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Hi! I'm Stephen Balshi, I am the director of biomedical engineering and research at the PI Dental Center in Fort Washington Pennsylvania. And today we're going to talk to you about AvaDent® Digital Dentures, the world's first real digital denture. We're gonna show you how this incredible technology works and how it can change people's lives gonna follow a patient's story who was treated here at the Pi Dental Center show you his unique situation and how these dentures changed his life. I'm missing a couple of teeth in the bottom of my mouth. I had gum disease that, actually looking back at my family, my dad has really bad teeth and they pretty much deteriorated so I mean I don't know if it's hereditary, but I brushed my teeth twice a day.

Things happen and, you know, it is what it is, and I'm here now to actually have a life changing fix..very embarrassing. I'm not myself, when I talk always trying to hide the bottom you know I don't want to show that I'm missing teeth, you know it's it's difficult and your everyday everyday thing. Just, I'm sure that don't have to worry about my smile and I don't have to worry about all the worry about if I'm covering up the bottom of my mouth when I'm talking, like I'm doing it right now, when I'm talking. I'm trying not to show it. I just become accustomed to it now. I guess I won't need to.

I used to sit in front of the mirror in the bathroom after I brushed my teeth and talk myself to make sure I'm not showing it. It's just embarrassing you know I went to a really good high school very high end and you know what? When I'm talking, you don't want people to know and think that you don't take care. Of you know not very hard.

You know I have two little girls that love me to death, a great wife. It's just to benefit everybody, I mean just better health. That's reason I'm doing it. All of my teeth are are coming out. I am having implants on the bottom. They were doing the AvaDent® on the top. Right now I chew on one side of my mouth, so after that hopefully I won't have to worry about what side to chew on. Yeah, I went through a lot of painful nights of toothaches.

AvaDent® Digital Dentures

And I'm hoping I'll never have to deal with that again. Dr. B., to be honest with you, I thought I was good at my craft, I do tile work, and I do some real artistic stuff Dr. Balshi is amazing. I mean, I've been to a couple of dentists and at gotten different medical opinions because this is a big deal, you know, it's very costly. You have to plan it out and he just seemed to be the only one that (I've been to about three or four doctors) he just seem to be the only one and I mean he's the one that teaches everybody else so I pretty much went right to the master and you know to the one who is going to do and do it right and he's a great doctor and I'm so glad I've met him he actually he's gonna change my life today. Stephen Balshi, MBE: With AvaDent®'s advanced technology we're able to create a digital record of your denture. If anything happens to that denture, an exact duplicate it can be made very easily and available in just a few days.

Now from Global Dental Science, creators of AvaDent® digital dentures comes at exclusive full design software suite that lets you design AvaDent® digital dentures to your exacting specifications Eliminate the arduous work of traditional setups and simplify your workflow within a precise digital environment. With AvaDent® design software you have the ability to make global functional design changes on your AvaDent® right down to minute single tooth aesthetic enhancements, starting with the global functions AvaDent® lets you change the arch form by simply moving the slider controls, you can verify that teeth are properly placed over the ridge, change upper and lower posterior roundness of the arch change the upper and lower anterior squareness of the arch exclude posterior teeth as needed. V-couple the upper and lower arch to achieve cross bite and edge-to-edge settings. Adjust overbite and overjet to accommodate class 1, 2 and 3 jaw relations. Change the anterior slope of the denture for single arch design. AvaDent® design software maintains the arch form while offering you additional refinement options with group-based tooth movements that allow you to rotate the upper 6 anteriors about the long axis of the teeth to achieve a softer or bolder look. Lower or raise the lateral incisors.

Change the position of the neck on the upper six, in or out, while maintaining the incisal edge. Adjust canine distal flair. Adjust canine neck, mesial distal, buccal to lingual to create proper esthetic. Lower 6 anteriors. Globally move the neck buccal to lingual, flair lower cannine esthetic, aesthetic lowers 6 a.m.

