Back Blackheads from Heaven

Author: Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)

Dr. Lee: (incomprehensible) Dr. Lee: So, we're going to start at the top, here. Dr. Lee: I'm going to just push against you, alright? Make sure nothing hurts you.

Dr. Lee: Your wife doesn't care to do these? Man: No... Dr. Lee: No? Well, she's missing out.

Dr. Lee: "She's missing out," I think is what a lot of people are going to say. Man: Well, I guess it's- Dr. Lee: Some people really like this, did you know that? Dr.

Lee: Did you know that some people really like this? Man: I had no clue. Assistant: (incomprehensible) Dr. Lee: Not sure if I can numb this one, though. Dr. Lee: You okay, here? Not too bad? Man: Yeah, absolutely. Dr.

Back Blackheads from Heaven

Lee: Okay. Dr. Lee: Some of them are pretty deep under there; they become what's called "dilated pore winers," because they are just, sort of, burrowed under there. Man: Well, I'm not surprised. Dr.

Lee: And if you're okay with us hanging out and trying to push them out of here, that's good, 'cause we can get a lot of them out of here, then. Man: Nah, I'm good. Dr. Lee to Assistant: I'll just leave you to do your stuff- Dr. Lee to Man: You must tell me if I'm really hurting somewhere, okay? Man: No, that's good. Dr.

Lee: Okay. Dr. Lee: (incomprehensible) Dr. Lee: [whispers] I think I got that. See? You've got to go under here. Dr. Lee: That's just tucked under there, and things are just going to tuck under there, actually. Dr.

Lee: Because of your acne and your previous scarring, you've got little, almost like, superficial fistulas, little areas where it just connects under the skin. Man: That's probably like a whole route system in there. Dr. Lee: Yeah, you just have scarring; scarring, and it creates these little- Man: Mmhmm. Dr. Lee: -areas that it gets trapped under there but it comes out of another hole, here. Dr.

Lee: Like tracks under there. Dr. Lee: There was one way up here; let me see if I can get that one. Dr. Lee: Okay. Dr. Lee: You'll feel so nice and clean after this. Man: [chuckles] Dr.

Lee: I wonder if your wife's going to even notice it. Man: Probably not. Dr Lee: [laughs] Dr. Lee: Alright, I'm going to move myself right on down over there. Dr. Lee: [whispers] Let's get this one, here. Dr. Lee: These stinkers are all nice and dried up, so to speak.

They're easier to take out. Man: Oh, that's good. Man: Trying to make it easy for you. Dr. Lee: You are, you are! Dr. Lee: They're satisfying that way then, because they're going to come out and not- sometimes, we really have to fight with them, and these are agreeing with us, down here. Man: Well, the less fighting, the better. Dr.

Lee: We need to come down more straight on. Man: If you need me to move, holler. Dr. Lee: No, no, you're okay. [incomprehensible whispers] [incomprehensible whispers] Dr. Lee: [whispers] Let's try this one..

Dr. Lee: Oop! [whispers] That one I dropped on the floor. Dr. Lee: [laughs] Dr. Lee to Man: Dropped one on the floor.

Dr. Lee: [whispers] This one... Dr. Lee: You alright, here? This one's a little bit sticky.

Man: No, that's alright. Dr. Lee: Okay, we'll pull it out. Dr. Lee: Pulling them out.

It's in there. Dr. Lee: See, they tuck under his little scars, here. Dr. Lee: Got that whole thing out, though. Assistant: It's just sitting in there. Dr. Lee: It's tucked under there, you know? Dr.

Lee: (incomprehensible) Dr. Lee: But they are certainly just tucked- Man: It's hiding. Dr. Lee: It is; you know, it's like a little black head cave. Dr.Lee: It is. It's like a black head cave; they're all- Man: Hate when that happens, right? Dr. Lee: It's like a species living here on you, I feel like. They've all made their own little homes in different areas.

Man: I know that's kind of what I- Dr. Lee: And now I'm disrupting them; I'm rocking their world, let me just tell ya. Man: [as black heads] "Just go away and leave me alone." Dr. Lee: I know... Dr. Lee: Well, you have not extracted these, really, so, the fact is, that, I bet you a lot of them will stay away for a very long time because of that. Because you haven't even done anything with them.

Dr. Lee: Let's see, they're like--they all hide sideways his don't go straight down like some people's do. His are going, like, to the side. Dr. Lee: It's like, once I start doing one person's, I kind of know the characteristics of their black heads, that they do something different than his do. His come from the side. Dr.

