Ataxia Patient Pamela B. Talks About Her Treatment Experience.

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After two weeks, I'm amazed. At the amount of improvement I've had I at first did not realize how much my speech had improved. But so many people had commented in terms of walking and getting out of chairs, sitting, standing, movement. I have improved considerably, being able to get out of a chair, and stand up. In Australia I was taught how to get out of a chair using my walker as a crutch. Here I've been taught how to get out of a chair without any help. I've been able to walk with more confidence in the pool. Without doubt life is getting better.

I have already noticed a great help in my speech, I have also noticed my gate and being able to get around. I no longer feel depressed. When I came here I was very definitely depressed. And just a sheer outlook on life of looking forward to the next part, the next thing is so wonderful. And it matched up what improvements I have already had. So great an improvement.

I have gone back probably two years, and anything more than that is an absolute, absolute bonus. I've had back my happy wife and that's very good. But we have seen an improvement, which is hugely encouraging to us. I have progressed into not being able to walk unaided, my speech has deteriorated, my motor skills particularly my finger motor skills, they have noticeably decreased.

Was a result of a friend of ours coming to stay and suggesting that we look at stem cells treatment, we did this on the internet, and knowing that treatment here in Bangkok is very good, we were drawn to coming here. And It has to be said that it was a little bit stab in the dark, because we of course knew no one and my general practitioner and other people I spoke to in Australia knew nothing about stem cell treatment. I did most of the research on the internet, and that was as Pamela said, a friend of ours who like us had a previous treatment in Thailand, we've had quite serious dental treatments here, we've had big checkups, we've spent a lot of time at saint Patrick's and it's not a problem, if you come to have that sort of things done, he himself had have a kidney cancer treated here, so we were very confident in the level of medical treatment in Bangkok.

Ataxia Patient Pamela B. Talks About Her Treatment Experience.

This is good as any other place in the world. So then it was just a matter of looking at somewhere that was convenient to come to from where we live. And from Australia this was definitely the best place to come, so here we are. The treatment I have had here has been superb, very, very structured. I have seen several doctors, physios occupational therapists, aqua therapists. Every step of the way has been a structure to help with my rehabilitation. The magnetic stimulation of her nerves which we are told help Pamela reestablish nerve connections and it certainly seem to be helping, and also occupational therapy. Which is directed at those fine manipulation to fingers.

We played a game of bridge and Pam has got to point where she quite frequent cobs calls, it's just could've see now that she is able to do things with her fingers more comfortably, she couldn't before when we came here. The nurses, the physios, the occupational therapist every one, acupuncturists, had been so kind, so helpful, and what is even better is that of course, everyone understands your condition here, when I'm in Australia people don't really understand just what difficulties you have. And to come here and actually have someone who says "oh yes, of course, but that is part of the condition" is so consoling and so different to anything that I have had before. I really can't emphasize enough just how just how helpful every one has been, and how wonderful I feel. Everyone has been really helpful, very very communicative, you know exactly what's going on, you don't feel that someone is hiding behind some great white coat, and saying nothing to you. You just do this because you're patient.

The doctor has been in and out every half hour, making sure that you're ok, and I did have an amount of pain afterwards, which apparently some people do have. This was treated very quickly. And on this day even know it was there, I couldn't wish for a better treatment. And the nurses are there at a push of a button, if you require them.

They are in and out all day. I really can't fault anything, the catering is exceedingly good, not too far away is a big shopping mall and a big supermarket, that you can buy things if you wish. I don't want this to sound like some advert of wonderful, marvelous, but generally this really has been very good experience.

I'm not the best person in a hospital in the world, I have a natural dislike of hospitals, but it has to be said this is the least cost of a like hospital, that being a quite reasonable to stay, so it's not difficult to be here. The treatment I have received, the encouragement I have had has been absolutely wonderful and I could do nothing but recommend any one to give this a go, it really is worth it.

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Ataxia Patient Pamela B. Talks About Her Treatment Experience.

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