Carriers globally move the neck buckle to lingual where lower canines buckle lingual adjust the curve of speed adjust the curve of Wilson Adjust the posterior vertical to affect the plane of occlusion. Finally AvaDent® design software gives you additional aesthetic controls that lets you create a diastema between all anterior teeth. Move an individual tooth in the following ways, buccal translation coronal translation buccal neck rotation distal neck rotation distal flair rotation or you can move an individual tooth mirror adjustment of its complementary tooth on both sides of the arch.

Once the design is completed AvaDent® will reset the occlusion and your AvaDent® is ready for milling. AvaDent® digital dentures have many benefits over traditionally fabricating dentures. The first benefit is exceptional fit.

If you are a denture wearer, you have difficulty keeping those dentures stable? If so, AvaDent® may be the solution to your problem. Because AvaDent® dentures are milled out of a prefabricated puck. There is no distortion in the denture base material making the fit of the denture exactly the same as the dentist's impression. The next benefit is its strength AvaDent® dentures are monolithic. This means that the white of the teeth and the pink are all one piece. Have you ever had a tooth break off your denture? Has your denture broken into pieces? With an AvaDent® these problems have virtually been eliminated because of the density and strength of the materials. AvaDent® dentures have been tested to be eight times stronger than traditionally fabricated dentures and at the Pi Dental Center, we found some creative ways to test its strength! Have you ever experienced denture breath? Denture breath exists because bacteria adheres to the tiny pores that exists in denture base material.

With AvaDent® increased density leads to less pores and therefore less denture breath. Another benefit of the AvaDent® technology is a reducing the number of appointment for the patient to complete a well-made and esthetic looking denture. The traditional process typically takes five visits. With AvaDent® a premium denture can be made in as little as 2 appointments. For those patients interested in dental implants be AvaDent® technology can allow a final set of implants supported teeth to be made in as few as four appointments.

The last benefit of the AvaDent® technology is the concept of teeth forever. With a permanent digital record new AvaDent® can be fabricated without the need for a a patient appointment. If you have ever lost your denture experienced any broken dentures in the past, you can truly appreciate the value of the digital record. AvaDent® dentures are fabricated in the USA.

The production facility located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We'll be right back. Stay with us! Dr. Glenn Wolfinger: Lou came to see me and he had some trial dentures made and these trial dentures were tried in at that point I realized that the lower was under extended, so we border molded and took a washcooking impression for the lower to extend the the borders properly.

Today we got back the final AvaDent® dentures and when I tried them in, we had very little adjustments that were necessary and we will show how they look. Ethetically things are lining up nicely, exactly the same way as they were in the trial denture. The occlusion is right on, no adjustments were even necessary since everything was milled in the lab exactly the way that they needed to be. The very interesting thing with these is the retention that we have with these, which is somewhat expected in the maxillary arch but very unexpected lower arch.

I am going to show you the upper retention right now, so I push down on these and you can hear the suction is very very good on the upper, and we kind of expect that but we don't always expect to find is that on the lower and you could hear the suction as did that so very very retentive on the lower. The lower denture really stays put. And the suction that you don't necessarily find and the fact that its computer milled with no distortion is the reason why we find that whatever I can achieve in the impression I could be sure that I'm going to get that exact same thing in the final denture How does that feel Lou, how does the denture feel to you? And you've had dentures before. Just the temporary ones. They just feel so good. They feel natural. So I'm happy. You've had immediate dentures, dentures that were put in immediately after you had extractions.

The bone has shrunk. Everything is now in its resting spot impressions, we took the impressions and now we have a very very good fit so I'm sure you are going to function well. What were you telling me you were planning to to today? Eating eating a steak.

Or a hoagie. I would suggest starting slow and working up. Definitely let us know and if you get any sore spots, definitely let us know. Excellent.

