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(gentle piano and violin music) - The premise of aquatic therapy is to allow a patient to expedite quickly their ability to move and get their body to function the way it's supposed to function. The patients I normally see are surgical patients, such as total knees, total hips, back pain patients, also diabetic patients. The physical properties of the pool that allow them to truly progress a lot quicker than they would on land are hydrostatic pressure, which can help reduce swelling that might be in their legs. The buoyancy aspect and the warm water allows them to really feel more relaxed and less weighted, so they can actually tolerate more stresses on the specific body part that they're coming for. The size of the pool is 12,000 gallons of water. It's roughly 20 feet long by 15 feet wide with the majority of it being four feet deep and a small section of it being six feet deep. There is access into the pool via staircase and/or a chairlift. The chairlift is a great tool for us because it gives us an option to get patients into the pool much safely than using the stairs in some cases because of weight-bearing status and/or balance issues that some patients may have.

I try to make it very comfortable for them. I stay right next to them. I'm in the water with them. And even if I have to hold their hand and guide them through their rehab, I will. (light piano music).

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