and I'm ever so grateful that I found him. Dr. Jaudy is really something else. (Music).

Back Pain, Scoliosis, Atrial Fibrillation - Andy V-Part 2

(Music) Hi, my name is Andy. I started seeing Dr. Jaudy just about one month ago. I've seen him for 10 visits, and in that time the changes have been profound. I came to see Dr.…

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