Lee: This one's a little tough booger, sorry about that. Dr. Lee: This one, I'm going to get at it sideways Dr. Lee: Alright, there's one bigger one up here I saw, I've got to go back to that one.

Man: Okay. Dr. Lee: We're almost done. You okay? Man: Sure.

Dr. Lee: There's one up here I want to get Man: Could do this all day, right? [laughs] Dr. Lee: Yeah, we could do this all day. People could watch us all day, I'll tell you that. Dr. Lee: Doesn't bug you, right? This is just, like, it is what it is. Man: (incomprehensible) Dr. Lee: Does it feel actually good to feel like these are going away? Man: It doesn't feel any different- Dr.

Lee: Yeah. Man: -but that's okay. Dr.

Lee: Maybe you'll feel that way tomorrow when you take a shower, or something. That'll make you feel better--hopefully it will. Otherwise you're just completely donating this to a good cause to make people happy around the world. Dr. Lee: Let's see, almost done here.

Dr. Lee: Really, all the big ones, we got, um... There's a couple here, this one right here, then I've got to work a little on this left side, and then we're good. Dr. Lee: There's one here.

Dr. Lee: These lower ones, I think he's going to be able to get to, himself. Dr. Lee to Assistant: Come over on this side, actually, I think I'll- Dr. Lee to Man: Here, I'm going to turn you turn you this way a little bit. Dr. Lee: Good. Because we're going to get just a few more right here, and then we're all right.

Dr. Lee: Was your acne the worst on your back? Or was it pretty bad on your face, too? Man: It was on my--it was all over, basically. Dr. Lee: Did you have kids that had acne, or-? Man: [misses question] I was one of those lucky ones. Dr. Lee: Yeah, there's a lot of people like that still, you know? It's not something we can find the cure for--we just try to treat them and we still have a lot of the same treatments that you had Dr. Lee: Some people just don't get them treated, though, too. I mean do you think you- Man: Our kids never really had it..

(incomprehensible) Dr. Lee: Oh, really? That's good. Do you think if they started to have it bad, you would have certainly brought them in pretty soon? Man: Probably.

Dr. Lee: I find that a lot with adults. Parents that have had acne when they were a kid, they're really quick to bring their kids in and that's interesting to see, you know? Man: Mmhmm. Dr.

Lee: Because you remember what it did to you, you know? Man: Mmhmm. Dr. Lee: Those are okay, here... You've got this last little bit, here. Dr. Lee: All the smaller ones, I'm trying to peak out.

Assistant: I think I got pretty much... Assistant: Right here, maybe? Dr. Lee: [whispers] Hard to see in this shadow. Dr. Lee: Good.

Dr. Lee: Did you find it strange when Doctor Avery was just like, "Hey, do you want to come back so we can squeeze your black heads?" Man: Sounded like some weird fetish to me. [Assistant and Dr. Lee laugh] Dr. Lee: Well, it's not really, though. It's not like a fetish; It's just, I think it makes people feel happy--good.

Man: Well, he was telling me that you love to do it- Dr. Lee: That I love to do it? Man: -and I'm thinking, "are you serious, really?" Dr. Lee: [chuckles] I guess he's showing he loves me- Man: I guess. Dr. Lee: -that he's finding someone for me; what is that about? Man: And he was telling me how many likes you had and all this, and I thought, "that's hard." Dr. Lee: Oh, yeah, so you're just going to add to it. Dr. Lee: Alright, I think we're good.

Man: Awesome. Dr. Lee: I think we're good. Dr. Lee: There's just a couple little bigger ones; I'm going to have her- oh, this is the one--let me just do this last little bit. Because this is the only troubled one--I'm going to put a little numbing right there.

It didn't come out all the way, and that one bothered me, actually. I'm going to do that one for completeness' sake. Dr. Lee: And, um, you might put a little Band-Aid just on a couple of them, just because they wanted to ooze just a little bit.

Man: Okay. Dr. Lee: Just so that you don't stain your shirt. Dr.

Lee: [whispers] Here we go. Dr. Lee: [whispers] There we go. Dr.

Lee: Alright. Dr. Lee: [whispers] It's like I don't want to leave, or something. Man: Well, you can do my back, and your husband sprayed my head, so..

Dr. Lee: Oh, okay. See, we each got our part on you.

Assistant: [laughs] Double-team. We're going to double-team you, exactly.

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Back Blackheads from Heaven

Dr. Lee: (incomprehensible) Dr. Lee: So, we're going to start at the top, here. Dr. Lee: I'm going to just push against you, alright? Make sure nothing hurts you.Dr. Lee: Your…

By: Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)