Thank you Welcome back! Let's talk with Pi Dental Center's own Thomas Balshi and his treatment of Michael and how it's gonna change his life. Where he's lost all the bone around his remaining teeth and this condition is so serious. I don't know if you can see this, but here the roots are exposed, on this molar. This is very typical of advanced periodontal disease where the bone is shrinking away from the roots of the natural tooth to the point where the tooth is almost ready to fall out so we're going to anesthetize him this morning and we're going to be removing all all his teeth and then placing implants in the lower jaw and giving him an AvaDent® removable denture removable denture in the upper jaw. Now what's interesting about the AvaDent® denture, this is a robotically produced denture unlike traditional dentures that are made with individual teeth, the monolithic AvaDent® denture is one solid piece it's basically a block, a hockey puck that has the teeth built into it that the robot mills it to very very customized position for Michael, and the way we do that is that we scan the models of his teeth with a digital scanning tool and we create a digital file, and that's what you see here, which see here.

The overlay that you see here is a replication of what you're seeing right here on the his right canine is replicated right here so that there's a canine and he has the missing tooth and in then this is the missing incisor. So we see the image of his teeth on the screen and then we know that that's not the position we want his final teeth to be in And so we can position the teeth to be in the correct position. We can sit still see the ghost image of his other teeth in that area. This is going to be the end result today, when he leaves here today he'll hve the upper AvaDent® prosthesis and the lower AvaDent® which will be connected to the implants. This is actually the AvaDent® prosthesis itself. Tit comes to us from Scottsdale, Arizona where where the robots make the prosthesis and on the lower, I am going to open this up for us so that we can take a quick look at it before we start.

On the lower we have a handle built into the front of the prosthesis, and we have some platforms that are built on the molars, and these will be used to help orient the lower teeth, against the upper teeth, when we are going to affix them to the implants. So the implants will go in and we will be drilling some holes to the tongue side of this prosthesis to be able to attach them to the implants. So now, how strong is the AvaDent®? This is undoubtedly the strongest denture that has ever been created. One of the things that happens frequently with patients with dentures, is they leave them out on their nightstands at night and if they happen to have a dog, the dog will love to jump all over that and chew on it and break it, so a lot of repairs that we have to do on dentures are because pets get them.

So we gave a an AvaDent® denture to Splash and this dog chewed on it for three hours and couldn't put it a dent into it. Let's take a more in-depth look at AvaDent® advanced technology. Now Mike went through two treatments. He went through the upper treatment which was the delivery of Teeth in a Day® which was the installation of implants into the bone and then we immediately connect a set of non-removable teeth they're screwing on top of the implants so when he left a few moments ago he was he left with permanent teeth that are screwed onto the bottom and a removable denture on top. So in the future will be able to come back and we'll be able to repeat the same process that we did in the lower, his upper jaw so he'll be able to have permanent teeth in both jaws. He mentioned that it is a matter of economics.

He couldn't do both at the same time. So this is a reasonably good solution. It provides him with a very nice esthetic result and functional result. No now he can go out in public and be proud of his smile. I've been eating like a horse. It's all healthy food, so yeah, you feel a lot better. I'm playing soccer.

I played last weekend and going to another one this weekend. And my daughter is playing. Philly Soccer Club. When my friends saw my math they were like, "Oh my! Wow, Amazing!" Many people vastly underestimate the value of a strong smile.

It can completely change a life! it pumps up self-confidence to unimaginable levels, but it also puts fresh energy everything we do. For Mike, there was a rush of visibility replacing the old reluctance to let out a simple boyish grin. He raised the bar of his artisanship renewed in spirit by his AvaDent® smile. He can also kick the soccer ball farther and then let his spirited celebration shine all over his face. This is truly what we call a winning smile and for Mike, his AvaDent® smile confirmed him as a true winner Now I can just smile naturally and just let it out.

It's a good thing. As you can see AvaDent® digital dentures have dramatically improved Michael's life. For more information on the AvaDent® digital dentures you can visit the or call 215-646-6334 and speak with one of our patient relations specialists.

Thank you for joining us today. AvaDent® digital dentures. This changes dentures for ever.

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