Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head : Unique Treatment from Acupuncture, No Surgery.

Author: Tan joe hwa

We know that artificial joints actually last 15 to 20 years. Right. When you replace it when you`re young, by 70, you`ll have to replace it again.

It`s a very unfortunate thing. Based on a variety of reasons, we can alleviate this situation as much as possible. But alleviating joint replacement doesn`t mean we have to lie in bed. What I often say is that the goal of treating this disease is for us to use, not for us to see. If you`re lying in bed and not feel pain, that`s worthless. We want to have normal movement.

Well. You just mentioned reasons, maybe I`m scared, or maybe it`s financial reason, because a femoral head replacement is very expensive. There`s also some cases where the family is opposed. Some people are willing to get the joint replaced, but some family members won`t let them, they say it`s better if it`s one`s own body part. There are many reasons, so even though they have the disease, they can`t replace the part. Well, I can`t just stand by and not help them.

I`ll have to try to help them, so what we use are some comprehensive TCM treatments, like the acupotomy, acupuncture and Tuina. There`s is also TCM arterial infusion, which is a fairly unique treatment method. Let`s watch this short clip. The most unique and most effective treatment in TCM`s arterial infusion treatment. This is a puncture needle. In a moment, you can see this needle going through the femoral artery.

Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head : Unique Treatment from Acupuncture, No Surgery.

Next, we insert it into the vein, and then use a short guide thread to enter... After we insert it, we can send it into the femoral artery. We hold the guide thread. This feels swollen. This is a bit swollen. We insert it into the vein.

All right. Does that hurt? Right now? It`s better. When the guide thread enters the femoral head, as we need it, we pull it out, and then replace it with this catheter. This catheter is empty. Once our medicine is sent to the femoral head, the medicine will be infused inside, we are injecting the medicine.

This process is the process of injecting the TCM medicine into the artery. TCM artery injection makes use of insertion technology of modern medicine to insert a catheter in the femoral artery, and then use the catheter to directly, quickly inject blood-activating and bone-nourishing TCM medicine into the femoral head and veins, so that the diameter of the veins expands, and the capillary blood vessels increase, improving local circulation, and increasing the supply of blood to the femoral head. Thereby treating avascular necrosis of the femoral head.

Right. My daughter did that in April. I was very hesitant at the time, because she is just a child, and we don`t understand this stuff. We were worried it might have some negative consequences, and I talked it over for several days with her father.

And what were the effect after? It`s already been three months and she`s recovered fairly well. She`s doing great. It was just one procedure, right? Right, just the one procedure, and it`s pretty much finished healing, we just need the follow-up treatment, and then have her test up, and she`ll be all better. Just now, we mentioned that many avascular necrosis of the femoral head fall during the late stage. Their function are very poor. The ones we`re talking about are disabled.

Those people come to the hospital and get proof that they are disabled. These are all people that are disabled. When we treat them, we hope to restore them to a normal life as best as possible, and also keep them from replacing their joints too early. Can you teach us some exercise methods, including methods for healthy people? We all know the saying `It`s 30% treatment and 70% recuperation`.

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We know that artificial joints actually last 15 to 20 years. Right. When you replace it when you`re young, by 70, you`ll have to replace it again.It`s a very unfortunate thing. Based…

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